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Published: Saturday, July 20 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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HS Sport Dude
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm quite confused as to what people want in the name of Justice. Mr. Zimmerman was "not guilty" and that was very clear from the evidence and the trial. He spent a year in prison already and was "not guilty". So.....do people want someone else to pay a price in the name of justice? What is needed to make these people feel that justice was served. Bottom line....don't punch a "strange man" in the nose and then mount him and begin to hit his head on the sidewalk.....he may feel a need to defend himself and may have a lethal weapon. This was not "stand your ground".....it was "stay alive".

Saint George, UT

So people are fired up and marching for Trayvon but why are they not marching for the other 5-10 kids his age gunned down each day. 17 yr olds are killed each day in some big city (and other places too) around this nation. Who's marching for them? Should somebody be marching against these Trayvon supports for the injustice they have against these other young kids? Something is twisted upside down regarding these marches. Who's instigating them and why?

Centerville, UT

Hmmmm. I lock my car doors every time I get out of it. I live in a neighborhood that is all white. Does locking my car door mean I am racist towards whites?

I was in a store today and a clerk approached me, asked if I needed any help. I told him "no, thank you". He lingered nearby. Does his lingering mean he suspected me as a risk for theft or crime? I am white. How is my experience different than Obama's experience of being followed in a store.

While living in Richmond, Virginia, I was robbed on the street by a black man. I don't feel that he represents the black community at all. Just because he was black does not mean all blacks are thieves. I don't feel suspicious of my black friends now.

Is Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and others using this "crisis" to get something, just as Emanuel said "never let a crisis go to waste"?

If Treyvon had been white would Zimmerman have acted any differently? If Martin had been white, and was killed, would the black community be out in the streets marching against injustice?

fed up
Provo, UT

Racism is ugly. Just because Obama, the Martins, Jackson, Sharpton and obvious are black does not excuse them for their blatant actions I am so opposed to racism whether done by whites, chinese, hispanics, muslims or blacks.

Idaho Falls, ID

These so-called "leaders" of the black community have all made very good livings from race-baiting. The truth is none of these protestors really know the evidence or what went on in the court room. "Stand your ground" wasn't even part of the defense, yet Holder conveniently ignores this just as the white-guilt ridden liberals and black leaders ignore the fact that it was not even a white-on-black incident.

Based on the evidence the jury made a correct decision. I don't believe Zimmerman is completely guiltless in this tragic incident, but I am disgusted in how many have used this for political purposes and to promote racial division.

Instead of wasting their time on this garbage a true leader of the black community would be addressing the enormous problem of black on black crime and preponderance of single mothers and welfare dependents in the black community.

Mcallen, TX

If Obama was a city, he would look like Detroit.

Provo, UT

"nation's self-defense laws"

Zimmerman waived his right to be tried under the "stand your ground" laws. There argument is irrelevant.

It looks to me like the far-left is trying to take away our rights to defend ourselves.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

This is all so ridiculous that one wonders just what in the world all the protestors really want. They don't want justice or equality, they want some abstract objective that no one can provide. You just can't have everything work for the welfare of every person when we are all humans. What a waste of effort and media space.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

Justice was already served.

Michael J

It is easy to criticize the protestors but I do agree that it is much harder to be a black teenage teen in Florida than a white teenage teen in utah. The verdict was right under the law and evidence but that doesn't mean there isn't a injustice when it comes to perceptions to black male teenagers. I am sympathetic to what the ultimate message.

Mcallen, TX

@Michael J:

How is it harder being a black in Florida than white in Utah?. What's the difference?


Worf: Michael J doesn't know. He is just spouting the PC dogma without trying to educate himself. Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to a "real" education, not the current PC education we are getting with out tax dollars.

Columbus, OH

idablue: ""Stand your ground" wasn't even part of the defense"

While you're technically correct that the defense did not present Stand your ground, if you listened to juror interviews since the verdict, they very clearly used it when they came to their "not guilty" verdict. Had that law not been in place, they might have reached a different verdict, because it is only with laws like that where you can instigate a situation, if perhaps not the actual fists being thrown, and still claim self defense. We don't know who started the fight. Zimmerman claims it was Trayvon, but of course he does--I'm sure Trayvon would say the opposite. But we do know that Zimmerman instigated the whole situation. In the absence of stand your ground (and the jurors learned about this from the supposedly left-wing media before sequestration) Zimmerman likely wouldn't have been acquitted.

Bountiful, UT


To the extent the self-defense laws (including "stand your ground") can be used to murder people under the pretense of self defense, then, yes, you're right, many in this nation would like to see at least a vigorous review of these laws, including Senator John McCain, who is hardly in the mold of Al Sharpton.

A Utah policeman I know told me the law in Florida is so lenient toward self defense that it's not difficult to murder somebody and get away with it, if you know how to set up a confrontation, then when it escalates, you kill them and claim self defense.

I really doubt this was Zimmerman's intention, but under the law, this is entirely possible... and extremely difficult to prosecute.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah


Think about it for just a minute...
To be able to have the right to speak up without fear of reprisal, is a major reason our forefathers came to this country.

Centerville, UT

Senator John McCain, who is in the mold of Al Sharpton.
Say anything do anything to stay in power. Orin Hatch knows where the power is also, slide to the Left and gain Washington power.

Sugar City, ID

What is justice? Is it to persecute a person who was found innocent in a legal and fair trial? Should Zimmerman say that though he is innocent in order for things to be just, he should confess to doing something he didn't do? The more the protesters protest, the less respect I have for them.

Sandy, UT

Nobody is mentioning the fact that the neighborhood was being burglarized by some young, black men. If I was a neighborhood watch person, I would notice that Trayvon fit the profile of who had been robbing the locals. Walking in your neighborhood following someone is not illegal. Beating someone and breaking their nose is illegal and may get you killed. But who is at fault here? Gone is the time when we can beat someone and hope they have nothing to protect themselves. Would this be an issue if the neighborhood watch person were a woman of any race? I think not. Why are they dividing a nation over racial profiling when none exists? I'm very sad for the loss of Trayvon and for his family. But destroying Mr. Zimmerman's life even further, will not bring back their son. Did they teach their son to beat people that were walking behind him? Why did he feel compelled to attack this man he must have believed to be unarmed?

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

What is expected? What is accepted? What is unacceptable? Give it a rest.

Steve Cottrell
Centerville, UT

I can't judge if justice was served. Unlike the jury, I did not listen to every word of testimony and examine every piece of evidence that was presented at the trial.

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