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Published: Saturday, Sept. 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

Looks like someone's obsessed with crazy conspiracy theories.
(well, 2 out of 3, anyway)

Hayden, ID

Just in from national polls. Barrack Obama is rated the 5th most credible President in the history of the US.
Here is how the polls break down:

Best President in terms of credibility: Ronald Reagan, 3 way tie with Abraham Lincoln and Geo Washington.
2nd best: 30 former presidents tied.
3rd best: 9 former presidents tied.
4th best: Jimmy Carter
5th: Barrack Obama

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

you left out:
lied about drawing a line in the sand
lied about the impact of the porkulus
lied about the costs of Obamacare - actually 200 words is not enough to outline all the lies about obamacare!
lied about having a transparent administration,
lied about cutting the deficit in half
geesh, there are just too many lies from BO - cannot keep track of them all!

American Fork, UT

Nobody is running around claiming to be bin laden today. I ok not seeing the body.

The Skeptical Chymist

The idea that the US should go to war to protect the President's credibility is the most idiotic idea I have ever heard.

If there is anything worthy of deep skepticism, it is a President's desire to go to war. In most recent instances, it is based on lies. President Johnson's rush to war was based on the Gulf of Tonkin incident - a lie that led to the worst debacle in recent times. And what did it accomplish? A huge waste of lives and treasure, with no difference in outcome. G.W.Bush's lies about Iraqi WMDs and complicity in 9/11 - what did that accomplish? Again, a huge waste of lives and treasure, and the decimation of the country that provided balance to the Iranian regional powerhouse. We're still paying off the costs of that war, which is a major contributor to the deficit.

In any military action, we must first ask what we want to accomplish. Then we need to be realistic in asking if we can accomplish it, given the resources we are willing to expend. Then we need to ask about unintended consequences. We should never go to war to preserve credibility.

Murray, UT

For those of you who are math challenged, there are 43 presidents more credible than BHO, and he is the 44th president. His credibility is dead last among presidents. There is nothing left to defend with this guy.

Score Mountanman!!!!

Pheonix, AZ

"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says that a congressional no vote on Syria would undermine the credibility of the president."

Obama drew the red line. What a dumb idea. Politicians should never draw lines... red, black, or any other color. Shows gross amateurism.

@The Skeptical Chymist:
"G.W.Bush's lies about Iraqi WMDs and complicity in 9/11 - what did that accomplish?"

There were no lies. Iraq had WMD. Chemical WMD. He used them on the Kurds in the North of Iraq. And he shipped them to Assad in Syria (read Georges Sada's book: 'Saddams Secrets') when he heard Bush was coming after him, who used them on the Syrian people as we see in the news.

Furthermore, alotta Democrats voted for the Iraq war... including Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, and John Kerry.

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

A poll that has 30 out of 43 persons coming in 2nd place out of 5 positions.

Was this national poll conducted by "Mad" magazine?

Everett, 00

Perhaps if U.S. presidents wanted credibility they shouldn't have (1) lied to a grand jury about having inappropriate relations with an intern, (2) left the unexplained collapse of World Trade Center 7 out of the 9/11 Commission Report and (3) dumped the body of Osama bin Laden into the ocean before it was properly identified.


What? No --

"Read my lips, no new taxes"
"Mission Accomplished"
"Just my kind of people - the "Haves" and the "Have mores"
Iraqi WMDs

The letter writer gives 3 examples and get 1 Monica Lewinsky and 2 conspiracy theories...

At least I can travel the world and not "pretend" to be from Canada anymore.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

"(3) dumped the body of Osama bin Laden into the ocean before it was properly identified."

Simple question Dan, what would qualify to you as "properly identifying" the body? Would you need to personally inspect it? And would that have really been better than our government officials who did this?

So are you suggesting that Osama Bin Laden is actually still alive? By questioning the President's credibility on this you are suggesting that he lied to the American people and Osama is still alive. What evidence do you have to support your view?

Far East USA, SC


I did a few searches and I cant find the poll you cite (or any poll on presidential credibility)

Care to divulge your source?

Murray, UT

Onion Daze,

Your just mad 'cause your guy came in last. Even if you poll more and separate those 30 into 30 places, you guy will still be last. It will just be called 44th instead of 6th

Everett, 00

Murray, UT

Onion Daze,
Your just mad 'cause your guy came in last.


That must be Really REALLY be mad knowing YOUR guy not only lost, but got creamed by this supposed "worst" last place President ever then...

Obama may not be the best we've ever had
[he's let me down {ok, lost credibility in my eyes} on many campaign promises - moving from left to middle right on most issues and not begin liberal enough],

but face it -- the Republicans haven't given America anything better to offer.
THAT'S saying something.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

When thinking about Obama, there's a lot to cheer about. He showed Russia that he's no pushover. He'll go to war to prove it. He told America that we are all fools for electing Republicans in the House, and now he's begging those Republicans to help him "stick it" to Russia by bombing Syria. His golf game has improved. He's said to be pretty good at cards and a fairly decent bowler. He knows how to vacation. He isn't afraid to travel by himself when going on vacation and to have America pay for a separate plane, crew and Secret Service squad to protect Mrs. Obama, so that she can start her vacation two hours ahead of him.

Yes, those who support Obama have a lot to cheer about with Obama, but why would he want a "Bronx cheer"?

Springville, UT

There is no reality based argument that Iraq actually had WMD. This assertion has been thoroughly debunked several times over and yet republicans still refuse to acknowledge any type of facts or evidence in the matter. We know that Saddam had chemical weapons in the 90's but people who live in a reality based world also know that those were destroyed and WERE NOT the weapons that the Bush administration was talking about leading up to their failed invasion. Remember the "mobile chemical weapons labs" nonsense? Where were the “mushroom clouds” and “nuclear weapons” they were were so desperately sure had existed?

You all need to stop clinging to this bizarre need to justify the war in Iraq. We were flat out lied to by the Bush administration and NOTHING that talk radio and faux news can trump up about Obama will ever, ever be anywhere near as bad for this country as that useless debacle of a war that you so mindlessly cheer lead for now.

Eugene, OR

Mike, you're just whining to whine at this point. How much golf did Bush play? How much time did Bush spend on vacation at his "ranch" in Texas?

Don't pretend for one second you wouldn't be cheering on President Romney if he were the one weighing military action in Syria.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Obviously Iraq had WMDs... they USED them (on the Kurds). WMD does not only mean nukes.

But while we're on Nukes... why did Saddam Hussein kick out the UN Nuclear Weapon Inspectors who were monitoring their Nuclear Weapons program?

I don't know if Bush totally lied. The intel they got from the CIA said Hussein was very close to having nuclear weapons.

Intel from contacts in the middle-east can be misleading. It's possible the intel Obama's been getting from the CIA on Assad's use of WMDs is also not totally accurate. Only time will tell.

But it's too late to avoid the mistakes made in Iraq. It's not too late to avoid a similar mistake in Syria. Why can you only dwell on the mistakes of the past while applauding making the same mistake today...just because it's your guy?

We need to get over this partisan "anything my guy does is fine, and anything your guy does is bad" mind-set. That's why America can't do anything right today. 50% of the people snipe at anything we do!

Ogden, UT

@Onion Daze 11:30 a.m. Sept. 7, 2013

A poll that has 30 out of 43 persons coming in 2nd place out of 5 positions.

Was this national poll conducted by "Mad" magazine?

I was thinking it sounded a lot like Faux News. Or perhaps a poll commissioned by Limbaugh or Hannity or Beck or O'Reilly.

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

Here is a correction to my earlier post. The poll was conducted by an award winning newspaper.

“The Onion”.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The new right wing peace movement. This is the last straw for the tea party. Their goals are to damage the economy for political gain and embarrass the President at any cost.

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