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Published: Sunday, Aug. 11 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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high school fan
Huntington, UT

Why does he assume that the Palistinians are the rightful owners? How far back in history do we need to go to see which people called that home?
Besides, it was not the United States that gave the ground to Israel, it was the UN. So maybe blame something else for your theory.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

why don't YOU give your place in Provo back to the Utes?

tranquility base, 00

Israel is the clear aggressor. They are taking land, not the Palestinians.

From people that started a 2 trillion dollar, endless war because of 9/11 you sure expect the Palestinians to be meek.

Centerville, UT

The area of Trans-Jordan was divided into a number of nations, one of them was Israel, and one of them was for Palestine. The Palestinians rejected the division. At that time the area was home to both Jews and Palestinians. During this period in history Islamist countries drove out their Jewish residents. Mind you Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt held Palestinians in their regions as second class citizens many with out voting rights. In 1948, the Arab nations embarked on a genocidal approach to Israel. Israel successfully defended it self. In 1967, Arab nations again massed to destroy Israel. Israel again defended it self. Israel has numerous times attempted to end the conflict and create a Palestine state. This has always been rejected by the Palestinians.

This is a false statement "Israel is the clear aggressor. They are taking land, not the Palestinians." Land taken was taken in a defensive war. The Israelis have not taken any more land after 1967. The Golan Heights were used by Palestinians to shell the Israel farmlands. The Sinai area was taken from Egypt, and later returned to Egypt in exchange for a peaceful settlement.

tranquility base, 00

Right. Hitler was convinced he was in a "defensive" war as well to defend the homeland and the pure race.

Israel is the aggressor. Anyone with an ounce of honesty can see that.

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