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Published: Friday, Aug. 23 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

In 2016 we'll bring on the next rational adult president. President Obama is doing a terrific job helping America regain its status as respected world leader. He's also done more for our energy independence than the last 3 Republican presidents combined.

It was Bush, who through fraud and incompetence, wasted trillions on unnecessary wars and freedom spreadin' and corportate welfare for Dick Cheney's old pals at Halliburton. Next time you want to find fault with someone over the decline of our nation, check your own voting record.

Far East USA, SC

"I don't know if I can say directly what the president has done to raise gas prices"

So, you don't know what he has done to raise gas prices, but you will blame him anyway.

Wouldn't it be more logical to research the causes of oil price fluctuation than to blindly jump to a conclusion? The information is out there and fairly easy to find.

Do you realize that the all time high ($4.12 in 2008) gas prices were under G W Bush?
Did you write in to the newspaper about Bush?

Let me help you out.

Oil is the largest component of gas prices. Oil is a commodity. It WILL be sold to the highest bidder in the market, and the market sets the price based on supply and demand. That is capitalism.

Now, in 2009, we had a low of $1.61, also under Bush. Any idea what happened in that short time to drop gas prices by that huge amount?

Well, we had a global economic crisis. It caused demand to dry up.

Blaming Bush for $4 gas is crazy. Crediting Bush for $1.60 gas is also misplaced.

Same goes for Obama.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

The President really doesn't have much power to impact oil prices because it is a global commodity influenced by global forces... To blame Obama is silly.

First of all, gasoline prices fell with the economy's collapse under President Bush -- unemployment skyrocketed, people weren't driving to work, commerce came to a halt, and gasoline prices fell. If anything, the rising price of oil and gasoline are in direct response to an improving economy. Sad but true, but when oil consumption goes up, its price goes up (law of supply and demand). Our first taste of $4 gas in 2008 was during the Bush years.

Second, oil production has actually increased during the Obama years. Despite this increased production, oil prices have continued to rise. Increased supply, consequently, hasn't kept prices down because demand around the world is even higher.

Third, natural gas prices have fallen significantly during the Obama years. Do we blame or give credit to him for that? No... actually, fracking (an invention developed by tax-payer-supported innovations at the Department of Energy) led to a gas boom, long in the making.

Want price stable energy? Try wind and solar... electric vehicles go hand-in-hand.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Buy an electric General Motors vehicle.

Durham, NC

The funny thing is the US has the highest oil production now - the highest in decades - as well as the most diversified energy portfolio than it ever has. Obama's impact on this - either way - has been marginal.

The biggest driver - oil over $80 a barrel makes a lot of the advanced extraction techniques economically justifiable. If you were to see a measurable and impactful decrease in the price of oil, you would also see a lot of these new plats halt new exploration.

The ironical thing is the thing that will keep oil prices in check, is a diversified energy policy, something certain branches of the conservative movement fight against daily. As stated above Demand drives prices. US demand for oil has been ebbing for the last 6 years.... recession or not. I personally drive a new diesel to work - now averaging nearly 50 mpg versus the 17-18 I used to get. I used to refuel multiple times a week...now its more than two weeks between fill ups. I am not alone.

If you want cheap gas.... support alternatives to oil... and we all will enjoy cheap gas for decades.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

$1,000,000,000 per day is being sent to the Middle East to buy oil. Over $2,000,000,000 per day is being spent on our military budget, a large part being used to secure those oil fields and to fight terrorism paid for by oil money.

None of that oil money pays for American jobs. None of that money is collected in income taxes paid by working Americans.

If we paid Canada $1,000,000,000 per day for oil, would we have to secure delivery with our military? Would Canada waste its money on terrorism?

If we drilled for oil in Utah, Colorada and Wyoming, all of that oil money would cycle through our economy, benefiting Americans. Income taxes would be received by the government instead of welfare being paid out from the government.

Obama has no desire to help America. His only desire is to eat cake while the rest of us grovel for crumbs from his table. The parallels between him and the "Kings" of Europe are too great to ignore. He thumbs his nose at us from the golf course, from Air Force One, from Martha's Vineyard, from the "Rose Garden".

Murray, UT

One vote,

Electricity does not actually grow on trees. It is made mostly by burning fossil fuels, Despite the vast amount of tax money wasted on green sources or electricity, it still can't be harvested from trees. (Which makes taking a joy ride in the mountains risky in an electric car)

Hayden, ID

Yes, lets waste more money on Solyndra!

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Remember when 0bama said "energy prices would necessarily skyrocket!" Yep, that's what he's doing. He refuses to take the money out of the middle east & give it to our neighbor to the north who is not trying to blow us up.
I am speechless when I read the comments from our DN neighbors.
Gas prices when Pre Bush left office was below $2.00!
So we have more oil being drilled now - want to know who's land it's on? Private Land-not owned by the gov!
Embarrassed Utahn: Gee we are looking at different stories. We are the laughing stock of the world. No one can count on our word, or our support. Have you been watching, reading, listening to what is going on in Egypt? Have you been reading their signs. They get it! They know who 0bama supports in the middle east and it isn't the people. Christian Copts are being slaughtered by the MB & where is the voice of reason saying, "stop?"
I'm amazed & appalled.

Moab, UT

Oil is priced in dollars worldwide. As the value of the dollar declines due to over-printing, in an attempt to prop up the economy, the price of oil rises to adjust to the lowering value of the dollar. There are countries that are making plans to replace the dollar in pricing oil, most notably Russia and China. Bottem line is we are not paying more for gas so much as our money is worth less and less so it takes more for a gallon.

Far East USA, SC

Too funny Star.

"Gas prices when Pre Bush left office was below $2.00!
So we have more oil being drilled now - want to know who's land it's on? Private Land-not owned by the gov!"

You have all the info you need to make a much more intelligent conclusion.

You agree we are drilling more than under Bush (what difference does it make whether it is public or private lands) and that prices have risen

Wouldn't logic suggest that the amount of drilling in the US is not the most critical factor, based on your own information?

You do realize that 6 months prior to Bush leaving office, gas was at an all time high ($4.00+)

Please give me your explanation for that?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

This letter writer is viewing his little knothole view of the world through foggy rose colored glasses.

1. Gas prices were HIGHER 7 years ago during GWBush.
2. The U.S. is producing MORE gas now than it was under GWBush.
3. If you want to drill and burn with lower prices, then Nationalize the Oil industry, and stop selling it on the Global Markets -- because THAT'S what drives the prices, NOT a black Democrat sitting in the WhiteHouse.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't care so much about the price of gas. I can control my use of gas (not drive). But what I CAN'T control is the increase in cost for food, etc.

Has anybody noticed the price of ANYTHING you buy has gone up? A LOT! I'm a bargain hunter, so I have a price_points in mind for products I use. But you don't see those prices you used to see frequently anymore. And the normal price of everything is also way higher than it was before Obama.

I can control my consumption of gas, but I need food.

The price of food and every item I need to live is climbing. And this is the beginning, not the end. When economic_easing and the government printing pretend money ends, the stock markets will tank. When liberals get their Cap&Trade system they have wanted desperately, and President Obama delivers on his promise to bankrupt the American Coal Industry... as President Obama himself has said, "Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket".

That doesn't mean only the prices of ENERGY will necessarily skyrocket. The prices of EVERYTHING will necessarily skyrocket.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Do repubs know how oil is traded?

If it is drilled here what is keeping it from being sold in the open market to Asia?

Do we realize that our #1 export is fuel?

"Energy Independence" is a pipe dream. The only way we become independent is to nationalize our fuel and have the federal government take control of our oil industry. Otherwise, drilling more only means that there will be more to sell to other countries.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

BlueDevil, JoeBlow,
it does matter whether it is on public or private land. Sorry you do not know the difference. But then, to tried and true liberals, there are no such things as individual property rights.

giving BO credit for more oil production when he has little to no control on the private land where the drilling is taking place is hero-worship in its worst form. A better measure for giving credit or affixing blame for the level of domestic production would be how much is being done on public land. Even then, the world price effects whether or not it is easier to produce at home or import from elsewhere.

Provo, UT

I thought the media was owned by liberals?

So why then would they be right in bashing Obama? Why would they even bash Obama in the first place if they're all owned by liberals?

Orem, UT

Obama can only be blamed for bad things.

The good things that happen are because of Bush... Or job creators... Or Reagan.

Those the the rules.

If you don't agree to those then you're an anti-American Commie brainwashed by the main stream media. Thank goodness for "Great Americans" on AM radio and Fox to inform us.

Orem, UT

Was Obama President in 2007 when gas prices doubled to $4 dollars per gallon? Darn that Obama!

He thinks he's such a king! And he hates America! And oil corporations. I'm guessing he has already taken away billions in oil subsidizes to EXXON. How is EXXON supposed to survive?

Salt Lake City, UT

Two of the biggest factors in gasoline prices are crude oil "spot" prices and crude oil "futures" prices. Changes in oil production by Saudi Arabia have the greatest impact on spot prices, as they are by far the top exporter of oil. Besides Saudi Aramco, other large petroleum companies (ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, etc.) have the ability to strategically manipulate gasoline prices to some extent.

Futures prices are primarily driven by economic and political conditions in oil-producing countries, so unrest in Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East, and political uncertainty in Venezuela all have an impact on oil futures prices, and by extension, on gasoline prices.

I guess what I am saying is that U.S. energy policy of ANY administration has minimal impact on the price at the pump. That's not to say that it has zero impact, but it certainly doesn't have major impact, either.

Durham, NC

Ok... I work in the oil industry and I am really tired of really ill informed statements like

"it does matter whether it is on public or private land."

Even on private late, permits must be pulled. EPA filings must be met. OSHA requirements must be complied with. There are rules about transportation, permitting for transportation.... the list goes on and on and on. Just like because you own a piece of land, doesn't mean you can build what ever you want there.

This has nothing to do with liberal or conservative... it has to do with long term national economic security. If our policy is to go off in some self indulgent rush to pump every available barrel of out under US territories..... we become more exposed to foreign leverage. Protecting our own reserves is a key part of securing long term stability.

This eat, drink and merry mentality - that there will not be an economic impact of depleting our own reserves is about as short sighted as it gets.

If actual knowing the industry makes me a "liberal"... fine so be it.... its better than rhetoric based on who knows what... "drill baby drill"... good grief.

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