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Published: Sunday, July 14 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

I can only speak for myself, but I've been in several situations in my life where there were no clear lines of right vs wrong! Unfortunately our Judicial system requires such clarity!

I'm certain that GZ and TM were both feeling justified at the start of this event that ended horribly wrong for both...Travon more than George. But I can't get it through my brain that GZ set out to kill or TM set out to beat...

As I said earlier, things in my life have started out small and escalated out of control, several times. I always spoke of my sure innocents but knew in my heart I was somewhere close to 50% to blame for the situation.

I'd bet money this is the case here...black and white is rarely attainable except in a court system...that is flawed for cases like this.

I think...

Salt Lake City, UT

The only thing these people would have considered justice is if Zimmerman was convicted, guilty or not. In their minds, the trial was over before it even began.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

@ Pipes:

They wanted a lynching...which is ironic, considering the inhumanity that many blacks themselves suffered at the hands of vigilante justice.

This also exemplifies the ramifications that all gunowners need to realize, because should they ever use their gun, this is a likely result, defensible or not (being a gunowner myself, I know that I certainly have).

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

However, I would like to add that obviously not everyone thinks that violence is the answer. Like the mentioned Rev. Jacqueline Lewis, who "wearing a pink hoodie, urged peace and told her congregation that Martin Luther King Jr. "would have wanted us to conduct ourselves on the highest plane of dignity."

Amen to that.

Salt Lake City, UT

As opposed to the people who thought there wouldn't be justice unless Zimmermann were found innocent?

Salt Lake City, UT

As opposed to the people that would let the legal system reach a verdict by a jury of his peers.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

This is political, pure and simple.
The left uses race to bludgeon conservatives. The left can't allow racism to die. They need that club. Facts don't matter to these guys. Betcha 10 to 1 that the feds go after GZ on civil rights charges, a clear violation of the double jeopardy clause of the constitution.

If race were not an issue with this case or if the races of the parties were reversed we would have never heard of this case.

Sugar City, ID

How many of the people who are protesting actually witnessed the altercation? How do they "know" there has been an injustice? Do they "know" how Zimmerman actually felt at the time? The jury know as much as anybody about what happened and they did not find Zimmerman guilty. It wasn't a hung jury. If Zimmerman is innocent, would you want him to spend years in prison for protecting himself?

Boise, ID

The so called protesters are the same kind of people who show up for every anti-everything event. And yet the media fails to report that. No wonder readers are dumping newspapers and traditional outlets in favor of new electronic sources of information. Maybe that is why the professionalism is gone out of "journalism", what ever that is these days. Real reporting is a lost art. Can you tell the difference between the check-stand rags and traditional (formerly known as legitimate news) media? Even NBC and CNN have stories about UFOs and space aliens which fit in quite well with the rest of what they produce.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Burning the American flag because they don't like the outcome of our court of law?

Speaks volumes about the character of the people who wanted a conviction

There would have been NO similar actions by Zimmerman supporters if there was a conviction.

I am ashamed to call these these people fellow Americans from their actions


Star Valley Ranch, WY

Zimmerman may not be guilty of 2nd degree murder, but he is certainly responsible for the death of Martin. Had he followed the directions of the 911 operator and stayed in his vehicle, the whole thing would have never happened.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I wonder if Rock thought it was "a clear violation of double jeopardy clause" when OJ was hauled back into court on a civil suit. To me, this seems the same.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Perhaps people just DO NOT get it.
Had George Zimmerman followed the simple instructions given to him in his direct conversation with the Sanford Police....
Those following the trial HEARD the phone conversation of Sanford Police telling George Zimmerman, "Do not get out of you car, and do not follow this individual".
Obviously, this is a major factor in the public's feeling of frustration and injustice.
A simple order given to George Zimmerman by the POLICE.....
Angry, frustrated Americans could be at home today worrying about something else.

sandy, UT

@ the rock
your comment on double jeopardy is wrong... better research your DJ statute before making such comments. I agree with everything JSB said. We weren't there and we don't know all the facts like the jury did. Its a tragedy that a young man lost his life and I think we all can learn from this incident how to avoid this kind of stuff happening to ourselves. Civil conversation might be a good place to start:)

North Salt Lake, UT

Love the juxtaposition of the headline of the article "Rallies against Zimmerman" with the picture of a guy throwing a garbage can through the window.

Woods Cross, UT


I agree with you. He was guilty of manslaughter.

And the state of Florida is guilty for a ridiculous law that seems to tell gun owners to stand their ground and blaze away, regardless of the ramifications for all others. We are our "brother's keeper."

The community is guilty for allowing crime and violence to escalate in the area. Only a selfish and prideful people would allow this to happen.

MANY people have this young man's blood on their hands. Unfortunately, they will never see the inside of a courtroom.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

a lot of people didn't like the outcome of the oj simpson trial either

Mickey Kovars
Tampa, FL

Further evidence of how corrupt so-called progressivism has become. People involved in these demonstrations are neither liberal or progressive, as those terms are properly understood. They are totalitarians, who prefer Stalinist show trials designed to confirm ideological positions. In their view, Zimmerman should have openly confessed his sins in court, been duly convicted, and would now be on a long train trip to the Gulag -- if not already executed.

Cottonwood, CA

You don't know what happened, neither does anyone else. Only 2 people there. The media has been heavily invested in zimmerman's guilt since it happened. Zimmerman is not whie, so why make it a black white thing. The press has also portrayed tray on Martin as a prom going beaver cleaver, where he seems to bhave started on the road to punk hood. His death is unfortunate but nobody knows what happened that night so don't rail on the system because you don't like the verdict.

Tremonton, UT

Cedarcreek320 needs to keep in mind that the jury had the option of convicting Zimmerman of a lesser charge, of Manslaughter. Clearly, they felt there was insufficient evidence, even for that.

The anger in this country over the lack of conviction, demonstrates a lynch mob mentality. People say that, when it comes to civil rights, our country has not progressed enough. Perhaps so. But it is also clear that we have not progressed enough in civility.

It is so disheartening to see how there seems to be a constant threat in our country, of violence if convictions do not go the way they want. First it was the 1992 LA riots, when police officers were not convicted of beating a black during an arrest. Perhaps the jury was wrong. But the riot only hurt the predominantly black community in LA. then there was celebrations in the street when OJ got off for murdering his white ex-wife. Now more riots when someone is not convicted of killing a black.

Seems like the intent is conviction by intimidation. Hope it never works. Or, maybe it did, in the case of OJ.

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