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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hyrum, UT

As our country gets deeper and more involved with Obamacare, more and more of these types of ugly stories will be surfacing. There are still far too many unanswered issues and questions regarding this law... this forced upon us program.

This is what happens whenever a major law is passed without proper time for understanding and debate. Nancy Pelosi will forever be remembered for her infamous and ludicrous statement: That's why we have to pass it, to find out what's in it."

This is exactly why we shouldn't pass anything UNTIL we find out what's in it, and fix the parts that need fixing... even if that happens to mean scrapping the entire proposal and starting new... if need be. Hopefully, a major lesson will be learned for this ongoing fiasco.

Arizona Rocks
Phoenix, AZ

Government at it's finest. My brother has been dealing with problems with the VA for his Viet Nam war related health issues for years. When he heard about Obamacare he said Americans were now going to be dealing with the same kind of nightmare he's gone through.

Provo, UT

@Arizona Rocks -- So your brother would rather have no health care? Or all the people who don't currently have insurance -- you think they'd rather have no health care? Cause a guy injured in Vietnam who required ongoing treatment over the years would probably have had a hard time buying a health insurance policy due to pre-existing conditions. How about we try to fix the things that are wrong with Obamacare instead of just scrapping it and going back to the "good old days" of people without health care and million dollars limits, etc. Instead of obstruction, how about cooperation? Wouldn't that be refreshing.

Othello, WA

Not sure what the complaints in this article come as a surprise....It was all predicted long before obamacare was placed into law. Nothing here to control costs, and really make it more affordable. BTW, why is anyone complaining, they have insurance coverage. Who cares how limited and expensive it is? That was the big selling point of obamacare all along, more insurance coverage for everyone!

Saint George, UT

How can any sane individual with even a limited education consider Obamacare worthy of his/her health care needs? Obamacare is mostly supported by those who can easily afford health care and want to throw a few bones to the poor, downtrodden, and lazy. This will go down as the greatest mistake made in the history of America and, like the titanic, will sink us all if it isn't stopped. Those are supported it should hang their heads in shame for naively believing that government can solve all the problems of humanity with the stroke of a pen. How absurd, patronizing, and weak!

spring street

R"aw political divisions over health care have clouded chances of a fix....." like congress's refusal to fund the ACA?

Salt Lake City, UT

It's like enjoying a meal at the finest restaurant, until the bill arrives. Mr. Obama's objective was universal and affordable health care. That's reasonable, even noble as Mitt Romney first proposed. The president went about it in the wrong manner as a purely Democratic political initiative and now he wants bipartisan help in solving the unanswered problems. My 5 year old learned that when he wants no help and "I'll do it myself," he usually comes back to say he needs dad's help. Mr. Obama has yet to learn the art of bipartisanship.

Sioux City, IA

I think the point that AZ Rocks was trying to make was that putting the Gov't in charge was a recipe for disaster since they appear to have a poor record with health care for Veterans. They also have a poor record for Native Americans health care. The PPACA does not reduce the actual cost of health care, but simply puts more people on health insurance rolls while still ignoring approx. 15 million people as it was voted on. With rising health care costs and increasing premiums as insurers try to prepare for an onslaught of high costs from adding millions of people in poor health I expect to see more employers drop actual policies and either give employees a small amount to purchase their own coverage or just drop the family coverage and only cover the actual employee. This will place millions more back into the uninsured pool.


So let me get this straight congress passed the affordable care act then refused to fund it but this is all Obama's fault?

Sandy, UT

What an incredibly misleading title for this article. This woman's access to any medical coverage, and her avoidance of financial ruin were the result of PPACA, yet the title implies that the program somehow 'faltered'?

1. She had breast cancer, then later contracted colorectal cancer.
2. She was uninsurable by any other means, as she had an expensive pre existing condition and her husband was self employed, thus, no coverage under an employer's group plan.
3. PPACA, through its "Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan" program provided her coverage at 'normal' medical insurance prices. (would not have happened prior to PPACA)
4. When her state failed to fund the PCIP coverage she was receiving, the federal government was forced to pick up her coverage (ie, she had to change providers, but was still able to get medical coverage)
5. Changing providers meant that she was on new coverage (federal, not state), and that her annual out of pocket and copay all reset to zero under the new provider.

Bottom line, without PPACA, she was uninsurable, and faced the entire cost of cancer treatment out of pocket. With PPACA, she has coverage, yet complains of the deductible costs resetting when providers changed?

Provo, UT

Exactly, silo. People seem to think it is better for others to have no insurance and go bankrupt or die from chronic illnesses than to try to fix it with the Heritage Foundation-inspired, Romneycare-like ACA. When it was a Republican idea it was marvelous. When it was enacted by a Democratic majority Congress and signed by President Obama, suddenly it became the cause of the end of times. If there's a problem, try to fix it. Stop insisting that the status quo was great. It might have been for you and for me, but there were lots of people who did not have access to affordable health care under the status quo, and I am glad there were some people who actually made an effort to fix it.

S. Jordan, UT


You didn't get it straight...try again. This time attribute the correct players to your very broad characterization.

spring street


So congress did not pass the law and did fund it? How exactly was I wrong?

Mcallen, TX

Here comes the blaming game.

May our Obama voting friends, get what they voted for.

I'm all smiles.

Sorry Charlie!


so you point out you are going to lay all the blame at Obama's feet then do, is that the game you are playing?

Mcallen, TX

@Sorry Charlie!:

* who shoved it down our throats?
* whose at the head of the country?
* if a teacher is responsible for student test scores, than a president is for the economy.
* change the word all, to much
* economic disaster didn't just happen. It's was planned. Politicians gain power when a society is dependent on them.
* do you really think our politicians care about our health, and education? If so.--why would a president spend hundreds of millions of our dollars for vacations. Does that show care? Where is the evidence they care?
* look at what they DO, and not what they say!---How many people want billions of our dollars going to Egypt. How many wants to be dependent on the middle east for oil, when we don't have to be?
* see what's there, and forget the rhetoric. The evidence is super clear.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

Sorry Charlie

Not quite. All the blame goes to Obama and the Democrats who rammed this through. This is one time no Republican can be blamed for anything.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Spring street, phranc,
The funding for her program was capped at $5B – by the DEM congress that foisted this monstrosity on us in the first place. Trying to blame the repub congress that is LISTENING to their constituents who say they don’t want it is partisanship at its finest.

Riverton, UT

Wow, it's as if Phranc and spring street didn't read the entire article in their rush to blame:

"If the administration saw problems coming, Obama's budget did not reflect it. The president did not request any new funds for PCIP.

The No. 2 House Republican did make an attempt to pump more money in, but it was fraught with politics. Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia proposed to divert funds from elsewhere in the health care law, unacceptable to Democrats. His idea also failed to get Republican support."

The "defund or not defund Obamacare" debate is part of a continuing resolution to keep the government running after September 30. It hasn't been voted on yet, so it's not correct to say that Congress has refused to fund it.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "spring street" what do you mean "Congress refuses to fund" the ACA? They haven't even come up with a budget for next year for the Federal Government. Right now they have not even decided if they will set a budget.

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