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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

"The bigger question we should be asking is Utah guilty of being too Republican? "

Answer - NO. This is not merely a Utah problem. It is a national problem.

And it is by design. Our politics have become more polarized than ever before.

Most people operate politically on "us vs them".
Regardless of what "them" does, we must find fault, first and foremost. Anything OTHER than fault is unacceptable. Just ask Chris Christie.

And it is the same on both the R and D side. Both sides do good and bad. Elected officials on both sides do things we like and things we don't. Unfortunately, we accept our own bad and find away to condemn "their" good.

Our politics used to be driven by our ideology. Now, our ideology is driven by our politics.

We would be much better off it the "us vs them" were Americans against our politicians.

Good luck with that.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

If we have to have parties (and there is a lot to argue against them) then I think the best govt. is 51% vs 49%. Whichever side is in power sits precariously and knows that any shenanigans that are uncovered will give the next election to the other party.

Such a balance also highlights the need for compromise and to treat the party out of power fairly (knowing that it could well be your party out of power after the next election cycle).

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Utah is a victim of it's own intolerance and lack of diversity.
The results to Society and the individual is stripping of free agency of freedom of choice.

Must... vote... for... the... "R"...
[or else].

BTW - One Party systems are the fertile grounds for Totalitarian States.
The USSR, the Taliban, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Cuba...etc.

Spanish Fork, Ut

Sorry Mr. Cramer, I don't get the premise of your article. You point to one person's problems and then try to extrapolate that into a party issue? So if the Attorney General had been a Democrat this wouldn't have happened? Or because he's a Republican, he's not being investigated thoroughly enough? Huh? By the way, I happen to generally agree with what you're saying regarding one party rule, abuse can and does happen when one party rules too long (look no further than Detroit) particularly if that party is a party of numbskulls but you're reasoning in this article is faulty. P.S. Utah has been dominantly Republican rule for many years and what has resulted? We are constantly voted the best run state in the union, we have extremely low unemployment compared to other States, businesses move here to get away from unfriendly business laws in their own state, we are a right to work state, our cities are clean and and relatively safe. Sounds horrible.

Poplar Grove, UT

There is one reason for this (and it has nothing to do with politicians) and every thing to do with the owner of this paper. During the recession what other city had a 2 billion construction project going in their city center? What other city had a major employer that doesn't lay people off nearly as much as the rest of the corporate world did(SLC) over the years the LDS church has pumped billions upon billions into Utahs economy. Most states would be better off if that happened to them. The LDS church's money props up the legislator and allows them to look like they are doing a much better job than they really are.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Let's be honest, Gayle Ruzika is the only ruler in Utah.

Spanish Fork, Ut

Noodle, thanks for making my point. The church's project did help the State - no question. And quess what, the majority oy those people are Republicans. You can't separate the two. The church is damned if they do and damned if they don't. They were criticized severely for the project and now you're saying the project is the sole reason Utah is a good state to live in. I don't know if I should laugh or what.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I see the DN hired LDS?lib as their moderator again as my prior comment that says nothing more than what LDS?lib said was rejected.

you agree then that all the solid blue states can be called totalitarian, since they are ruled by one party?

must.. criticize... everything... conservative.

Poplar Grove, UT

While many LDS legislators would believe what you say I actually take what the LDS church says about these projects at face value. And what they've said is that they don't want their world headquarters next to a run down dump of a city center, so they spent the money to make it really nice. Which helped the economy, they were also a very stable institution finacially, and didn't have to make deep employment cuts during the recession. That's not the legislator, that's not republicans(LDS church will is non partisan, ask them) that's money from democrats and republicans and independents and communists and anyone inbetween, put into a pot, and spent by the LDS church. As much as you would like to think it, the LDS church isn't an arm of the republican party. In fact, that thinking is exactly what the letter is railing against.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I tend to agree with what the letter writer is saying. But like was pointed out... it's not just a Utah problem. There are other one-party States (many of them blue). But voting party line is always a bad idea in my book. I've never voted straight ticket and don't know anybody who has.

I think most people realize if they vote straight ticket they are voting blindly. But I also understand that it's really hard to get REAL information on individual candidates (where we don't have time to go to our caucus meetings or listen to debates, so all we get to base your decision on is the artfully created infomercials with very skewed info and all the radio and television commercials that are not based on reality we get bombarded with).

We should not vote straight ticket (for either side). But we should also know the candidates. I know... that's asking a lot.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I guess it is ok for Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. to have Democratic control for 50+ years. Utah is doing pretty good, it could be better. Putting more Democrats here would not help.


I can't even talk about republican's and democrats anymore. If you want to talk about that, I've risen above their discourse and will only talk about real issues. That being said I completely agree with the author.

Cambridge, MA

To "LDS Liberal" the sad thing about your rants is the fact that what you state that you most hate about Utah or Conservatives or the GOP is usually something you or liberals are guilty of.

You say that in Utah people feel pressure to vote Democrat, yet if you look at what the government was involved in last Presidential election, the Democrats were doing everything in their power to not just put pressure on people to vote democrat, but to eliminate all opposition to democrat causes.

If Utah is so bad, how do you explain the fact that it has been getting national recognition for how well the state is run, how business friendly it is, and how many of its cities are the best places to raise kids. Yes we know you hate it here and you don't like the LDS culture that has developed here, but apparently it works, and we receive many praises for the freedoms that Utah has held onto.

Do you want Utah to become like Democrat dominated Chicago or Detroit? Why destroy something that works for freedom just to have liberals elected?

S. Jordan, UT

"Utah is a victim of it's own intolerance and lack of diversity.
The results to Society and the individual is stripping of free agency of freedom of choice."

Well...We are only the number one run state in the US. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates.

I missed the mandate that took away my free-agency. Was that last legislative session?

What exactly are the consequences of our supposed intolerance and lack of diversity? I guess I missed that one too.

Should I cancel my trip to California this fall? My kids are going to college right now. Are they in approved courses of study? Which ones are those?

Just checking....

Provo, UT

Did Mr.Cramer know something about John Swallow before the election that the rest of us didn't know?

I'm still not sure from his opinion piece why one-party rule has been so bad for Utah; just that we voters are bad for voting Republican. It seems to me that the state is run pretty well and that we have one of the top economies in the nation.

It's evident why one-party rule is a disaster in California, Illinois, New York etc. They are all bankrupt, but not one-party Utah, run by Republicans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ah, the "diversity" card. In my not so humble opinion, diversity is not a positive unless those from a diverse background pull together for a common goal. Otherwise all you have is confusion. It is my understanding that when the ancient nations conquered other peoples and took them to live in their homeland to avoid the conquered peoples from organizing and revolting, the conquered peoples altered the society and culture of the conquering nation until it was, in turn, overrun by another more organized, and united peoples. The conquerors had become diffuse and unfocused.

It is rich to have the upper class either in location, education (as they suppose) or status in society, preach to the rest of us how "good" it is to have multicultural neighborhoods, multilingual schools and societies all the while they sit cocooned by zone and income in a rather uniform, mono-linguistic world.

I think the good doctor is upset that his view of the world, state and society is not taken as prescribed. Politics is a contact sport, at least for egos. And I really don't see the present Democratic party compromising on anything, hence recalcitrance on the part of the opposition.

Cedar Hills, UT

The idea that we need to become more liberal to be a better state is ridiculous. Democrats never complain about 1-party rule in Democratic controlled states and cities, even though those places are the most poorly run. It is not just Chicago and Detroit, but look at all the most dangerous cities in America. Which one is run by Republicans. Look at the cities and states in the most financial trouble, the vast majority are controlled by one party, democrats.

It is true that the LDS Church is a large contributor to Utah's economy, but much of this is to the chagrin of most Democrats. They don't lie, the Church, and would be happy to see it leave town. And the overwhelming majority of the church Members are Republicans, or vote Republican. The idea that Mormons only vote Republican because they don't understand their own Church's doctrine is stupid. Conference talks are very morally Conservative.

It is fool hearty for Democrats to expect Utahns to vote for them just for the sake of a more balanced political scene. Really, who votes for a philosophy they disagree with in the name of balance? No one intelligent.

Spanish Fork, Ut

Noodle, I still don't understand your point. Yup, the downtown project helped the economy - we agree there. But Utah's economy was relatively good before that and it will be after as well. Why? Because we have been a very well run state. What does what you're saying have to do with the author's point that scandals like Swallow can be attributed to the rule of the Republican party in Utah? Are you agreeing with the author or not? If not, what is your suggestion?

Poplar Grove, UT

But you fail to mention failed republican policies in Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia. The fact is there are many states where one party has been in charge for a long time, and most of them aren't doing well, whether it's Republicans or Democrats that have been in charge. There is one difference between California, Alabama, Mississippi and Utah. Those states don't have churches that put an amount 3.5x larger than the states GDP into the economy, for 5 straight years, in the worst recession since the 1920's. That's what got Utah through better than these other states, not Republicans, not Democrats. It's purely because of the $$$, City Creek was basically a private stimulus package, courtesy of the LDS church. I'm not LDS, I don't agree with them often on social issues. But lets not give the Legislator credit for what the LDS church did.

Far East USA, SC

Of Utah largest 15 employers in 2011, 11 were either State or Federal institutions.

Something to keep that in mind next time you call for smaller government.

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