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Published: Tuesday, July 16 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

It is unsettling, as the article discusses, that so many feel the first amendment goes 'too far'. What I'd like to know is just what is provided by the amendment that they would propose curtailing?

Highland, UT

Scary that this is what we are really becoming.

spring street

@concerned citizen
it is scary that there are people out there that feel this way, clearly someone needs to help them reason through why the first amendment exist but I hardly think 13% represent what we are becoming.

Cedar Hills, UT

It is truly un-American to want less freedom.

Tremonton, UT

Is this article poorly written, or was the poll poorly done?

It is hard to imagine that most anyone feels the 1st Amendment goes too far. I would not be surprised, however, to learn that a majority of Americans would feel that the Supreme Court's interpretation of the 1st Amendment goes too far.

It is a real struggle for me to understand, when actions, such as burning the American flag, are protected as free speech. One can say I want to burn an American flag. One can put it in print, burning an American flag. But actually burning a flag is not speech, and I have a hard time imagining that the founding fathers would have thought that actions could be protected as free speech.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

With that many years of doing pulls you would think that they would know who to ask to get the results they want.

Washington, UT

People don't believe there should be less freedom of speech, assembly, petition--it is religious freedom that inflates this number. This country less and less values religions, that is what this poll reflects. But then it is not surprising; the constitution is no longer valued, it is not taught anywhere, in any public school or university, it is forgotten, and now we have a president and a Democratic party who despises the constitution because it limits their power. Even the supreme court no longer values or cares what the constitution says. We will get what we reap, our freedoms are going fast...and with our approval.

Provo, UT

Wow, so...the people who think the 1st amendment "goes too far" clearly have no use for freedom anyway. I mean, they don't go to church, express themselves, assemble at all and in general enjoy a free life so they might as well just go to North Korea, where their views are as welcome as the noonday sun.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

John Adams said the constitution would only work for a religious people, it was wholly inadequate for the irreligious. I guess the results of the poll are bearing that out.

Spring street,
The data you cite is a little old. 13% was last year, it’s 1/3 now.

That’s how BO was reelected, people wanting less freeedom.

clearfield, UT

It would be interesting to see a breakdown on this poll about which parts people focas on as the problem. I'll bet a good portion of the respondents could not even list the several rights the Amendment gives. In fact, I'll bet a few of them were even thinking 2nd Amendment at the time. If you watch any man on the street type interviews you can never underestimate the low information voter.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The poll results probably reflect disapproval of how some people use their 1st Amendment rights. But who among us would hold still for having out own 1st Amendment rights curtailed?

Not me.

Murray, UT

@ Spring street

Read the article again. One third of respondents think the 1st amendment goes too far. That is 33.333% not 13%.

The 13% was the increase.

Math haunts to many.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Interesting thing if you read the poll - 1/3 of Americans couldn't name any of the rights in the First Amendment.

No wonder they think it goes too far.

Another interesting thing if you read the poll - when asked about specific rights in the First Amendment, most people fully supported them.

So - 1/3 of Americans don't know the First Amendment, 1/3 of Americans think it goes too far(may or may not be the same 1/3), but the more than 2/3 of Americans fully support each right contained in the First Amendment.

Sounds like what we have here, is a failure to educate.

Hyrum, UT

The primary reasons for people now becoming concerned about freedom of speech being abused is because of 2 things.

Pornography. It's become a rampant plaque on our society. The Deseret News recently ran a series of articles detailing the ways it hurts individuals, families and society in general. It's use is unequivacably tied to crimes against women and children. It's not even debatable by reasonable people. So now reasonable people are getting sick and tired of it's effects while it's perpetrators generate billions of dollars in illicit profits.

Extreme violence in video games. There are correlations being made with how viewing this senseless violence desensitizes peoples (especially youth) views of what is acceptable in society. How could it not? Any parent not concerned with the effects of these extreme games on their kids are already victims on other levels, which has cost them their common sense. The list of viewers acting out these sick actions against victims is growing.

No one is saying freedom of speech is not a good thing. It's essential. But many people are finally understanding that it's abuse to extreme levels is not a good thing... for anyone.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

".....Pornography. It's become a rampant plaque on our society. The Deseret News recently ran a series of articles detailing the ways it hurts individuals, families and society in general...."

The Deseret News would strike a quite different posture on a call to legislate restrictions on the press. Troublesome matter, that pesky 1st Amendment, ain't it?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

I'm all for 1st Amendment rights going "too far" as long as "too far" is defined as fair and balanced.

West Jordan, UT

Freedoms work if you have a people united in purpose. Take away that unity and you're left with discord, rebellion, and restrictions or infringements on rights and privileges and so forth. The problem with America is we are not united in purpose at all, but divided - on just about everything.

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