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Published: Saturday, Aug. 3 2013 9:50 p.m. MDT

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Riverton Cougar

Oregon SOS?

maybe a more relevant comparison is the 8 PAC12 teams that have higher sos than BYU... which in its toughest season ever barely breaks the top 50...

Not sure why you would single out Oregon... unless... could it be... that you were just cherry picking your comparisons to support a lame assertion...

naaahhhhhh... you wouldn't cherry pick your stats...just because the facts keep getting in your way.... would you?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"Oregon SOS?

maybe a more relevant comparison is the 8 PAC12 teams that have higher sos than BYU"

Why? Oregon and 3 other schools in the PAC play a weaker schedule than BYU. However, most teams on a PAC schedule are PAC teams. That means that merely being in the PAC does not equate to having a harder schedule.

"Not sure why you would single out Oregon... unless... could it be... that you were just cherry picking your comparisons to support a lame assertion..."

Cherry picking? Lame assertion? Like I said above, if the PAC were such a great conference, why do some conference team have such weak strength of schedules when most of their opponents are PAC teams?

Rather than respond you just accuse me of cherry picking and making "lame assertions" when my assertion is that playing in a PAC 12 team is not necessarily "playing at the highest level possible". Besides, we won't really know the strength of schedule until after the season.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Riverton Cougar

Mr. Riverton Cougar -

I never said playing "a" PAC12 team was playing at the highest level possible... I did say that that Utah players have chosen to test their skills in on of the strongest conferences in the country...

Do you really want to dispute that?

Oh... and first you bring up pre-season rankings to support your point... and then when it doesn't work out so well you say "we really won't know sos until after the season"?

Is that what happened?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Riverton Cougar

Oh and one more point... unless the DN mods deem that I'm piling on...

but you brought it up...

8 PAC12 teams have 2013 schedules ranked tougher than BYU (even in BYU's so-called toughest season ever)... and you ask why some PAC12 teams have weak schedules?

Are you really asking that question?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

It looks like I touched a sore spot, Howard. My mention of not knowing the strength of schedule until after the season is correct; those preseason rankings are particularly off.

As far as saying Utah players have chosen to test their skills in one of the toughest conferences in the conference. For one, these recruits won't playing in Utah's 2013 schedule. Will their 2014 be tougher?

Secondly, you dodged the question and resorted to mocking me instead. How can you have a conference be considered soooo strong when the highest PAC 12 team plays such a weak schedule? Hint: maybe the PAC isn't overall as tough as you would think.

Something to think about
Ogden, UT

Fonua is the real deal! He's one of those talents that hasn't been noticed nationally because he was injured as a sophomore in high school. Nike had him as a top 30 propect in the country. He's a steal for BYU. I believe Nike has it right (and they evaluate/test a lot of kids). He'll be a great player at the next level!

West Point , UT

Something TTA:
" I believe Nike has it right (and they evaluate/test a lot of kids). He'll be a great player at the next level!"

You are spot on. He was the defensive MVP at Oregons Nike camp. Someday poor ute trolls like Howie will realize that the PAC12 luster will wear off for Utah when they aren't winning or doing anything notable in any sport at any time. Then recruits in Utah will "see the light" again and attend a school that actually wins, is perennially ranked, and enjoys post season play.

Highland, UT


It is really obvious why some pac 12 teams, like utah for instance, have strong schedules, and some, like oregon for instance, have weak schedules.

In utah's case their schedule is strong because they play oregon in conference and then out of conference play top forty teams like BYU and usu. In oregon's case their schedule is weak because rather than playing themselves in conference they play teams like utah considered to be far into the bottom half of the teams in the country. In fact utah also drags down the sos of both BYU and usu.

One thing is very obvious, having teams like oregon, BYU and usu on your schedule makes your predicted sos very good, on the otherhand having utah on your schedule is a severe blow to your sos, almost to the point of single handedly ruining your sos. Hopefully those teams can overcome the disadvantage playing such a lightly regarded team as utah gives to them, but it won't be easy, playing weak teams like that is simply a stigma that is hard to overcome.

Holladay, UT

Great pick up for the cougs! He is a great player and seems like a better guy just the qualities that all athletes should have. Can't wait to see him on the field.
@GoRed - That's one more recruit than what you have.
@Howard S. - If it wasn't for the liberals that control the pac, BYU would be in the pac and not the frutes. BYU is a far better fit for the pac. FanBase Bigger, Total Athletic Department better, Academics far better. By the way while I am on the academics subject, where did the u get the stats to claim they are the 4th best in the west and 1st in the state for business programs. Because that is a complete fabrication. usnews.com
Way to live in your own delusions on and off the field university of utah....typical ute.
Go Cougs!!!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Very nice get for the Cougs!!! Welcome to the Blue!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!

Idaho Falls, ID

Howard....I will tell you why BYU is not in one of the major college conferences. This past Saturday night I was at a high school class reunion where I had a chance to visit with Bill Byrne. He just retired as the A.D. at Texas A&M. He was also the A.D. at Oregon and Nebraska before that. The question was...what will it take for BYU to be accepted in one of the major conferences and he said, "play on Sunday. Until they change their view of Sunday play, they will not be invited." He also mentioned that BYU is a nationally recognized sports program, and many would like to have them, but it all comes down to Sunday play. BYU will do just fine where they are. They just happen to be in the "Mothership Conference" you know what I mean...ESPN.

Centerville, UT

I like the kid and he's received great coaching from Russ Jones at Syracuse. He reminds me of a lot of underrated kids that Utah likes to "coach-up" to NFL careers.

Good get by the Y. Sorry the Utes missed on him.

Highland, UT

Interesting comments by Fonua.

""I already knew I wanted BYU a long time ago," said Fonua. "It was mostly my parents who wanted me to wait and make sure I would make the right decision and everything, but I've always wanted to come to BYU for a long time. When BYU would send me letters it was always more personal and about me. Like, it was always about staying humble and things like that. When Utah sent me letters it was always about ‘Look what we have.’"

In short, BYU's approach was more about personal development rather than about what a player could provide for them.

"Yeah, I don't want to make it sound bad. but yeah," said Fonua."

Centerville, UT


I can't believe it, Elmer Fudd and I finally agree on something!!!

"In fact utah also drags down the sos of both BYU and usu." The fact that both teams have demonstrated their inferiority on the field doesn't help SOS either.

Since the turn of the century . . .
Utah vs. USU = 10-1
Utah vs. BYU = 9-5

For both teams, playing Utah really must be a "drag!"

Highland, UT


We're talking about sos this year aren't we? Not 2004. This year utah is a drag on all of their opponents sos because utah is....bad. At least that is what the guys that us tell us who has the best/worst sos have to say. And utah "fans" are all about sos aren't you? I mean you guys brag/whine about it incessantly, especially when you are trying to preemptively try to explain why utah's record will be so bad this year.



Centerville, UT

@Elmer Fudd

Mix in a little reading comprehension please! "SOS?" "You guys?" "Explain why Utah's record will be bad?"

You've heard none of that from me. But then again I'm not obsessively posting on every article so it's understandable how you may have missed it. The only thing that matters, in my opinion, is scoreboard. USU owns it until Utah can reverse it; kudos to them - They deserve respect. Same for BYU when it happens; recent history tells us it will every third or fourth year.

Until then, I'll sit back and enjoy the preseason hype about SOS, no-star recruits, Band of Brothers, Qwest Perfected, blah-blah-blah . . .

Highland, UT


Don't fool yourself, you're a typical utah "fan".

Draper, UT


The MBA ranking that you mention is actually referring to the Executive MBA program (although they conveniently left that part out). BYU's regular MBA program is consistently ranked much higher than the U's, but the U's EMBA program is ranked higher than BYU's EMBA program (again, a little deceptive how they fail to note that in their advertising).

Bountiful, UT

Before I get excited about this kid coming to BYU, does anyone know if his high school coach somehow related to Kyle Whittingham? I just want to make sure this kid isn't going to get pressured into switching his committment in the 11th hour so I don't waste time getting all excited.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Riverton Cougar

my assertion is that playing in a PAC 12 team is not necessarily "playing at the highest level possible"


It is "one" of the highest if he wants to compare himself to see how he measures to NFL talent.

The 2013 NFL Draft by conference:

1. SEC 63
2. ACC 30
3. PAC-12 28
8. MWC 7

1. SEC – 268
2. Big Ten – 234
3. ACC – 231
4. Pac-12 – 218
5. Big 12 – 141
6. Big East – 94

NFL Talent per PAC-12 school:

USC 53
Oregon 39
Stanford 32
Utah 31
Arizona 20
Colorado 15
Washington State 11

BYU with 13 current players fits between Colorado and Washington State.

Regardless, congrats to Fonua! Getting a scholarship is an honor in it self.

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