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Published: Sunday, July 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Oh hogwash. The mean old government does some dumb things, yes, but they are just people and pretty good people too. They fight our wars, protect our food and water and air and bank deposits from unscrupulous exploiters,teach our children, and watch over our beautiful parks and scenery.

I have family members who work for the awful government--they are teachers, soldiers, fire fighters, and yes even IRS employees. It is offensive to call them "dictatorial" or "monarchical." They're doing their best for you and they sure aren't getting rich doing it.

How about a little gratitude instead of all the same old cranky paranoia?

American Fork, UT

We've evolved. Things have gotten a lot more complicated than when this nation was founded; there are a lot more of us. And, most of all, there are way more lawyers. It takes a lot of regulation to make a modern, urban society work. Government isn't an 'idol'. But it is necessary.

Hayden, ID

Great article! Big government is the new age religion of liberals. They have their own apostles and prophets: Karl Marx and Charles Darwin. If you mention God to them they tell you all about evolution, the big bank theory and "from each according to their ability and to each according to their needs";social justice and wealth redistribution. They have their own sacrament: abortion on demand, free birth control pills and being gay is a far more preferable human trait than being straight. They have their own enforcement agencies which no other religion has: the SCOTUS, the IRS, the Department of Justice, the NSA, Obamacare and the EPA, all of which are corrupted and out of control. They take your property, your freedom and your ability to govern yourself because after all, you and I are too stupid to make our own choices. Big government is their God all others must serve them or be investigated, punished and targeted. They are watching you with drones, their computers, and they monitor your phone calls. Step out of line and they come and take you away! Just ask Lois Lerner and Eric Holder but they won't answer any questions.

Durham, NC

"What was the cause of the formation of the United States? We all know: the rule of an absolute monarchy in England,"

Don..... wrong. If your teachers had done their jobs, they would have told you that by this time the rule of absolute rule by kinds in England was done by this time, as ushered in by the Magna Carta many years before our own constitution. England at that time was decades into a parliamentary monarchy by that time.. The problem is that the colonies had little to no representation in that parliament - hence the "no taxation without representation statements.

I don't discredit Don's feelings though. What he and many others are sensing is a dramatic change in how representative out government is. When our country was founded, each house of representative was elected to represent about 5,700 people. Today, that number has bloomed up to nearly 700,000 per house representative. It is easy to see why the "feeling" of representation has been diminished.... not because we have a "king", but because like our early founders, they and we are very much to distant from those who govern us.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The trouble with history is that everyone seems to believe that their view of history is the correct one. That belief is a universal false notion.

Politicians rewrite history to suit their own need. Religions and other groups with their own motives do likewise.

My own view of our nations history is simply the discovery of new opportunity and the fierce war among men for control over the commercial wealth. Everything that happened and is still happening now is for commercial reasons.

It should be noted that our national government is our only source of freedom and rights. And then only when the commercial forces that control our government need our help. No business, religion or any other organized group is concerned with freedom and rights for the little people.

Orem, UT


call me crazy but I'm pretty sure the folks who gained control of the government are the folks kicking in the billions in lobbyist money. While folks like you want to attack your fellow Joe Sixpack while ignoring the big corporation money, others with a brain will recognize that special interest money is what's ruining our country. Not your avg/poor American who is merely trying to make ends meet.

one old man
Ogden, UT

BULL - oney!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I can ALWAYS tell those who listen to AM hate radio 9 hours a day, 5 days a week by the parroting of everything they hear day in and day out [i.e., brainwashing] in their letters to the DN editor.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Okay, name a single thing you personally want to do that you are personally banned from doing by the big mean monarchical government. Go ahead. We'll wait.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Blue Devil, you wrote, "Don..... wrong. If your teachers had done their jobs . . "

May I suggest that you err in blaming Don's teachers. It was probably more likely that Don simply wasn't paying attention that day. Or that he has allowed conservative purveyors of hate and misinformation to fool him.

Sandy, UT

This letter was a good laugh. This nation is a owned by corporations. The banks own the money supply and the corporations own everything else.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


I want freedom from being spied upon when I send emails and talk on my cell phone unless a judge has signed a warrant based on probable cause for MY emails and MY cell phone. I want to know that the I.R.S. is treating every American equally and that no politician can influence the I.R.S. I want to know that every word coming out of the President's mouth is the absolute truth; that he has not "forgotten" to say something that would change the meaning of what he said; that he did not blame someone or something else for his "behind the scenes" activities. I want to know that the government is not giving automatic weapons to gangs in Mexico, weapons that were used to kill an American Border Patrol agent. I want to know that no consulate or embassy will be left to fend for itself when the military is told to stand down when that consulate or embassy is under attack and when a fine soldier is "painting" the target that would save the people in that consulate of embassy.

That's just the beginning of my list.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT


Where was your list when Bush was Prez?


I agree. Might I suggest David Korten's book "When Corporations Ruled the World." Things have only gotten worse since it was published.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID


Don't you anti-government guys (expect when you're cash your SS check or getting your hip replacement for pennies on the dollar) ever tire of the rage?

And have you ever asked yourselves why your pot went from lukewarm to full boil overnight (i.e., the day Obama took office)?

Remove the Fox/AM radio IV rage drip and go for a walk... one long enough to gain some perspective (see Appalachian trail or Camino trail in Spain).

Cedar Park, Texas

These kind of overgeneralized opinions are not informative or persuasive. Get specific and present the evidence.

Hayden, ID

As to the fruits of socialism, we all have our own opinions frequently expressed on this blog and others. I myself have watched it growth in our own country and observed it in operation in many other lands. But what I have yet to see or hear of is its freeing the hearts of men of selfishness and greed or of it bringing peace, prosperity, plenty or freedom. These things it will never bring, nor will it do away with idleness, dole and never will it promote any industry, thrift and self respect for it is founded in theory and practice on force. While it is often promoted and defended on terms of compassion, it is just the opposite.

salt lake city, utah

Seriously Mike R, you don't want your emails or cell phone calls looked at. First of all their always has been a record of every phone call..remember your bill that listed each call. That's all the NSA was doing. Secondly it has been proved "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that no politicians influenced the IRS misstep. Lastly the Benghazi embassy wasn't left to fend for itself when support was told to stand down. The small squad that was told not to board an airplane was told so because reinforcements had all ready been sent and were practically there. They did in fact lock down and secure the remaining personnel. The two killed were killed because they were standing on the roof when a mortar came in. The rest nonsense and whining.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Who gave the federal government the authority to "track" my email or to keep a list of my phone calls? I didn't - not at any time nor for any reason. They are not authorized by the Constitution to "track" us or to "monitor" us or to "evaluate" us. They cannot do any of those things legally without a warrant signed by a judge based on probable cause that we have COMMITTED a crime. Committed is past tense, not future tense.

If not for the fact that two Navy Seals disobeyed a direct order to stand down, the death toll would have been more than thirty Americans - to save a sitting President from the embarrassment of admitting that he had not stopped terrorism!

The total lies coming out of the administration are unbelievable. Only someone with his head in the sand would believe that Barack Obama's brother should have been given tax exempt status for the Barack H Obama organization and that that organization should have that status made retroactive for two years previous while virtually every conservative organization had to list every donor and every cause - before being REJECTED.


I would agree with Mountainman about the status of Darwin and Marx in the humanist world but would say that, since there is no Supreme Creator in the Statist cosmos, we must promote Marx and Darwin to the top rank, adding Freud to make an unholy Trinity (though they could not, and did not, take credit for having created the universe.

I have to agree with Utah Blue Devil in his British history, though. While George III could not rule entirely as he wished in Britain, he could (while sane)get a lot of what he wanted via his power of appointing ministers, with his other executive powers (comparable to those of an American president at home and - more especially- abroad). Powers of patronage gave him considerable influence, together with an archaic electoral distribution. He was more potent than the previous Hanoverians in that he came to command respect through personal virtue and in that he spoke and understood English well.

George III's ability and inclination to micro-manage in America, led to the colonists' just lament and complaint that they were not afforded "the rights of Englishmen".

spring street

Since 1994 the number of regulations approved per year has ranged from 228 to 371, the group found.

Between 2009 and 2011, the Obama administration approved an average of 297 regulations per year, comparable to yearly figures for the past 18 years.

We are no more and no less socialist now then wee have been in the last 20 years. the sky really is not falling.

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