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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Be afraid. Very afraid. Doesn't matter about what, they just want you afraid.

Centerville, UT

@ Brother Benjamin Franklin:

If you think a newspaper is solely for "news," you're kidding yourself. Every "news"paper has an opinion section.

This particular "news"paper has a family section. If you didn't want to read/see this article, stay out of the family section.

Henderson, NV

I am so sorry, FDRfan, that this topic was dissed in your High Priest Group, since I cannot imagine a better place to talk about the rigors of parenting children today, and the many ways in which the adversary seeks to destroy our children.

I recall Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family) speaking of his youth in the 1950’s. He explained that it was as though he was walking down a long corridor filled with doors on each side; doors behind which were the evils of the day. He commented that those doors were shut tight, and that he was not even aware of what lay behind them.

Conversely, he stated, today for any teenager walking down that corridor, not only are the doors flung wide open, but people stand in the doorways beckoning them to enter. And at some doorways, arms are outstretched reaching out to pull them in.

I taught a Relief Society lesson using his imagery, and it resulted in an excellent discussion of the ways that mothers in our ward are safeguarding their children today. Can’t think of a better place for that sort of discussion to occur.

Henderson, NV


You’d like it here in Las Vegas. The line between good and evil here is very, very clear, and our stakes produce exceptionally strong youth and missionaries. C’mon down!!

South Jordan, UT

I like the post.

Trouble is, folks, too many parents just cave. Who is really running the family?

Passing out smartphones, who-knows-what apps, etc. For what? Why not just give them the car keys and say, "May I have the car back sometime?"


Brother Benjamin franklin.... one reason society in general and LDS in particular are in so deep right now is because of the approach you propose. As a youth teacher, HC, and 2nd counselor over youth in my ward, I cannot say enough how this article is appropriate, needed and NOT ENOUGH. This stuff destroys so fast....the legal implications alone are life-altering, as several have noted. YOU cannot hide your head in the sand. Kids need to know others are being checked on and standards enforced in more than just their own home. Parents need to hear this from as many directions as possible to get it right.

@ FDRfan....please please please take this back to HP quorum and get it on the table. Where I am we (HP Group) talk about everything and it has helped a lot of people. If it impacts the ward members in anyway regarding the gospel .... it's appropriate. This has destroyed families from children to the grandparents.

Never, never, never underestimate this kind of mess or minimize it. I've sat through too many disciplinary councils to say anything different.

THANKS TO THE AUTHOR... for such candid and wise words.

Rock Springs, WY

Brother Ben don't read the newspaper. grateful for the article. It is something that I have been doing with my six children. It has helped avoid a lot of problems. I call it limited agency.

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