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Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

There Is No (Net) Silver Lining

Many people including myself have lost a measure of confidence in the legal system as a result of the Zimmerman case. Defending ones self is not only a fundamental right, it is supposedly legally protected. Initially the law was followed and authorities declined to prosecute the case. Then for political reasons Mr. Zimmerman was forced to undergo an expensive and time consuming show trial, where he was forced for months to either be in Jail or wear an ankle monitor and feel that he was at risk of going to prison for the rest of his life.

People who have so shoot others to defend themself or to protect others are supposed to call 911 after the shooting and report what happened to proper authorities. There will be people who would have called 911 and reported what happened who now won't. Some will simply leave the scene and disappear instead. Dealing with the legal system is now seen as too unpredictable and the cost for doing the right thing as too high.

El Centro, CA

One sided discussions don't work. I was raised to judge people by who they were rather than skin color. But what I have witnessed are allegations of any confrontation between a Caucasian and someone of another race as racially motivated. I am becoming sick and tired of it. The NAACP is racist by its very name and promotes Racism and Hate. The Zimmerman Trial Persecutor was Indicted July 2nd by a Criminal Grand Jury for falsifying the Affidavit to obtain the arrest warrant for Zimmerman. Whether guilty or innocent, the evidence needed to convict him never existed from the beginning. So what is there to discuss? If you don't agree , you are racist. May I remind everyone Race was interjected into The shooting by Trayvon's family, friends and supporters. If you are looking for evidence of Racism, it is right in front of you

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If a possible silver lining from this tragedy is a discourse on race relations... then the possible dark outcome from this tragedy is race riots.

I'm for the discourse, not the riots. I don't know what purpose the riots really serve. Seems like they cause more resentment, anger, and division... not less.

clearfield, UT

Eric S

When Zimmerman testified on Hannitys FOX News show, he said that Trayvon was walking in a suspicious manner. Different from a straight steady walk home out in the open. Now you probably don't believe that, but since it was the only eyewitness testimony available, it was one of many reasons any fair juror would have had to declare not guilty due to reasonable doubt. By the way, if former Governer of New Mexico and Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson had had a son, he would probably look rather like George Zimmerman. So what's the point that Obama was trying to make? Another stupid statement by a stupid man.

clearfield, UT


I was living in Southern California at the time of the O.J. Simpson murder case. I followed it on TV and radio thoughout the day, knew the case inside and out, feeling I understood it better than some of the numbskull police detectives. After the trial, I read several books about it. Bottom line, from the forensic evidence and everything else, I know Simpson murdered those two people better than if I had been watching him do it in person. That for me was when I lost a lot of faith in the justice system. I learned two important things. First, defense lawyers are usually more experienced and better in the courtroom than district attorneys are. Two, you can usually buy the justice you need.

Also, I agree with you that people will now be less likely to get involved or even call 911, especially on a black person, lest they be called racist profilers. I think this case will have some bad ramifications for America in the future.

Layton, UT

I guess as a white man who has never had a truly racist thought in my life, I find it exasperating when our commander in chief tells us we are still a racist nation.

I've been to other countries, many supposedly enlightened and European, where the people are rampantly racist to the point of it being embarrassing to talk with them. I know a few people about the age of 80 who are terrified they'll be raped by someone with a different skin color, but honestly, I don't see it in the young people at all.

I think if you spend your life looking for insult you'll find it--regardless of the reason you feel insulted. Race, religion, sexual orientation, education level, your weight, favorite sport's team, hair color, you name it, if you're sensitive about it, you will find a reason to be offended.

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