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Published: Monday, Sept. 2 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tucson, AZ

@JoeBlow Your last post shows your true colors--and I like it. I agree with it. I do not agree with your previous posts, in that I don't think they are completely correct in their assessments. I do not think one has to research very far to see much of wrong that Obama has done and continues to do. His many blatant violations of the constitution is beyond debate. The fact that our representatives on both sides of the aisle allow him to do that by doing nothing is traitorous and a travesty to this country.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT


No I didn't remember that from Panetta, and more importantly, apparantly Panetta does not remember it either. However, now that you mentioned it, it does ring a bell. Another failure in memory going around is that the difference between this and Saddam H. in Iraq is that he didn't use the chemical weapons, and Assad in Syria did. Even Chris Wallace of FOX News forgot that Saddam used them against the Kurdish population in the 80's. So much for memory in Washington.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yep, just like Bush. Aside from the active slaughter ongoing in the nation, the chemical weapon usage in that active slaughter, and the fact we'd be doing limited airstrikes rather than a full scale invasion.

USS Enterprise, UT

This is funny. The Obama followers want us to do what Obama asks simply because it is Obama.

Lets look at who is doing the fighting in Syria.

You have Assad, a dictator that has killed tens of thousands of his own people, trying to maintain control of his country.

On the other side you have rebels that are becoming backed and run more and more by Al Qaeda agents.

So, who do we help, the dictator or the terrorists.

FYI, we still don't know who gassed the civilians. Reports were out recent where rebels were arrested trying to get into syria carrying small amounts of nerve agents.

I really would like the liberals to tell us which side we should support.

Richmond/Cache, UT

I don't want to Bomb Syria either but the last couple of presidents set a certain precedent.

Cedar Hills, UT

the ONLY reason Barack went to congress over Syria was to cover his tail and stand behind a new scape goat called congress. The man NEVER goes to congress for anything and then suddenly he sees the light and wants to have the backing of the representative voices in congress? HA!!! I don't think so. Barack saw the polls that he didn't have any support to go it alone in Syria and so he then suddenly says he is now interested in what congress thinks. The man is a coward....but we already knew that. What a disgrace. Had the people gave him the green light to go he couldn't have cared less what congress thought. The LAST thing this little man wants is debate and discussion with congressional leaders. Barack does his discussing out on the campaign trail in front of his chosen low info audiences. If the man is anything he is predictable. Putin is still laughing .....

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