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Published: Friday, Aug. 2 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

The economy continues to barely limp along, four years after the recession officially ended.

Does this anemic recovery have anything to do with Barack Obama's policies and "leadership"? In my opinion our economy is a direct reflection of Obama's administration, policies, and leadership. There are certainly other factors involved. But I believe a different president would have stimulated the economy and pushed the right "buttons" to help our nation. Obama seems content to simply wage class warfare through his policies and cares very little for the overall trajectory of our GDP, which is currently flat.

Nibley, Ut

Right in line with the drop in UE rate, the Labor participation rate also dropped to 63.4% just a tenth off of a 30+ year low. People are still leaving the workforce faster than people are coming in.

St.George, Utah

Why is it that it is always forgotten that jobs in the US have been phased out and sent overseas?
This accounts for the monumental reason older workers are no longer looking for jobs. They either do not want the jobs that are out there, or they are neither educated nor trained for technical jobs of today and the future.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

During the campaign Obama boasted about creating 4 million new jobs. The only trouble is we need 2 million a year just to remain flat. We've got that pent-up demand for work.
And that doesn't even include people in part-time jobs and those who are grossly underemployed.
Food stamps and disability are way up as well.
But America said, FOUR MORE YEARS!
And that's what we've got; a president that doesn't understand the economy and thinks boosting the public sector will somehow help.

DN Subscriber 2

Two lessons to be remembered:
1- Never believe anything from AP, as this is just more propaganda from the Associated Press, the Pravda of the Obama administration.
2- Obama is still destroying our economy, as well as jobs.

Remember when Obama blasted George W. Bush's "horrible" unemployment rate of 5% during the 2008 election? Notice how the number of new jobs created in the prior two months was revised downward, as is done nearly every month, after announcing fraudulently optimistic numbers to make Obama look good?

To be fair, they did mention that many of the new jobs are part time and at lower wages, but buried that near the end.

If anything, this report is confirmation that the economy is NOT improving, but just that employers are struggling to find ways to survive in the new realities of Obama's war on success and capitalism. The fact that individual workers are suffering is not the employers' fault, they are at least providing some jobs as long as they can remain in business.

Mcallen, TX

Off the dole, and off to work.

Thank you Barry for the wonderful job you have done.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I read that single children living at home has increased from 32% to 36%. Kind of funny that that group that is really having a hard time making it on their own is one of the groups that heavily favored BO. My 27 year old with a masters degree is still looking for full time employment after graduating 2 years ago. Nice!!!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

the only reason the unemployment rate dropped was because more people got discouraged and left the workforce.

yep, BO' trickle-up poverty is working.

Salt Lake City, UT

Are you KIDDING me? Another AP story full of Hope and praise for Obama!!

Since the DNEWS is not going to fact check this article.....let me do the honors

The AP conveniently left out that 71000 of these jobs are part time.........and that the rest are low paying jobs.....NOW WE CAN BLAME OBAMA rather than praise him!

Welcome to Obama's America......where the American dream was success through hard work, now The Obama Dream is success if you don't work!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think we can all be grateful that the economy is adding jobs and that the unemployment rate is dropping. At least I hope we can all be grateful for that. Some here seem disappointed lest the most recent job report might make anybody think higher of the President. Personally I don't care who gets the credit. I just want to see continued improvement toward full employment.

Mcallen, TX

Wow! Eighty percent of new jobs over the passed four years are part time with no benefits.

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