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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Paying athletes when MOST schools running a football program are already losing money sounds like a sure-fire way of sinking half of he so-called D4 programs into having to be subsidized by the taxpayers or student bodies or folding most of the other sports. It is far better to let students go pro then to create a scheme like this.

U 90
Corona, CA

This article and ESPN U are now calling the old BSC schools the "5 Power conferences".

If the 5P separate from the other conferences and pay their players while the remaining schools don't, this will create even more separation from a recruiting perspective.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Love the News. Burying the story, two days later than the Trib and SI broke it, while providing greater access to the top 200? mustaches of former BYU athletes. Journalism at its finest. (By the way, when I attended the Y it was a violation to have facial hair, sandals, Bermuda shorts above the knees, long hair, etc. etc. Can't wait for the next installment of the 21-40th greatest tight ends, wide outs, running backs, long snappers, etc. D-news is to be commended for its attempt to keep the Y sports relevant at least related to the past.

Frisco, TX

This makes no sense to me. Many athletic programs, even in the Power 5 are not financially solvent. They are subsidized by the taxpayers so they can pay coaches multi-million dollar salaries.

Mack Brown is the highest paid government worker in Texas, and maybe in the nation. Does he add more value than the President, or the Governor or a great teacher?

As soon as the entire athletic department is self sufficient and no longer needs taxpayer subsidies, I'm all ears. But at that point I will argue, why is an athlete more deserving of a $2,000 subsidy than a student on an educational scholarship?

If a student needs more spending money, they should get a job.

Aurora, CO

This split would be good news for BYU as they have positioned themselves outside the "little 5" conferences. As an independent they are putting together great schedules and will be the second independent to be part of the super conference. Big worry for any of the bottom feeders of the major conferences. Their performances will be evaluated as unappealing and unworthy to step into the new "Super 70" division.

Oh, and imagine the great playoff system that they will put together for this division...sixteen of the best (and it won't matter if 10 are from the old SEC it will just be the best). Can't wait for BYU's schedule to have Auburn, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon, Notre Dame, Arizona State and South Carolina. Ten regular season games and then the 16-team playoffs. Spectacular.

Then the next year 10 more "Super 70" teams. Wow.

So much like the NFL where every week is a challenging game and a 7-3 record will be recognized as a great achievement.

Let's get this thing done and make the next big move in college football.

Las Vegas, NV

BYU haters will be quick to jump on board in support of this, as it could potentially, in effect, ruin BYU football. But this could end up in a loosely regulated free-for-all, reminiscent of Wall-Street, circa 2005. Be careful what you wish for!!!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

And yet you keep devouring these nonsense stories...


So if this really boils down to "pay to play", does anyone doubt that BYU would ante up? And if the discussion turns to the new have-nots in the 5P, where might that leave Washington State, Colorado... and Utah?

Salt Lake City, UT


You are two byu fans looking at this from opposite ends of the spectrum. I wonder which of you has it right? If this proposal comes to fruition in it's entirety or some hybrid form, I tend to believe that the haves will continue to have and that the have nots will continue likewise. The Power Conference will continue to be just that.

There is a story on the SL Trib site that explores the split. Check it out. Mindgames will be greatly disappointed if a super conference is indeed formed. Like the rest of his post, his assertion that "...as an independent they are putting together great schedules..." either lacks insight and common sense or he hasn't yet seen the 2014 schedule Holmoe has in store for byu fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad
Your time would be better spent worrying about how byu would fit into the proposed "new order" rather than fretting over your so called "have-nots in the 5P." Washington St., Colorado, and Utah will be just fine as will Illinois, Vanderbilt, and Iowa St. The "haves" will continue to "have."

As for byu, 30 years of talking like their invitation to the Pac-10 was immanent went down the tubes on June 10, 2010. A valuable experience that can be / should be applied going forward. byu should know by now that there are no entitlements...their place with the elite has to be earned.

springville, UT

The Utes paying their players to sit home and watch BYU play in bowl games each year sounds about right.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Regardless of future changes to the college landscape, two things will be constant:

1. Utah will be IN
2. byu and usu will be OUT!

I LOVE my Pac 12 membership!

Pretty soon byu and usu will by Division II programs!


Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ YGrad/YDad

"And yet you keep devouring these nonsense stories..."

If the definition of "devouring" is to see the headline and possibly read the comments then I am guilty. I have never read or opened one of these "articles". I shake my head in disbelief, laugh at what I perceive the purpose of the article is, then possibly read the comments to see what reaction any other sports fan might have.

River Falls, WI

RE: MyPerspective

"As for byu, 30 years of talking like their invitation to the Pac-10 was immanent went down the tubes on June 10, 2010."

I would like to see any evidence of BYU fans EVER saying anything remotely close to that. Fortunately for you there are years worth of posts here in the DNews archives, so this should be a simple task. Thanks in advance.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Do you guys seriously believe that BYU wouldn't be considered one of the 70 best college football programs? Do you guys seriously think that these super conferences (if they come to fruition) would pick a school like Colorado or Vanderbilt over BYU? Even if Colorado has better academics than BYU, this is pure football we're talking about for these super conferences. There is no way BYU wouldn't be included in the top 70 schools in the nation, unless there was a non-sports related bias (see PAC).

Korea, AE

Chris B and other ute trolls who think BYU would be left out.

Did you actually read the article?

read the last paragraph to understand why BYU would not be left out.

think about it...

Why was utah invited to the PAC 10?

Because thy had a legitimate beef with a corrupt system. (a system they continually think they busted, but was created because BYU already broke it) They knew it then (even if their fans can't figure it out now) governors and attorney generals as well as senators and congressmen were getting involved. How did they solve it? utah invite to shut them up.

This is the MO of a corrupt system.

BYU wouldn't be the only team invited into the new system. It would depend upon the politicians who would step into the frey to pander a vote.

So to any ute fan still wagging the dog about being in and BYU will be left out...

think again.

Layton, UT

riverton cougar,

I believe byu would get extended an opportunity to get included.
My inclination is that byu would remain true to their "mission statement" and byu tv, and opt to stay independent...to the dismay of their fans. It would be interesting to hear holmoe and bronco's thoughts on this subject.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Fortunately for you there are years worth of posts here in the DNews archives..."

LOL! A great example of how long it has been since byu was relevant. DN archives haven't existed long enough to capture the talk of byu going to the Pac-10. Much of that occurred at church before computers and comment boards. However, if you want an example of byu fans thinking they belong in the Pac-12...go to the DN archives beginning June 10, 2012 and look for yourself.

Riverton Cougar
I have no idea where byu would end up in the proposed scenario and as far as I am concerned, it's all speculation and hardly worth the time spent reading and commenting on it. However, it would be wise to take note that up to this point, byu has, indeed, been left out.

Ute trolls? You have a nasty penchant for calling people names. I believe this article pertains to college football and you certainly do not own it. At any rate, you put forward quite a conspiracy theory. Not even D. Harmon has proffered that one.

Las Vegas, NV


"they are putting together great schedules"

Ya, a home and home against Middle Tennessee State, that's a great schedule, if you are a byU "fan".


"If a student needs more spending money, they should get a job."

It's not that simple. You need to read the "NCAA Rules Regarding Jobs for Student-Athletes" and let us know what it means. It is very convoluted. A lot of the NCAA rules are extremely arbitrary and convoluted. That is why the Big 5 wants out.

For me personally, I don't like the idea of a break away. I think that would destroy college football as we know it. However, it is not unprecedented. In 1978, the NCAA split Division 1 football into 1-A and 1-AA pretty much dooming 1-AA schools into relative obscurity.

I would have to agree with Wiscougarfan, byU would be included in the top 70. However, the PAC "bias" is a laughable excuse.

I hope the break away doesn't happen. But at the same time, I hope the NCAA backs down quite a bit. They will need to to avoid the oncoming insanity.

Regardless of what happens - Go Utes!! Come on 8/29!!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I don't know why they don't just let players use their likenesses to market their individual talents. If the players are marketable, why not let them market themselves. Isn't that what capitalism is all about?

Las Vegas, NV

Sorry - that was Riverton Cougar that said that, not Wiscougarfan.

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