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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 4 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Funny how her blog post of this has a picture of shirtless boys. And why are they having fun with trying to identify whether or not a girl in a picture is wearing a bra? This is nothing but typical blaming of girls for whatever a guy does related to sex.

West Jordan, UT

To the author, Kim Hall:

We need more parents like you! Thank you for helping society by setting the bar high for your young men and staying in open communication with them. It makes a huge difference in how they act towards others. If young men in general have a clean mind, they are much more friendly and outgoing and engaged with others, especially the family and are a joy.

Salt Lake City, UT

I rather liked the "FYI (if you're a teenage boy)" response blog post. Rather sums up my feelings on this matter.

Sandy, UT

Why is this news?

orem, UT

This is excellent! You are a brilliant mom and what lucky boys you have!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I find Mrs. Hall overbearing and ridiculous. You aren't raising morally strong men. You are raising sheltered and naive boys. Sifting through their social media profiles reeks of mistrust, and pulling the curtain over their eyes is not going to stop them from having "urges" towards pretty girls. Honestly, it will probably make them more curious.

Farr West

I heartily second the comments of 'vangroovin' and 'jeanie!' We need more parents like the Halls.

Ontario, OR

Sorry. This comes across as judgmental and self-righteous. Maybe in your world, all of the teenage girls are LDS and well taught about standards, but I've known many girls who didn't grow up that way and needed the guidance of an understanding adult role model -- and the friendship of wholesome teens. The "boys can't help being animals when girls act sexy" thinking is just a few steps from the practice of stoning (even metaphorically) the victims of rape. When your sons serve missions, they are likely to encounter all kinds of people. Your "zero tolerance" policy is hardly preparing them to be "in the world, but not a part of it."

South Jordan, UT

Love it! Girls stop being walking porn for all these young men! Stop sexualizing yourselves. It is not attractive, you make it incredibly difficult to raise upstanding young men when sleeze is their only option. And parents if you are ok with your daughters behaving this way then you are a colossal part of the problem. Why would you want that for your daughters??

South Jordan, UT

is the Irony lost on anyone else? Her blog has pictures of her shirtless sons! How are women responsible for mens/boys thoughts and actions? It all started with Adam blaming Eve for tempting him and hasn't stopped. This blogger Kim has fallen into the trap of men blaming women for their own actions.

Richmond/Cache, UT


Coming from a male perspective I couldn't disagree with you more- This reminds me of my mom growing up and I feel very fortunate for that. Thanks Moms who care!!!!

Altamont, UT

Hooray for Mrs. Hall! I wish I could give this a thousand likes.
I don't think she is "sheltering" her boys. It sounds like they have talked about what is appropriate and what is not. It sounds more like she is "preparing" them to be decent young men. (But it seems the world has a problem with that.) Keep up the good work lady!!

Draper, UT

As a parent of two teen girls and one teen boy, I wholeheartedly agree with encouraging teenage girls to respect their bodies and ensure that teenage boys see them as something other than a sex object. We have many conversations about this in our home. However, I also wholeheartedly agree with the concerns voiced by comments here and elsewhere regarding double standards in the blog post. As mom of 2 teen girls (and a former teen girl myself), I can attest that teen girls get very excited about young men's abs, which are on full display in Mrs. Hall's blog posts. When our family looked at that blog post on fb, My two teen girls were VERY focused on the beach photo of those attractive young men, and it wasn't because of the nice sunset.

Draper, UT

Although in all fairness, one of my teen daughters did tell me she thinks there is a difference between a fun beach photo of kids in bathing suits and a selfie of someone in their pajamas (boy or girl) in their bedroom. Maybe that is true. I don't like my kids taking photos of themselves in their bedrooms (or in their pajamas), regardless of the pose. (Partly because their bedrooms are such a mess!) Seems like a pretty personal space that shouldn't be open for the world to see on social media, seems too intimate.

Mapleton, UT

One terrific mom! Would that hundreds more were just like her! Like to see a 'girl's mom leave a similar open letter to the 'boys'! And, I love the fact that they have their 'summer session' around the dining room table as a family....what a great way to maintain family relationships!


I do agree with most of the posts up there. not double standard- ok shirtless boys are attractive but, not as inviting as braless girls [ especially those that are well endowed]


While I agree that girls need to be careful and that boys tend to be more, em let's say "crass" we are avoiding some of the real issues here - the boys need to understand that this is not acceptable behavior and that "looking" at what assuredly is Facebook Friends of the authors boys might lead to more serious events than "bad thoughts" and boys "reactions". The girls actions could be more discrete, yes - but boys - if those thoughts cross your mind - please "look" elsewhere and repent. And please look inward - are those shirtless pictures and posses you have posted - in the article and elsewhere really appropriate - don't girls have those kinds of thoughts too?

American Fork, Utah

This is truly an awesome mother!! I wish more mothers would do what you did. Young girls and boys need to understand that lewd photos only promote promiscuity. Your sons and all young men need to clearly understand this when they view indecent material. Your children are fortunate to have a wise mother like you.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

For some reason, The people that was in the news a whale back that was having mental telepathy sex comes to mind.

The Authority
Richfield, UT

First let me say I'm not old.
Second, let me say the little girls these days scare me!
Third, girls if you think a guy is going to care about you for anything other than what you look like in your skimpy clothes when you post those pix on Facebook, think again. I'm a guy, and I'm here to tell you that when guys see something sexy, that's were their mind goes. Sex. Not "I really like her." Not, "I really care about her." Just, "how can I express my animalistic urges with her?" Hey, I'm not knocking it, but you know when you and your friends see a creepy guy leering at you? Yeah, when you post those pictures, you turn all guys into "that creepy guy."
And finally, enough with the duck faces. For crying out loud, they're stupid.

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