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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 14 2013 11:15 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Kansas is lucky to have such a highly skilled player.

Under average coaching Heaps would be a very good QB.

Under great coaching he could be phenomenal.

Jake knew that a 1-11 Kansas team would be a better place to pursue a BCS bowl and better coaching than his previous school.

Good luck Jake, I'll be cheering for you as you fight in a prestigious power conference.

Many former fans are jealous of your power conference membership.


Fellow power conference University of Utah utes

Go Heaps!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Jake must be thrilled to be surrounded by better athletes as teammates than he's had previously.

Yes, a 1-11 Kansas team out recruited byu.

Apparently when a recruit can choose

1) 1-11 BCS team in a power conference with real athlete teammates


2) byu

Athletes are choosing the 1-11 Kansas option.

I can't imagine its a breath of fresh air being surrounded by other talent.

Good luck Jake

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

With BYU, a quarterback is always living with the ghosts of the fading Glory Years. With the Kansas Jayhawks you have nowhere to go but up. Best of luck to you Jake.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I really liked Heaps.

I will never understand how some one who did so well under center his Freshman year could be treated so poorly by the schools fans and the Coaching Staff in his Sophomore year. I know he played poorly in some games but he was the future. Could you imagine where he could have been in BYU's program this year had he been treated right and stayed? In my opinion a huge mistake by BYU was made when this kid got away.

You can't cry over spilled milk I guess.

Best of luck to you Mr. Heaps! I hope you enjoy all of the success you deserve at Kansas this year.

Go Utes!

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

My little sister is simply jealous that while even a power conference basketball school like Kansas is able to attract 5-star QBs like Heaps, our Utes are forced to make do with 2- and 3-star QBs.

River Falls, WI

"Under average coaching Heaps would be a very good QB."

I believe Weis is a good coach, so time will tell.

"Yes, a 1-11 Kansas team out recruited byu."

According to what metric? BYU has out-recruited KU (Scouts and rivals team rankings) three of the last five years.

I'm thrilled for Jake. I thought he was a great get for BYU back in 2010 and showed a lot of promise as a freshman. He undeniably took a step back as a sophomore, and I suspect part or the reason is he didn't have the full support of his teammates. It sounds like he has that at KU, plus another two years to develop--I think we can expect a great season from him.

Korea, AE


"Fellow power conference University of Utah utes"

u said it. Yep u are exactly right the 1-11 Kansas program is right in line with your team in a power conference. Every power conference has those one or two members that are "part of the team" be default.

You're like the equipment manager who tells everyone he's on the team.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: BlueCoug

"Breaking News: Dallin Leavitt suffered a hip flexor; maximum recovery time - 7 days

Eric Thornton is moving from WR to field cornerback. Thornton was doing well as JD Falslev's backup.

Robertson Daniel will move over to field corner. Mike Hague will continue to recover from injury to play boundary corner.

While still challenging, Bronco is making adjustments and BYU's corner situation is not nearly as dire as some have characterized it."

Thanks for the update.


Wishing Jake good luck at Kansas and hope he has great success this season. With a little more patience, he could have added his name to the long list of BYU greats.

Korea, AE

To any one who thinks Jake was mistreated by BYU...
or that Kansas out recruited BYU...
or that Kansas coaches can do better...

A neighbor of Jake's family told me that Jake pouted endlessly after being taken out of the USU game and that his dad started to look for another college the next morning. I also know he became toxic in the weight room and lost his team and support.

I don't wish Jake any ill will. I hope he does well now that a little diversity has come his way. But, how do coaches deal with a player who felt entitled to the position, became a cancer on the team, and lost the respect of his team mates while his dad shopped around for colleges?

I would have benched him too. Regardless of the stars or the "athlete status." Football is a team sport.

For some, the prestige is more important than substance. It is like proclaiming you're in a power conference as some sort of achievement that justifies your accomplishments on the field throughout a season. Lame.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"According to what metric"

The latest recruiting results.

Scout shows that for 2013 Kansas out recruited BYU.

So these recruits saw a school that just went 1-11

and they saw byu

And better athletes picked a 1-11 BCS Kansas team over byu.

Speaks volumes.

And obviously Utah beat both those teams in recruiting.

Those metrics.

Korea, AE


Exactly which recruits "saw a school that just went 1-11, and they saw byu"

Please provide us anyone recruited by both schools.

Funny that now it is about recruiting and not about where you end up in the W/L column.

See you on the 21st. Then I won't see you at all.

And you can stew on that for two years.


I'll believe the Jake Heaps' Kansas hype when his practice jersey comes off and he still has the confidence of his teammates

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Are you going to claim that Alabama didn't outrecruit byu because they didn't go head to head on any(perhaps 1-2) kids?


When a 1-11 team has a better recruiting class than a supposed football power(per byu fans only), it speaks volumes about how prestigious the respective football programs are.

The best programs typically get the best athletes(go look at Alabama'a recruiting classes last several years).

If byu really was half as prestigious of a football program as football fans believe, you'd have enough quality athletes signing to beat any 1-11 KANSAS football program.


Not exactly known as a football power.

And yet apparently they are more desirable football destination that Provo!


Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

"Fellow power conference University of Utah utes"

My little sister forgot to type the entire sentence. What she meant to say was "Fellow cellar dweller in a power conference University of Utah utes"

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


How does it feel to continually LOSE to cellr dwellers in power conferences?

Ute Seniors 4-0 SWEEP!

West Point , UT

Chris B:
You might want to check the rankings out for 2014 where your Utes are sitting pretty at #70 while BYU is above both U and Kanas (Kansas is rated above U also, "LOL").

I guess athletes are starting to realize, now that conference realignment craziness is over, that going to a power conference cellar dweller is no better than playing for a WAC or MAC school. They'd much rather be playing on national TV all over the country. I can just hear the convo between a Ute recruit and his mother: Mom: "what channel will u be on again?" Ute: "the speed channel...er wait I think it's Fox Local Obscure Sports now". You said it Chris, "LOL"!

Woods Cross, UT

Lots of comments by Chris B. Must be a BYU football article. He is as true blue as they come.

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it interesting that Chris thinks it is more impressive to be a butler in a mansion in the city than own his own 4000 square foot beautiful home in the suburbs.

HINT: He may need someone to help him understand the analogy.

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B.

"When a 1-11 team has a better recruiting class than a supposed football power (per byu fans only), it speaks volumes about how prestigious the respective football programs are."

That's ridiculous. By that reasoning in 2013 Cincy #52, NC State #53, Indiana #49, Northwestern #47, Washington State #38 would all be superior to Utah #54, Stanford #56, Texas Tech #59, BYU #63, and Kansas St #68. Do you seriously believe that Washington State, Kansas, and Indiana are more prestigious than Stanford? Nice try but your spinning doesn't add up.

Rexburg, ID

Chris B, What was the final rankings for BYU and Utah the last two year huuummmm?

Give you a hint, your Utes finished behind USU and BYU last year. Teams play a whole season not just one game; get a clue

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