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Published: Monday, Aug. 26 2013 1:45 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake, UT

Utah WILL go 8-4(with all 4 losses against power conference prestigious teams)

We will complete the 4-0 career SWEEP over byu(2nd time that's happened in last 15 years)
WE will beat Utah State for the 16th time in 17 years(LOL)

We will be in contention for the Rose Bowl within last 1-2 games of season.

I called it now. Don't call me "lucky" when I am right.

Remember year ONE of the pac 12 we were a field goal away from the Pac 12 title game!

When was the last time byu/usu were within a field goal of a power conference title game?


Anaheim, CA

Looks like Blechen is still injured, out of shape, and in Whit's dog house.

Without a healthy Blechen, Utah's LB corp won't be strong enough to cover for Utah's weak DB's.

Chuckie is licking his chops.

Palo Alto, CA


"When was the last time BYU/USU were within a field goal of a power conference title game?"

LOL at your desperate attempt to rewrite history.

U missed a frantic 48-yard FG try (Utah's 3rd FG miss of the game) on 4th and 19 with 2 seconds left, a FG that would have meerly tied the game. But, even IF you'd made the FG and miraculously beaten Colorado in OT, U would have been destroyed by Oregon in the championship game anyway, so realistically, you were no closer to winning a PAC championship than you were last season.

When was the last time Utah finished the season ranked #1 in any meaningful poll?

Las Vegas, NV

Once again, a UTAH story turns into Chris B vs. the trollers. UGH!

Can't wait for 8/29 when order will be restored. byU "fans" can't wait for 9/21 - more free turnovers!!

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV


What the DN depth chart doesn't show is that the official depth chart shows Reilly OR Blechen as starter. Of course, actual facts don't phase trollers, do they? As far as Chucky is concerned, Utah has two great fast dual-threat freshman running the scout team playing Chucky in practice. Utah won't be surprised by anything CK will, won't or can't do.

You better hope your Ags do something this year - there are a LOT of seniors on this team. If they don't strike this year, all of GA's magic will be gone next. Lot of pressure for them farm boys!

Go Utes!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Finally, can't wait until Thursday.



When was the last time Utah finished the season ranked #1 in any meaningful poll?


1984 smack on the eve of 2013? Good one!

What's your chances of winning a BCS game this year?

Gilbert, AZ


1984 National Championship smack beats conference championship smack from a team that's only won 6 conference championships since 1958.

Put in perspective, Bronco won as many conference championships during his 6 years in the MWC, as Utah won during their entire 37 years in the WAC.

Despite the delusional predictions of the kids on the hill, talk of the Utes vying for a PAC championship is laughable; winning conference championships is something the Utes don't do.

Except for Urban Meyer, who is long gone, it's been SIXTY years since a Utah coach won back-to-back conference championships.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


"1984 smack on the eve of 2013? Good one!

What's your chances of winning a BCS game this year?"

BETTER than Utah's chances of winning a National Championship...


East Salt Lake City, Utah

@anti BCS

BETTER than Utah's chances of winning a National Championship... EVER!


Really? In 2008 Utah was 32 votes from a national title.

I'm still waiting, during the BCS era what's your chances of finally getting a BCS win?


Utah's 2 WAC titles are as relevant today as Utah's 22 pre-WAC titles.

Let me put in another perspective, Utah has as much of a chance at winning a PAC-12 title as BYU does a BCS game.

Arlington, VA


"In 2008 Utah was 32 votes from a national title."

1. Florida(48) 1606 points
2. Utah(16) 1519 points

Unfortunately for U, that's as close as you'll ever get, and it wasn't that close. Florida had 3 times as many 1st place votes and 87 more points than Utah.

By comparison, TCU only finished 80 points behind Auburn in 2010.

1. Auburn(56) 1472 points
2. TCU(3) 1392 points

And unlike Utah, TCU won the Rose Bowl.


"And unlike Utah, TCU won the Rose Bowl."

Unlike TCU, Utah won the Sugar Bowl. Doy...

Palo Alto, CA

The Rose Bowl is the "Grand-Daddy" of them all and, with the exception of the bcs championship/playoffs, THE most coveted bowl destination for PAC teams. Doy...

Cedar Hills, UT

Both BCS bowls and a place the cougies have never been and never will until they can get into a power conference.

Salt Lake City, UT


Unfortunately for U, winning a bcs bowl isn't the pinnacle of major college football success; that would be winning a National Championship, even better, a CONSENSUS National Championship - a place the Utes have never been and will never be even as a member of a power conference.

The closest you'll ever get to one of those coveted Crystal Football National Championship Trophies...

is BYU's Legacy Hall of Fame.


redfeather: "THE most coveted bowl destination for PAC teams."

Utah was in the MWC at the time. An at large BCS bid is the same, regardless of destination. A rare Pac-12 vacancy in the Rose Bowl is the only reason TCU went there, rather than the Sugar or Orange or Fiesta, not anything special TCU had done. If 11-1 USC had been ranked #2 instead of 11-1 Oklahoma, Utah may very well have gone to the Rose Bowl instead, and been much closer to home than Penn State instead of going into a virtually home environment for Alabama at the Superdome. Either way, the achievement would have been the same. Now if we're talking about receiving an at large BCS bid instead of an automatic qualifying bid, yes the achievement is slightly dampened.

Spanish fork, UT


I think Utah should get some one like the Ekels or Huntsman to do some recruiting foe some help in funds If Utah is going to be abel to be kempetive in the pac.12 or Else go back to the Mountain west ware you can win.

Oregon has the CEO of Nike
Usc and Ucla has movie stars and former players and every one else just splits there revenues or just like Utah !!!

God luck Utah

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