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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Raleigh, NC

I have a solution. Let them form their own conference, but don's call it Division 4. Call it minor league football. They will object to calling it minor, but they have become nothing more than a minor league training ground for the NFL. In fact, let the NFL oversee the whole mess. They can even pay their players more than they are already being paid. All of the schools unlucky(?) enough to not be included would reorganize under the NCAA and their players could once again legitimately be called student athletes

Korea, AE

Silent lurker

"Take off your blue goggles and wake up."

To what? An imaginary scenario where this is actually going to happen?

"Do you think the LDS Church will pick up the extra tab? (stipends)"

I was unaware that the LDS church is paying for football at all. BYU is self sufficient in sports, just like many other church entities like Deseret Industries and church welfare farms. If football can pay for it, I can't see why the LDS church would drop it. Nor do I see any evidence that this is a possibility.

"Do you believe God would rather have a BYU football team in a upper division than have you help the under privileged people of the world?"

The nice part about the LDS Church is that they seem to be able to do both.

And for the most part, people can do both. One can give fast offerings and by BYU football tickets and also give money to those commercials on TV if they want.

I believe that Wiscougarfan destroyed your the arguments.

So yes, I have no problem believing BYU would be IN in this imaginary scenario.


Wouldn't that be absolutely hilarious? If it comes down to who can afford to play at this point in time BYU is in and Utah is out. BYU can afford to foot the bill to play with the big boys. They get all the money that comes from tv contracts, endorsements, stadium revenue etc. They don't have to split it in any percent with the other 8-11 teams in a conference.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sunday play would also be a non-issue. There's no way college football would want to lock horns with the NFL in a playoff situation and there's absolutely no reason why BYU would ever need to play a regular season game on Sunday.


Silent Lurker

"Over the past few years BYU has lost to most of the better teams on their schedule. Even your designated bottom feeder Utah has owned you."

BYU's lifetime winning percentage versus Top 25 - 21%
Utah's lifetime winning percentage versus Top 25 - 16%

Wins versus Top 25 since 2008:

BYU: #16/#17 Utah State, #18/#18 Utah
Utah: ur/#25 BYU

Winning 2 of 3 games on fluke plays doesn't prove anything.

And lets not forget, Kyle has proven he can lose to ANYBODY (see 10-loss UNLV and Colorado).

The reason Utah has so few 10+ win seasons in their history isn't SOS, the sad truth is, U just haven't been very good, as proven by your paltry 5 AP Top 25 finishes in your entire history.

You need come out from under that crimson bubble on the hill once in awhile in order to see reality.

River Falls, WI

If there is ever a new division created for the college football elite I like BYU's chances in getting an invite (Utah should also be in). I would think the criteria would include factors like football success (i.e. Sagarin ranking), marketability (i.e. t.v. markets and fan loyalty), and profitability.

Since 2006, BYU’s lowest Sagarin ranking was #45 (2010), and they’ve averaged a #26 ranking with three top 20 finishes and a 6-1 bowl record. The University of Utah has also done well, averaging a Sagarin ranking of #34 over that span and winning all six of their bowl games.

According to a study published in the N.Y. Times, BYU has the 43rd largest fanbase in college football (710k), while Utah has the 67th largest (351k). SLC is the 33rd largest television market (917k viewers) ahead of cities like Cincy, San Antonio, and Las Vegas.

BYU's football team has operating expenses of $15m and total revenue of #22.4m for a surplus of $7.4m. Utah spends $14.8m, makes $20.8m, for a surplus of $6m.

Looking at this criteria both BYU and Utah would be shoe-ins.

West Jordan, UT

I have no problem with a $2000 stipend if the schools can afford it. Many comments sounds like you are paying the players, what this really is, is money for room, board and other living expenses which is currently not covered in the athletic scholarships. Many academic scholarships, including the one I went to school on, include some living allowances. I understand that some smaller schools can't afford it for all their student athletes, in fact some larger schools can't either, but why not make it optional? Then schools can chose if they want to do stipends. As long as they follow Title IX and not screw women's sports in favor of the powerful football dollar, I say go for it if you want to.

In the Utah / BYU banter here, I think both schools can afford the stipend, USU might only be able to afford a partial stipend, if at all.

Lincoln City, OR

Don't see any separation happening... It has "anti-trust" written all over it... In fact, I think before long (even with the way things are running today)that Congress will step in and possibly even mandate conference alignment that would give all schools an equal shot at a national Championship...

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