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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sugar City, ID

The nature of the protesters' reaction makes me less sympathetic with their cause. Did they, including Eric Holder, witness the shooting? Were they in the courtroom listening to the evidence? Were they in the jury room as the jurists carefully discussed the evidence and motives? The fact that the decision was unanimous--not a hung jury gives some weight to Zimmerman's case. If someone, whatever his race, is pounding your head onto the ground and you feel genuinely threatened, should you be expected to ponder and contemplate what Eric Holder's reaction will be before you try to defend yourself?

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Not sure what is worse...

An AG who is an idiot? Or an AG who does an idiots bidding?


Riverton, UT

Wasn't this done last year?

"FBI records: agents found no evidence that Zimmerman was racist"--McClatchy, July 12, 2012.

Holder did enough damage by sending (with tax-payer money) the Community Relation Service of the DOJ department to organize and manage protests and rallies against GZ.

Anything that happens now is purely political.


A federal civil-rights violation charge in this case, although pointless from a purely legal standpoint, at least would highlight what I've always said--that no matter how you try to dress a civil-rights charge up in terms of "differing jurisdictions" and "distinct legal theories," it's double jeopardy under any reasonable understanding of that term.

Star Valley Ranch, WY

The fact is, if Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle, as instructed by the 911 operator, nothing would have happened. Martin would have gone home and Zimmerman could have continued to drive around the neighborhood, looking for "punks.

West Jordan, UT

This saga has been one political nightmare. The liberal media and minority groups called for Zimmerman to be arrested after police failed to see fault, he got arrested, they called for him to be charged, he was charged, they called for a fair trial, and they got one. Zimmerman was acquitted and they still cry for justice.

Too many people don't understand justice, and the President and US-AG should have stayed out of this rather than embarrass themselves by looking like idiots by talking against the rule of law.

San Diego, CA

When the nation's highest prosecutor panders to public opinion, it is scary. When he panders to a small, vocal portion of public opinion that represents only a minority view that happens to be consistent with his own personal makeup, it is very, very scary.

Salt Lake City, UT

Question: If Trayvon Martin had been white, would we have heard about it?

The only person who issued out racial remarks was Martin, who called Zimmerman a "cracker".

End of story. Sad really that race still taints what is relevant or not.


I would agree with Holder’s statement that the shooting was unnecessary. According to what came out of trial, if Martin had not attacked Zimmerman he would not have been shot. Martin chose his action; he could not choose the consequence. The consequence for his attack was to have been killed by the man he attacked. If Martin has simply walked away he would have survived the encounter.

Holder’s DoJ has helped make this a racial case and has interfered with the judicial process. Has Holder shown the same sympathy for the family of Brian Terry, the U.S. Border Patrol Agent killed due to the Administration’s Operation Fast and Furious? Holder and Obama has refused to give provide anyone with enough details to place the blame for this debacle.

Racism is alive and well in this country thanks to the race industry, liberals and the current administration.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's time this case is laid to rest. All parties involved have been given due process of law. A judge and jury have spoken. Regardless of what wrong did or may have (or may not have) occurred, it is time to move on. Attorney General Eric Holder is out of place to perpetuate this case longer.

Cache county, USA

Then what would holders take be on fast and furious?

Cedar Hills, UT

Let's get real here people... Treyvon was black and Holder is black. Zimmerman looked white. That's about it people. This is ... let's put the white guy in prison regardless of evidence or the lack thereof and we will continue to gin up whatever is needed to get the job done. This country is burning to the ground and the corruption at the Atourney General's office is so obvious and ugly you can smell it. Barack Obama said he was going to be the great 'healer' but instead he has been ...and continues to be the biggest divider this nation has ever known. I suspect this race hate as fueled by Obama, Holder and their nasty little helpers (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc..) is going to only get worse until Barack and his band of radicals are gone.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Of course it was.

If Treyvon hadn't attacked Zimmerman he wouldn't have had to shoot him.

play by the rules

What about GZ's civil rights. He was tried and convicted by the media and the facts proved otherwise. This man was destroyed. I think he should own a good portion of NBC and I would love to be on the jury that makes that decision.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I wonder if the shootings in the "Fast and Furious" case were "Necessary"?

Tooele, UT

Never before has this country been more racially divided that it is right now. Those who are screaming do not want justice, they want revenge. They do not care is Zimmerman is guilty or not, they want revenge.

This is a tragic story that could have ended differently. Martin should have just continued with his business instead of seeking Zimmerman out. Zimmerman should have backed off and maintained distance.

There is only one person on this earth who knows the truth of this situation and that is George Zimmerman. You can make up all the theory's and explanations but it comes down to one fact, and that fact is, you don't know the story because you was not there.

Justice has been served as per the law. Stop seeking revenge!

Alpine, Utah

I wonder if Holder would have a different stance had it been his head Martin was bashing into the sidewalk?

Race plays no part in this case.

No matter the race of Martin, had he been bashing Zimmermans' head into the ground, he would have gotten the same result.

Everyone is making such case about Zimmerman following Martin, against what the police said. The police said that as advice to Zimmerman in regards to his safety, so they would not be liable. Because Zimmerman chose to follow, he did NOTHING to break the law.

Zimmerman may have been a complete jerk to Martin, but nothing he did required Martin to escalate it to a physical confrontation.

South Jordan, UT

Activists will keep the pot boiling. I'm more concerned now about the safety of George Zimmerman. The prosecutors had their day in court and lost. GZ's life is at risk wherever he goes as a free man while a few people and government fan the flames of division and fear. Will GZ be given protection?

What about the mass murders in Chicago over the July 4th weekend by blacks? Where is the outcry about these and other horrible crimes? This one case got a verdict of not guilty. The others got away with murder, and unchecked violence. Where is the real justice?

Buckeye, AZ

Trial by media. Why are we surprised at the outrage when the trial by jury in a courtroom gave a different outcome than expected when this was clearly a trial by media?

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes it was, much as the trial was unnecessary.

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