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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's really not very complicated. Insurance companies have to issue policies to everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions. In return, everyone is required to purchase a policy. States are setting up health insurance exchanges so everyone has access to the same policies and comparative price and coverage information. If you don't make enough money to pay the premium, you will be eligible for a subsidy.

It is a Republican designed plan that was endorsed by virtually all prominent national Republicans including Bob Dole, Newt Gingritch and Orrin Hatch. It is the model for Romneycare in Mass. Had Mitt Romney won the Republican nomination in 08, he would have campaigned on a promise to extend the plan to all Americans. It wasn't until President Obama proposed it that Republicans noticed that it was socialism, communism, and fascism all rolled into one.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

There are 30 million Americans who would not be covered who are willing to defend Obamacare.

You should have written "I don't want it" since you don't speak for those who do!

Far East USA, SC

"Repeal and Replace" has been the battle cry of the GOP.

I urge you to "speak up and let us be heard loud and clear". Tell the GOP leadership to put forth their comprehensive "replacement" plan.

It is much easier to shoot down someone elses actual plan than to put forth one of your own.

Hayden, ID

Even many Democrats tell us Obamacare is a train wreck! That's most likely because many will face re-election in 2014 and now have to go face and be accountable to their constituents. Democratic strategy for that? Delay the law until after the election! Says all we need to know about Obamacare doesn't it?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Obamacare does nothing to control costs - does NOT improve access to health care (as we learned from the failure of the MA experiment), and costs multiples of the estimates used to sell it. It is a complete and total failure.

Obamacare improperly addresses issues with the health care delievery system; it's like going to the dentist and having a healthy tooth pulled when you have a broken arm. Yeah, you got health care, but it did not address the problem and caused more damage.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT


I like Obamacare. I like it better than what we have had for the past 50 years. I like it better than the Republican alternative (nothing). It is not perfect, but it is a vast improvement over what we've had. It would be better if it were a single-payer system. But what chance do have of that with today's GOP?

Salt Lake City, UT

This feigned outrage is disiingenuous, coming as it does from a person who enjoys the benefits of Medicare. Darlene, why not advocate for expansion of Medicare to all Americans? That would be more honest and worthwhile.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

It's only complicated to radio junkies, who have been confused by dropout entertainers, who's audience confuses their partisan rhetoric with actual news or facts.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Is ObamaCare a Republican plan? How many Republicans in Congress voted for it?

Can Democrats really claim that Romney was the architech? Was his bill over 2,000 pages of gibberish? Did someone in Massachusetts tell him that he had to pass the bill before knowing what was in the bill?

If ObamaCare is such a good idea, why are Democrats demanding that it not be implemented? Why is Obama refusing to enforce it?

If ObamaCare is as good as Obama claimed, why are businesses cutting workers to thirty hours or less per week so that those businesses won't have to pay the ObamaCare tax?

If ObamaCare is as good as Obama claimed, why are doctors closing their practices?

If ObamaCare will cover pre-existing conditions, why was a 10-year-old denied a transplant until political pressure forced the "secretary" to allow that operation?

Democrats are trying to blame Republicans for a bill that no Republican supported. ALL of the faults found in ObamaCare were accepted by those Democrats who voted for the bill. All of the job losses attributed to ObamaCare were directly caused by Democrats.

Republicans were not foolish enough to vote for ObamaCare.

Eugene, OR

Actually, the people did speak loud and clear. Remember last November, when Obama was reelected by nearly five million votes?

Meanwhile, the whining goes on...

Salt Lake City, UT

Darlene, you're making some pretty wild generalizations about the Affordable Care Act.

Every time you hear your talk radio rants about "Obamacare" I hope you'll consider the following:

The U.S. spends wildly more per person on health care than any other industrialized nation, yet receives significantly _less_ healthcare, both in terms of quantity and quality of care.

The drag on our economy from the existing healthcare finance system is immense.

Employers are faced with skyrocketing insurance premiums for their workers, forcing them to make businesses decisions that have little to do with their mission and business model and everything to do with managing employee healthcare costs. It's crazy.

Employees who are unhappy/unproductive and who'd like to leave and try something else are forced to stay with their jobs because they can't get healthcare insurance on their own, while bright, motivated people are forced to apply for jobs not on the basis of what job best suits their talents, but on the basis of which employer will provide health insurance for their families. That's crazy, too.

Don't like the ACA? Fine. Offer a workable, superior alternative. Otherwise, you're not helping.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Seriously... how do you expect thousands of pages of detailed regulations, rules, exceptions to the rules, and exceptions to the exceptions to the rules, all in legalese that no real person completely understands... to be implemented without it eventually becoming re-interpreted and twisted and bent to serve some politician's will?

Even IF the initial implementation went well (which it hasn't)... I would expect this bureaucratic abuse to weasel it's way in eventually (but I expected it to be years down the road).

Any complex legislation is going to run into problems like this eventually. And ObamaCare is the most complex of all complex legislation I've ever seen passed by the US Congress. Even the Tax regulations (which EVOLVED over many years to the current sad state of complexity) look simple compared to the volumes and volumes of rules and regulations and legal jargon associated with what ObamaCare means and how it must be implemented (and the many loopholes that can be used to circumvent the parts you don't like).

This is destined to become UN-manageable.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

"We don't want it!"
Who's "we"?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

You make it sound like America voted for ObamaCare by a huge margin (by voting for Obama). You pretend it was a landslide or some huge margin of victory. In reality... it was very close (and far from a clear mandate for ObamaCare).

The official election results were actually 50.6% Obama (barely a majority).
That means 49.4% of America voted AGAINST Obama and ObamaCare.

That's pretty close in my book. It's a majority, but less than 1% of the population is not a landslide. It hardly means what you twisted the election into meaning when you said... "the people did speak loud and clear". 50.6% to 49.4% is far from loud and clear.

But Obama did get the majority of the votes. So I have no problem with that, or Obama being President, he won. But don't pretend it was a landslide victory it wasn't.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

“This loud and financially powerful segment of America even refuses to abide by a law passed by Congress, signed by the President and accepted by the Supreme Court”.

People who can’t see and hear the efforts of the Cable news, GOP, Tea Party, Republicans, especially those in Congress, and the hundreds of tax exempt anti-American groups, must be wearing a sound proof bucket over their head.

If Obamacare is an abomination, make the charge, bring it to court. That’s the proper way to do it. Or sponsor a national election of people not businesses.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Comedy GOLD!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

One of the best things to happen to America is out of control healthcare costs and millions of uninsured families. It's been great to have so many Americans file bankruptcy due to healthcare they can't afford.
Getting sick without insurance is a great thing. I highly encourage the letter writer to try it sometime.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

The problem is, few people have any foresight. They won't complain about Obamacare until their out-of-pocket expenses hurt.


The ACA permits states to devise their own universal coverage plans.

What is UT doing toward that effort?

Steve C. Warren

Thanks, Darlene, for inviting us to speak out loud and clear on Obamacare. Well, here goes: I think Obamacare is a good first step in the right direction and that it will prove very beneficial overall for Americans. I hope it has laid the groundwork for single-payer. Nice going, President Obama.

@ 2 bits: You posted that Obama won by only 50.6 percent to 49.4 percent. Your numbers are clearly wrong. The final tally was 51.1 Obama, 47.2 Romney.

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