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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 7:45 p.m. MDT

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United States, UT

The coaches really didn't pick Jordan? Wow. Maybe the championship game will be Jordan vs Bingham then. Everyone else I can see 100% but Jordan is easily the best team in the state. Need a QB to win and they have the best in the west

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Sorry pgsportsgeek, Jordan can't compete with the Utah County All-Stars aka Timpview.

Kaysville, UT

I wonder what East has up its sleeves this year? Funny how the coach said how angry the team is. I hope every team that plays East is angry this year.

red rocks
Saint George, UT

I think that the 3AA classification might be the most exciting to watch. Juan Diego is always good. Stansbury has some serious talent coming back. Desert Hills is loaded with talent. Dixie has all of their skill guys coming back minus the QB. Hurricane might have the best fullback in the entire state. Pine View has their big gun slinger of a QB and will be throwing all over the field. I think that any one of these teams will have a good chance at winning it all.

Should make for some very fun and competitive football this season.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Let's go BINGHAM!

Class of '82

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Yeah! High School Football!!

In 5A, I think it is pretty wide open. Jordan and Syracuse lost a lot to graduation and Alta loses some to the opening of Corner Canyon.

Find it interesting that Brighton was lumped in with Bingham, Alta and Jordan as the "a region that was immediately dubbed the SEC of Utah high school football." While the latter 3 share 6 of the last 7 5A titles, Brighton has struggled going 0-4 in play-off games, 0-2 in play-in games, and failing to qualify once during the last 7 years.

During that same span, Jordan is 10-6 in playoff games with a state title and 1-0 in play-in games, Alta is 15-5 in playoff games with 2 state titles and has not participated in a play-in, and Bingham is 20-4 with 3 state titles and no play-ins. Hopefully, Brighton can return to where they were historically, but the last 7 years have definately been down, especially by Brighton standards.

Cannot wait.

South Jordan, UT

Pgsportsgeek, did you not read the article? Bingham is returning 6 starters on each Sue of the ball and Jordan is only returning one.

Miner Dynasty

It's a great day to be a Miner!

Bingham Class of 2006

FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT

3A is going to be interesting to watch. I think Grantsville is going to surprise everyone, as they have a pretty favorable schedule (Morgan, Judge and Manti at home) and return a lot of talent, including their sophomore quarterback that had to step in for our injured senior and went 2-2 in his first ever varsity starts. Ky Fisher should be a beast again, and many teams will look to key on him and stop him from getting 20+ TDs (He got 10, and 16 the last 2 seasons respectively). 3A north will probably be decided by the Morgan @ Grantsville game, and regardless of records, you can throw them out whenever you play at Grantsville. Stansbury almost learned that the hard way last year with a 14-13 win, and 3-0 Morgan did learn the hard way when it lost to 0-3 Grantsville 7-14OT back in 2011. Should be excitin in 3A!

Allen, TX

How many Utah teams in the top 25 nationally? . . . . . . .(crickets)

We're out to enjoy another year of Friday Night Lights down here in Allen, TX (#4)


Region 3 is obviously brutal. Region 4 is going to be extremely tough as well.

Lone Peak returns 7 starters on defense, their whole O line, and one of the best quarterbacks in the state. They will be a very, very good team this year. I expect them to be in the mix for it.

PG has come off of a great summer and have a big, tough line and some great skill players. They will be a tough out.

American Fork believe it or not is going to be a very tough team this year. Their young team has matured and they will have great line play. If they can find a quarterback, they could make a run at the playoffs.

The team no one is talking about is Riverton, but that is a downright scary team this year. They return almost everyone from their team last year that gave Lone Peak and Alta all that they could handle.

Lehi will be a little improved, and Westlake will be decent but its their first year in 5a.


Considering that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area has twice the population of Utah, having a nationally ranked football team for Utah would be quite the feat :). Wish I could see some of those Friday Night Lights in Texas.


I've never even heard of Allen tx...but I guess you've heard about utah football since your on our local paper. National rankings mean nothing in high school sports since there is no way to compare. But I hope you feel good about your ranking, obviously you do.

Southern, UT

MC is ranked just right in 4A. Let's see how those guys do. After all they've got one of the greatest coaches in the state on their side. Coach Mark Wootton is the best in the Valley and one of the best in the state. Wonder why Logan is ranked so high. Since they got slapped by Timpview in the first round after Logan fan's talked all year about how they were better than Timpview and could easily beat them.

Enterprise, UT

It's really too bad they didn't keep Parowan and Enterprise with Kanab and move them to 1A...Kanab has a bigger team than both of them.

Allen, TX

adwright -

Come on down. I'll put you up. Make sure it's an Allen home game, so you can see our 20K seat HS Stadium.....

West Jordan, UT

When I see the greed so evident in today's college game, I am so thankful for high school football.

It's not without it's challenges, but at this level the game is pure.

Long live the Friday Night Lights!

Layton, Utah

And how many ranked TX teams travel outside the state to play anybody else?? .... crickets

Go Bingham!!!!

Dickshooter, ID

I like how Bingham finished the last 2 years after all the hype!


And so it begins... The 2013 HS Football season!

5A: I expect big things out of Bingham (though I hate to say it), Lone Peak, and Syracuse. I don't doubt Jordan will still compete well. Herriman and Northridge are likely to surprise a few teams. Alta (my team) will likely see some fallout from the Corner Canyon losses, so they may need a couple rebuild years, but they're like the other powerhouse schools; used to winning.

4A: Timpview (my other school) will be amazing, East is going to be playing with something to prove, Logan will be aboue the same, which isn't a bad thing. Mountain Crest will likely be the team that no one notices until they sneak up on you, again. I'm surprised that Riverton isn't getting any love. They weren't bad last year, and last year people were talking about how they would be improved in 2013. Well, I guess they will just have to show up and prove themselves, just like last year; no more "they almost beat so-and-so" games, it's time to prove you have what it takes. I wouldn't be surprised to see them do that.


The 5A rankings look pretty good. Bingham will be good as always, qb is their question. Alta has 6 offensive returners including Lucero at QB and Mack Richards and Logan Harrison at wr's. They also have their offensive and defensive mvp's back. Jordan will be good, Clay Moss and Kafentsis and both of the Shaver's on D will make them a force. Lone Peak will be great, and I think Brighton will be great as well. I thought PG would be good, but from what I've heard they got beat up pretty good by Alta and AF at Snow.
East and Timpview are my picks for the finals in the 4A.

Finals in 5A will be Alta and Bingham.

Cant wait for it to start.

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