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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

So, Obama doesn't want to hold anyone responsible for bringing these children across the border.
That sounds like the typical entitlement mentality.

Roosevelt, UT

The problem is picking and choosing. You want to hold some in contempt and allow others to walk or in this case to stay. Thereby attempting to put value on your opinions as you trash somebody elses opinions because they differ from yours. Good job, say no but not a lot of thought given.

What the entire government has done is allow those who have broken the law to in effect be forgiven, they have turned their backs (and ours, because we elected them) on the law of the land denied any justice and said because we are government and know what is best for the country because we are elected the rest of us suffer their shortsightedness.

Were individual members of the government to get caught breaking the law they would be investigated, ie Mr. Swallow but as a group they can take on the law and as a group they can choose to ignore and rise above it and make a law unto themselves.

The sad thing is they have the voter electorate all up in arms about something else while they do the dirty work and pass whatever the deepest pockets want passed.

Cedar City, UT

It is essential that these families be kept together. That is the message of the Church and the compassionate and honorable way to procede. The process to keep them together can be developed (several blueprints are already being debated).

The children are citizens, the parents must be accommodated and treated as citizens until full legal citizenship can be bestowed to them.

We are a family-dependent society. Many of us believe families are forever. We know that families are God's special order here on earth. Laws that do not provide for family protection and preservation must be changed.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I am an advocate of the complete regularization plan. However, on the other hand, I think compromise is a good thing. Beyond that, there is a lot of ground between deportation and getting citizenship. The fact that the house is considering anything tells us some progress will be made.

Lastly, whatever the house plan is, it is not hypocrisy. It is logical to treat people brought here as children differently than those who brought them here. Whether the treatment of those who came is justified and right is another issue, but basing how we treat people on the age they came here is sensible. The senate plan even has different paths to citizenship for those who came over and under a certain age, so it is not like this is an approach unique to the house plan. The differences are in the details, not in the overall plan.

Provo, UT

Obama's waivers did the same thing. What is he complaining about?

Arguing family separation over criminal activity is a waste of time.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The children are NOT citizens. That's the whole point of the DREAM Act.
Their brothers and sisters might be if they were born here; hence the term Anchor Baby.
But the incentive is too great. There are reports from hospitals in McAllen, Texas where pregnant women have crossed the border illegally just so their baby can be born in the USA and be an instant citizen. That was never the intent of the 14th Amendment and is being grossly abused by lawless people.
We need to remove the incentives for people to risk life and limb to come here. And the DREAM Act is just another magnet.

Mcallen, TX

Republicans lack grit, and does little to halt the Obama train.

Everyone should take Spanish 101.

dale richards
Green River, Utah

I have two grandchildren that were born in Australia and they are not
Australian they are Americans. My daughter and son-in-law have to apply
Duel citizenship for their children. If you plan to visit Australia
And you want to become a citizen there you have three years to do it
Or they deport you.

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