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Published: Monday, July 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

This letter summarized:

Ethics in government is tough. So why even try? Lets forget all of this and move on.

I wonder if this letter writer would have this same feeling had Swallow been a Democrat?

Ogden, UT

And this letter pretty well summarizes how and why the Utah Legislature can get away with the antics they've been able to get away with. You vote straight "R" because you think the democrats couldn't possibly be worse, then you turn a blind eye towards the resulting corruption from one-party rule because you know you are responsible for it but would sure hate to admit it.

Kaysville, UT

This analogy cannot take effect as these two people, the Attorney General, past and present, including Mark Shurtleff and his cohort in the act, were elected to their office and Mr. Swallow was an actual State of Utah employee at the time, not elected. They both have a code of ethics included in those offices, as Attorneys of the Bar and as State of Utah officials.

It is not even close to a sports type of process with PRIVATE owners and players of the organization. Officials in the various leagues also have a code of ethics in their process.

Whitewashing that process cannot happen in this case. People try to make this a politics issue. It is not and should not be the "Fox Guarding the Henhouse". The people of Utah expect our chief law officials as Attorney General Mark Shurtleff used as his phrase 100s of times to show how powerful he was. His successor needs to think of what he has done to the office of Attorney General. His employees knew of some of problems prior to the election. Where is honor? What should the people of Utah and the Legislature do? Clear the air with an investigation.

Kaysville, UT

When you read about the Penn State officials who are before a grand jury in that State, you realize how important it is to have an elected Attorney General and appointed Attorney General staff with ethics, integrity and honor.

"In these cases, Wenner has found, with the exception of a few charges he has dismissed, state prosecutors have met the low burden of evidence necessary to win approval to take their cases to a full court trial.

"For this hearing, state prosecutors led by Chief Deputy Attorney General Bruce Beemer are not trying to prove the men's guilt. Rather, they just have to prove that enough evidence exists to warrant a trial."

We cannot have an Attorney General throw mud, water, ice, or whatever on our professional Attorney General staff who have given their dedication to duty to protecting our citizens and especially the State of Utah for over 100 years. We need trust in this office of the Attorney General and not just slide through the door.

Hopefully, this will give some credence to our code of ethics for employees and elected officials. It has to be hard for the Governor who gave $13M and got $85K in return

Kaysville, UT

Politics, government, military and attorneys have the ability to twist or spin events of happenings. Take for instance the NSAs problems relating to national security.

In March of this year, U.S. Senator Wyden a Democrat from Oregon asked Clapper about domestic ­intelligence-gathering.

“Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” he asked.

Wyden knew the answer before hand as he let the official from the NSA know his question ahead of time. Clapper knew the answer. The answer was yes.

“No, sir,” Clapper said.

The wiggle room for government employee and officials, elected and appointed is to use their sworn oath to not answer the truth. Truth is truth and only the facts change mentality is becoming a part of more than just the NSA. The Attorney General can play that game also, at the Federal and State levels.

Even King David played that game as the king and military leader. Ethics and integrity don't play a part in society if one is caught with the hand in the cookie jar.

People pay attorneys to get them out of their problem.

Tooele, UT

Re: "I wonder if this letter writer would have this same feeling had Swallow been a Democrat?"

Hard to say.

But one thing is for sure -- if Mr. Swallow WERE a Democrat, all the usual liberals, including the posters here, would be loudly defaming detractors, and just as loudly demanding he be given a fair investigation, and that no decisions be taken without all the facts.

Since he's not a Democrat, however, they're content with unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo, as the basis for their snarky rhetoric.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Demand integrity in the future, not tea party politics.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If there's a group I wouldn't want to be judged by... it's "Politicians". Because they are political animals, completely motivated by their political agenda, their political party alegences, and making the other party look as bad as possible.

It would also be terrible to be judged by the media... because their motivation is to make the story as selacious as possible (because it sells papers and gets listeners). And it is key to media people to keep the story running as long as possible ((with new suspicions or alegations being revealed every day to keep you listening and to keep the story from getting old... and keep those listeners salavating as long as possible).

I don't know how long you've been in Utah, but there have been contraversies involving Democrats too, and yet, we have NEVER had impeachment proceedings in Utah. Usually they resign. I don't know why Swallow hasn't resigned. Mabey he really thinks he's innocent. That's why we need an formal independent investigation (instead of a political witch-hunt, or a media-expose, or a lynch mob of posters who want to see him go down).

Orem, UT

My momma always taught me that integrity and character was what we did when no one was watching. That one day we would all be accountable for our deeds.

Why is it then that the party which touts "personal accountability" and "character" is excusing Mr. Swallow's despicable actions?

Why is it that the party which cannot investigate President Obama enough refuses to even acknowledge that Mr. Swallow was doing anything questionable?

Is it because of party? Race? Why the double standard?

I grew up with morals. I grew up learning the importance of hard work and accountability. It is time for Mr. Swallow to be held accountable for his complete and utter lack of character. Those who excuse his actions and refuse to investigate him are exactly what is wrong with America today.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

The coach-official analogy, like all analogies, is false. It's also misapplied in terms of the writer's point, as lavish gifts to officials are obviously bribes. Our attorney general's behavior is simply outrageous. He would do us all a big favor by stepping down and stopping the hemorrhage of millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on "investigating" him. We already know all we need to know. "Um, do they know about the boat?"

Ogden, UT

So, essentially, you are arguing that Swallow and his conservative defenders (yourself included, apparently) are just as bad as the liberals you believe would defend a corrupt Democratic politician.

Got it.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

There wouldn't be a car on the road is every driver were cited everytime he violated the law. There wouldn't be an intact marriage if every husband and every wife were 100% truthful when asked, "Do you think I'm beautiful?" or "Do you think I'm handsome?".

How many of us think that driving 5 mph over the limit is "breaking the law"? Apparently not many, if you clock the drivers on the Interstates. Yet, should we all be investigated? Should we all have our licenses revoked?

Poor judgement is not the same thing as criminal activity. Were there anything to the charges except a "witch hunt", John Swallow would have had his trial. It's to the advantage of politicians in the opposition party to "stir the mud", to keep things cloudly. For all we know, they are postponing the criminal investigations that would proceed with great vigor and with great haste against them were this cloud not sitting over John Swallow.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@Mike Richards

Not all drivers are State Attorneys General.

What Mr. Swallow is accused of is not merely "going 5 miles over"

But to answer your question, yes going 5mph is breaking the law. However, that same law allows law enforcement officers some discretion in assessing tickets. They did not become a law unto themselves.

A better analogy would be if the officer that pulled you over didn't cite you because you donated to his kids little league team. If that came out, I hope there would be some investigation.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Who's refusing to investigate?

one vote,
What does Swallow and his problem have to do with the Tea Party?

I suspect that you are right that the Republicans would be all over this if Swallow were a Democrat. But I'm pretty sure procuradorfiscal is right also. IF he were a Democrat... you and many Democrats would be defending him like crazy.

There's nothing all that new here. Politicians behaving badly (especially before they took office) is nothing new. Barack Obama admitted to abusing cocaine and alchohol in his book. Should he be impeached for that? It's "Poor judgement", right? Cocaine is also illegal. What has Swallow done that is "illegal"? And not just poor judgement?

I agree with the people that say he should resign to save the state the expense of impeaching him. But if it comes to impeachment... I think he will resign. I think he's just hoping people will come to their senses before it gets that far.

IMO... IF he's guilty of something illegal while he was the AG.. he should be impeached. If he's guilty of poor judgement before he became AG... impeachement won't work.

Tooele, UT

Re: "So, essentially, you are arguing that Swallow and his conservative defenders (yourself included . . . ."

I make no defense of Mr. Swallow. I don't have sufficient facts to do so.

But, just as surely, neither does the liberal attack machine have sufficient facts to prove wrongdoing. If they did, they'd have done so already.

It's beyond dispute that liberals would demand facts if Mr. Swallow were a Democrat. Just as certainly, because he's not Democrat, they're content to proceed with their attack, notwithstanding the paucity of factual support.

I do find it curious that the liberal attack machine would focus on Mr. Swallow at a time when he's positioned himself as the voice of the new Sagebrush Rebellion, however. That "coincidence" deserves a genuine explanation by his attackers. But, ulitmately, Mr. Swallow's tenure as Attorney General should depend on the facts of the case.

Not snarky, unsubstantiated liberal/"green" innuendo.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

IF/When this becomes a legal proceeding instead of a media circus... the rules will change. Then you have to present evidence and PROVE things (not just throw out accusations and see who will publish them).

When the media circus is over and the legal proceeding starts... there are strict rules, and there will either be significant proof that he is guilty (and he will be gone)... or there won't be enough proof and we will have to leave him alone (or continue the bickering in the media, which is to no avail in any legal proceeding).

I hope they decide to move on to the legal proceeding ASAP. It's all the useless bickering and inefectual arguing from the various partisan groups in the media that are so frustrating.

Swallow has said he would like to proceed and get it decided one way or another as well.

Who benefits from all the partisan sniping and arguing that has no effect on anything? Not Swallow! Maybe Democrats like it.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

@ 2 bits

I'm game! Name the last Democrat AG who came under investigation and possible impeachment. Ready, set, go!

Those who are refusing to work with this is the entire right wing! Just look at this letter writer for crying out loud! Look at our legislature which is dragging its own feet!

Tooele, UT

Re: "Name the last Democrat AG who came under investigation . . . ."

Aw, c'mon! You're not seriously suggesting that in ANY segment of politics today, Democrats are more squeaky clean than Republicans?

Need I mention Weiner, Spitzer, Clinton, Lerner, Sanford, and Vitter? Or how about Reid, Pelosi, Edwards, Frank, Paterson, Jackson, Geithner, Corzine, Raines, Blagojevich, Rezko, Waters, Rangel, and Dodd? Or how about the corporations -- Solyndra, Lightsquared, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, BOA, and Countrywide? Then there are the government agencies -- GSA, IRS, DOJ, and Energy.

That's just scratching the surface. The political arena is literally infested with corrupt, evil Democrats. It's a defining characteristic.

Yeah, there is the odd Republicans that fails to cover him/herself in glory, but relatively few. Those invariably receive no support from their party colleagues.

And they don't make political "comebacks."

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Legal representation is not cheap.
Can anyone tell me who is paying for the defence of John Swallow?
Does he pay for it him self or is the State of Utah paying for it or someone else?
Does anyone know the answer?



I do hope that your last post was in jest. You do realize that Sanford and Vitter are Republicans, and yes, they both have made political "comebacks." Sanford even made his comeback after he was arrested for violating a restraining order.

Regardless, cheating on one's spouse and accepting gifts from individuals your office is investigating are not even remotely the same thing.

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