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Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That's crazy!! My kids got whatever loose change was sitting on my dresser and frankly there were nights, some of my younger children had to wait a 2nd night, because the "tooth fairy" had forgotten. I would average around $1 and this was just last year.

Home Town, CO

Hmmm...my kids get a dollar, and that is only when the tooth fairy remembers to show up. Sometimes it takes a few nights.

Kaysville, UT

We're still at a dollar. And plan to keep it there.

Murray, utah

We leave fifty cent pieces. My girls really like them as they are so unusual! And people wonder why their kids are so demanding!

Omaha, NE

They get a quarter at our house. We have a stash of little toys and candy (bouncing balls, pixie sticks, etc.) that they can trade the quarter in immediately. I like the 50 cents idea.

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