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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 14 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

How much damage are we going to take, before we quit putting liberals in office?

Isn't a national debt equal to $560,000 for every second in a year, enough?

Eagle Mountain, UT


Liberals will stop being elected when conservatives present real, workable solutions that are better than what the liberals are currently offering.

The core of the GOP seems to understand this, but certain elements are trying to hold them back in the name of purity and ideology.

Don't tell me why liberals are bad, tell my why conservatives are better. I tend to vote liberal, so the burden of proof lies in your camp for my vote.


Has anyone else noticed that the photos of Hilary are much younger and with much more attention to the hair and makeup since she is the media's choice for the next demo president? The photos of her as secretary of state made her look fat, old, unkempt, and uncredible.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

If the GOP continues to offer up the likes of Palin, McCain and Romney, Hillary will be our next president.
And the nation will better for it.

Mcallen, TX

Darrel--burglars will quit stealing when home owners come up with a plan.

Mcallen, TX

The media decides our presidents. Very few look beyond the news coverage for information.

My guess, it'll be Hillary. More scandals,deceptions, and untruths.

Mcallen, TX

Darrel--maybe the Republicans have the answer. It's NO.

In other words--say no to government control of health care. Where in the constitution does it say to take a persons money, and force them to be responsible with paying someone else medical bills?

Please explain that!

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