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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Well considering barack said premiums would not increase at all for middle class americans...and they are

American Fork, UT

How affordable is health care when you can't afford insurance or have a pre existing condition?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The headline poses an excellent question. One some seem to feel doesn't matter.

We are on our way to a fiscal disaster, but nobody seems to care. As long as they get more free stuff, or a political win out of it.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

Obamacare was designed to fail from the outset. The Dear Leader's socialist agenda is loud and clear. He wants a one-payer health system that doesn't work.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Is $98 for a bag of saline affordable? That is the standard hospital charge for a bag of saline, which is less than $1 to produce.
Then there is the $127 fee the hospital charges to administer the bag of saline to the patient.
The better question is how can we not afford republicare (if you're being honest you will acknowledge that 'Obamacare' was the republican's plan in the 90s)?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ernest T. Bass,

RE: "Is $98 for a bag of saline affordable"?

And what exactly in ObamaCare changes that? It doesn't! It only changes who pays for it. There's not one regulation in the bill that changes what something costs.

When are you going to acknowledge that ObamaCare does NOTHING to change what anything costs?

Washington, UT

Well, first of all, Obamacare has hardly even begun, just let Mr. Marxism and the Democrats have a few years on this beast and the cost is goign to skyrocket. Only fools and the hopelessly naive believe healthcare costs are not going to go through the roof with this abominable piece of freedom and money stealing legislation. Obama should be put in jail for his lies about this law, and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and a herd of Democrats should go with him.

Utah Health Policy Project
Salt Lake City, UT

The closer we get to October 1st, when Utahns can start shopping for coverage on the new insurance marketplace (heathcare.gov), the more people will realize that Obamacare offers better options for getting insured.
First, the private insurance available on Utah marketplace is going to be affordable. Last week the Utah Dept. of Insurance announced that at a 27 year-old resident of Salt Lake County will pay as little as $162/month for the middle-range private insurance on the new marketplace. A 40 year-old will pay as little as $173/month. This is private insurance offered by SelectHealth, Altius, Humana, etc. And those prices are before the premium subsidies that will make insurance more affordable for 270,000 Utahns.
Second, the marketplace insurance will be high-quality--covering maternity care, hospitalization, and prescription drugs. Plus, after January 1st, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or charge women more than men. No more lifetime caps on benefits, and more free preventative care like flu shots and well-child checks.
This is the real Obamacare.

Hayden, ID

Is Obamacare affordable? I am far less worried about the increasing health insurance premiums as I am about the inevitable fraud and abuses of Obamacare. Right now, anyone can sign up for taxpayer subsidized healthcare on the "honor system" according to Obama! No oversight, no system to catch the cheaters and millions of Americans and illegal aliens will cheat the system and that will NOT be affordable! Millions of employers are already struggling with the mandates which will only exacerbate the problem. Having the government in your doctor's office with you will be very expensive because there will be no limits or system to catch the overbilling the fraudulent claims which all together will cost taxpayers trillions! Some say Obamacare is designed to fail because Americans will demand a single payer system which will not solve the abuses at all, it just consolidates them. Does anyone think the food stamp program is full of abuses and fraud? You have not seen anything yet but you will!

tranquility base, 00

What's affordable is a single payer system that pays half as much like Canada's.


One (of many) of the problems with Obamacare is that many young people will choose to NOT purchase healthcare. As will many who could get subsidies. They will simply choose to pay the penalty.

This, of course, will simply keep the rates for all the rest of us skyrocketing. Also, exactly WHO is subsidizing? The answer, obviously, is ALL of us who do purchase health insurance!

Obamacare is a system designed to fail.
Thats when the REAL problems will start.

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ever been to the UK? Ever noticed how many people are missing teeth? It's not just lack of oral hygiene, it's because when you have a tooth problem, all that's covered is tooth extraction (just like on Medicare in the US).

I cant wait till we are ALL on that system!

Bob K
porland, OR

"How can I disrespect this President? ---- Let me count the ways"

The healthcare issue should have been settled in the Nixon, Ford, Carter, or Reagan administrations, when costs could have been controlled better and before billions went to making hospital corporations and pill pushers rich.

This is a good start -- but you can't expect a complete mess to be fixed on the first attempt, so refinement will follow.

Shame on the House Republicans for taking 40 votes to repeal it, when they could have voted for jobs, for improvements to health care, and far more.

For me, the present republican party borders on treasonous, because they do not care for helping America (except their contributors), only for winning by destructive means.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Too much private enterprise. If it is repealed next step will be total governmental control. The conservatives will not go for the Republican plan. Similar to train wreck of the Bush years.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

A lot of my friends are getting their hours cut at their jobs. My initial take of the Affordable Care Act isn't good even as I truly try to stay open minded and hopeful...

UT Brit
London, England

@2 bit

"all that's covered is tooth extraction (just like on Medicare in the US"

I love when Americans talk about a system they actually know nothing about.
You have the option of going to an NHS dentist where there are 3 bands of payments. Band 1 (£15) will get you a check up, X-Rays, scale polish etc, band 2 (£49), fillings, root canal, tooth extraction, band 3 (£214), crowns, veneers, orthontics.
Or you can go to a private dentist and pay up front or have a private insurance policy pay for it.

If you are on a low income you can get cover for free. Kids up to 18 get cover for free and pregnant women get cover for free.

My NHS dentist is fine, I do have a missing molar thanks to 3 Utah dentists who cant read an X-Ray though.

salt lake city, utah

Howard Beal, be honest, if your friends are getting their hours cut at work in order to avoid health care premiums they didn't have health care in the first place and were all ready working part time jobs. It's rare (and absolutely immoral) for an employer to cut someone's hours who previously had health care so that they don't have to buy health care now. Again employer costs are pretty much constant. All the law did was define full time by a couple of hours lower than most businesses did previously.

Kalispell, MT

Put me in the skeptics camp. Last year they also reported a "modest" increase in insurance premiums of around 5%. My company is insured through Aetna, one of the 3 largest providers in the country. Our premiums jumped over 50% and the other two largest providers followed suit. Other insurers completely withdrew from the California market. My sister, employed in SLC at a health care provider firm had their rates jump a similar amount. So first, the numbers being reported are fiction. Second, look at all the news stories for the entire year about employee hours being cut and spouse benefits being eliminated, sweetheart deals for Unions (not sweet enough, they are screaming) and certain corporations and it is impossible to believe that health care is becoming more affordable and accessible. Finally, look to the quote from Senator Reid who basically said, "Of course it was designed to force a single-payer system."

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

calling Howard a liar? what do you have to back that up other than baseless assumptions?

Forever 21 - clothing store - is doing it; many Olive garden franchises are doing it. True, they may not now offer insurance, but Obamacare mandates they offer it to certain employees, so they are reducing the number of those employees. UPS is no longer offering family coverage directly because of Obamacare. Anyone who denies that companies are cutting back on hours and health insurance offerings as a direct result of Obamacare are being exactly what you accuse Howard of being.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

UT Brit,
So why are so many Brits missing so many teeth? I noticed it a LOT more there than I do here. Especially the elderly.

I don't know much detail about the medical system in the UK. But I do know about Medicare in the US, and if more than a filling is needed, extraction is all that's covered. Maybe that's why so many of the poor in America are missing so many teeth. I don't know, but there may be a connection.

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