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Published: Saturday, Aug. 31 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Obama can kill hundreds of children with drone strikes, but when someone else does it they must be punished. To send a message? What message would that be? Obama can do it, all others will be prosecuted!

I agree that the responsible people should be held to account for these murders. But before Obama becomes judge and executioner, he should be required to show the evidence.

Al-Queda is supposedly the terrorist threat to the US. Obama will essentially be aiding the terrorists by bombing Syria. Isn't aiding the enemy a criminal offense. Isn't that why Pvt. Manning is serving a prison sentence now?

Springville, UT

Thanks Deseret News for giving the impression that this president doesn't act on his own. That's called deception.

The FACT is that Obama, like in most everything else he does, will act on his own--regardless of Congress. And in the case of Syria, he stated that he will act on his own...without Congress's approval.

Obama once accused President Bush (in 2007) of using war as a means of diverting attention away from problems at home. Given the recent WH scandals, isn't it possible that Obama is doing the same? And of course the Deseret News, along with other national press, is happy to oblige in sweeping all scandals under the rug.

I'm trying to figure out why the Deseret News won't call him out on it. What are you afraid of?

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Obama is asking congress because he cannot make the decision himself and needs congress to share the blame if it does nor bode well. Obama has never cared what congress thought in the past, just a way to cover his behind.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

OK, my liberal 'friends'.....

Please tell me this:

Why was it wrong for Bush to go to war in Iraq but OK for Obama to go to war in Syria?

And, please, don't use the excuse that our national interests are at stake in Syria.

Yes, Bush, the vast majority or American intelligence as well as the vast majority of the intelligence agencies in the civilized world (and, yes, even the majority of Democrat elected-leaders on the national stage.....go look it up) thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that justification was used to declare war on Iraq. That later proved to be incorrect information. And you liberals absolutely hammered Bush for that. My point in bringing this up was that America's national interests were N-O-T at stake and liberals screamed bloody murder that the war was not justified.

And now?

Our national interests are not at stake in this conflict, either.

So, please, by all means, try to tell me and other conservatives on here how Obama is justified in this war.

I wait with eagerness....

Murray, UT

So if congress and the people say no, then what?

Another executive order, I am sure. The king already said he has the authority to do it without them.

Jim and Don - You make great points!

Salt Lake City, UT

You conservatives are beautiful.

Conservatives: Obama can't do this on his own, he needs to ask congress, who does he think he is?

Obama: I am going to ask congress.

Conservatives: Obama can't make a decision, why doesn't he do what needs to be done, he's covering his back.

Obama: the sky is blue

Conservatives: who does he think he is, the sky is purple. Obama is a tyrant.

You guys are beautiful. I was watching FOX "news" just after the announcement that Obama would seek congressional approval. Krauthammer was on there, you know, the conservative pundit, he was going off on what a terrible decision this was, all the while saying that he thought the president needed to seek congressional approval. I kid you not. He was complaining that Obama was going to ask for congresional approval, and then he said he thinks Obama should seek congresional approval. Beautiful.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Barack Obama is an empty suit and the ultimate paper tiger. Assad fears Obama like a newborn puppy dog. Obama has zero leadership skills - all he knows is how to agitate and divide people. Worst U.S.President ever.

Murray, UT

Unless a majority of countries are with us, we need to back off. Under the war powers act, congress should not give him permission.

St.George, Utah

If he had said he would not consult with Congress, you anti-Obama folks would have flipped out.
But, true to form, you all flipped out anyway.
Most likely he also consults with the Almighty. But, again, you would find some problem with that.
If nothing else, you are consistent.

clearfield, UT


Yeah, it's pretty tough defending Obama isn't it? Making nonsense comments and then mis-understanding Krauthammers point. I realize you Obama defenders have so little to work with. Why not just abandon ship and admit that Obama is the biggest mistake ever to be elected President? I mean I know Bush and Clinton were not great, but Obama is beginning to make them look like Mt. Rushmore material.

salt lake city, utah

Ok my conservative friend, Guy with a Brain, just who are the liberals on this thread that are saying we should "go to war" with Syria. If you check back the liberals, pretty much to a person here have been against the action. I guess when your blinded with ideology you'll miss that though.

Mapleton, UT

What to do in Syria? But can the right leaning Republican Congressmen be trusted to make an informed and reasoned decision truly in the best interests of America? Or will they as usual resort to ideology or whatever makes Obama look bad to decide?

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT


Buddy, are you caught up in the FOX, CNN, MSNBC trap? Hours of your life wasting away. I'm not, just say what I believe based on my opinion. Nice that I don't have to watch the garbage 'News" waste my time, and borrow opinions from professional "Newsmakers"

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What our liberal friends seem to ignore is that Obama DID. Meet with. congress and that Congress told him that if he did use the War Powers Act to justify killing Syrians, that Congress would use its power to close the "purse strings" and shut off all funding of "Obama's War".

Does anyone really think that after all the "saber rattling" that Obama has been part of, that Obama would not have used the military to kill Syrians? Drones can't tell whether you're on "our side" or whether you are on the enemy's side. Does Obama care? Would anyone who authorized sending drone missiles care?

There are about 1,500 dead because of chemical weapons. How many people was Obama willing to sacrifice to prove his point? Could he guarantee that no children, no mothers, no innocent civilians would become"collateral damage"?

What do his actions tell us? Where is his compassion for human life?

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I would be more impressed with Mike R.'s comments if there existed some record somewhere confirming his compassion for Iraqis before or after "Shock and Awe".

Salt Lake City, UT

"Nice that I don't have to watch the garbage 'News" waste my time, and borrow opinions from professional "Newsmakers""

You don't waste your time getting your news from professional news makers, so you get your news from . . . Where? Wait, what?

Oh by the way, Rico, I get my news from a wide variety of sources. You ought to try it.

SCFan: "Yeah, it's pretty tough defending Obama isn't it?"

I wasn't defending Obama (he doesn't need defending, he has made a great decision). I was making fun of conservatives. Yeah, I know, that whole reading comprehension thing. . .

Oh, by the way, I didn't misunderstand Krauthammer's point at all.

It is going to be fun watching conservatives and Republicans twisting themselves into knots trying to blame Obama while at the same time having to make a decision on Syria. Good luck, House Republicans. Do we let nations get away with using WMD's or not? The balls in your court. Have fun.

Ivins, UT

When will we ever learn to distrust smooth talking politicians. Obama is a ship without a rudder.He continues to reverse himself eventually on every issue. I warned my children and grand kids about voting for him, now they quietly realize what they have done as the water rises..

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

George W. Obama

Blue Bolshevik
Salt Lake City, UT

We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud, said Obama never.


It seems it's always fashionable in Utah to blast the POTUS, call him the king, messiah what have you. The fact is there is a LONG standing precedent of the US Commander in Chief taking military action w/o congressional approval. I'm not for war but all the rhetoric without a historical grip gets old too. It's easy enough to find the history of these actions. Most won't bother to look though. It would be nice though if we could stop wasting trillions of dollars and priceless lives waging war.We could try feeding people instead of bombing them; what a concept.

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