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Published: Sunday, July 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Glenn Beck is no different from other demagogues in American history, Joe McCarthy, Father Coughlin, etc., with their nonsense. He is consistently puerile, mean-spirited, and disrespectful to say the least. But this brother makes it clear that Beck is making a serious mess for the LDS church to which I belong. I wish he would grow up.

American Fork, UT

Beck needs to keep 'bringing the crazy'. It's his schtick, and it's funny, if nothing else. A little concerning, perhaps, how many people seek him out that seem to attribute value beyond comedy to his routine, but I guess that's the state of society today. I imagine a lot of French people don't just wonder about beck but also those who follow?

Durham, NC

People don't pay money to see "moderate".

From the DN write up on Beck's latest show " Beck's overarching mission right now isn't necessarily political, he said. It's spiritual. He envisions growing kindness across America, and specifically, faithful members of various religions who respect and admire one another."

It is interesting how much his mission statement isn't in concert with his rhetoric. It is an odd way to spread the gospel by castigating those who live on the other side of some arbitrary man made line. Patriotism is fine.... love of and loyalty to country are great things. But from a spiritual standpoint, I really doubt God loves people who live on one side of a line more or less versus another, even if they are French.

"faithful members of various religions who respect and admire one another."

You would think that statement would include people off all countries.

Hayden, ID

If a conservative doesn't like what a talk show host or a book author writes, he just changes the channel or doesn't buy the book. If a liberal doesn't like a talk show host or a particular book they demand opposing views be silenced, shouted down and banned. They can not resist ridiculing, demeaning and condemning people with whom the disagree. All this from people who constantly tell us they are the "tolerant" ones"! Free speech is not just for liberals anymore. It's interesting to watch and listen to how irritated and angry liberals get about Glenn Beck's successes! What blatant hypocrisy!

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I don't listen to Glenn Beck so I don't know what he is saying. But I can guess it probably isn't good. Thanks for the letter. In today's world, we can talk to people all over the world. So everything we say is known. Glenn Beck should probably ask himself that while what he says might sound good to some people in the US, a lot of other people are overhearing him. Maybe then he should ask himself, "What if I was talking face-to-face with this person?"

Orem, UT

Best letter I've read in quite some time.

Please, my friend, don't think that all Mormons are like Glenn Beck. In fact, I really don't see how Beck can be considered Mormon. To me, he stands for everything a Mormon should be against. Anger, paranoia, hate, lies, manipulation, etc. He does everything for money.

I don't see how anyone could be a good Mormon and watch/read Glenn Beck. I turned his show on for 5 mins and felt dirty. I would hope that many others would turn him off as well. If our savior was in the room with us, do you think he'd approve of Beck?

If not, then why are we still watching him?

one old man
Ogden, UT

This is an excellent letter, but it's a waste of time.

Glen Beck is NOT interested in the welfare of this nation and its people. His ONLY interest lies in the size of his bank accounts.

This letter is reasonable, but Beck is not.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Uh, absolutely no one is demanding that Glenn Beck be 'silenced' or 'shouted down' or 'banned.' This letter is from a French Latter-day Saint who is merely asking Beck, as a fellow Church member, to tone down his rhetoric. Which strikes me as a perfectly reasonable thing to ask for.
Also speaking as a liberal, I'm neither irritated or angry at Beck's successes. I'm amused by them. He's a silly man, with nothing of value to add to the national discourse; I watched his show for two weeks once, doing research for a paper, but haven't bothered with him since. But one does hear of him and what he's up to. It's worth an occasional chuckle, in the spirit of Puck's great line 'what fools these mortals be.'


I seem to notice the complete absence of any specific criticism of Mr Beck.

Tell us wherein the man is mistaken and explain why, using specific facts and sound reasoning.

Personally I am FOR freedom of speech and against hatred of people, without exception. It isn't very convincing to promote love of mankind while hating individuals who disagree with you, even if vehemently.

Let's discuss his teachings; quotes and context would be helpful in such a discussion.


The letter itself may have a great point. I haven't personally heard Glenn make anti-French comments (I listen to him fairly often but not always) even though it is an American weakness to attack France, usually all of Europe, in a blanket kind of way.

Where is the criticism, though, for the many American opinionists who dismiss an entire continent as "Euro-trash". Why don't people explain their animosity and reasonings?

Not all of Europe, for example, is in the Common Market, if you dislike supranationality,nor do all trade in Euros. Nations who do, do not enjoy the full support of their countrymen. What happened to a generous estimation of the best qualities of nations occasionally? So many do deal in self congratulation built largely on a low estimation of others, and often wilful ignorance.

Let me show you, if it is ever published to this forum, what I mean in the thread regarding home schooling in Germany. Assessing Germany in terms of its poor record in human rights historically, I have not failed to compliment Germany on producing some great inventors, scientists and composers.

one old man
Ogden, UT

When I tried to post a comment pointing out Mountanman's hypocrisy as he tries to accuse other of the same, it was banished by DN's censors. I'm going to try again in hopes that the censors will exercise a degree of fairness this time. This post is certainly no better nor worse than much of what he has posted here.

MM, how many times in this very blog have we heard you urging that one or another "liberal" writer, TV show, movie maker or other with whom you disagree be banished and banned?

Are you really incapable of seeing your own inconsistency or is that you do it deliberately?

Bountiful, UT

Glen Beck still has some growing up to do, hopefully he will do it quickly. My impression of him is he desires to do the right thing.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Why would any American want another American to stop using his right to speak? Glenn Beck has as much right to speak as does anyone else.

If you don't like what Glenn Beck talks about, then talk something that you do like. He believes that our government is in serious trouble. He uses facts to back up his statements. If you believe otherwise, then show us your facts. Tell us why jailing a movie maker was warranted after Benghazi. Tell why Snowden, a whistle blower, is being hunted down even as the government continues to collect information about every email that we send and every cellphone call that we make.

Governments, world-wide, use suppression of speech to intimidate people into silence.

Every American should encourage speech. In no other way will Obama's "transparency" every become "transparent".

Newspapers quake when anyone speaks out. They know that "big brother" is watching. They're afraid! Security has become more important to them than truth. It's becoming obvious that the 4th Estate is just another branch of the White House. The once-proud media is cowering before the government instead of exposing corruption.

Durham, NC

"If a conservative doesn't like what a talk show host or a book author writes, he just changes the channel or doesn't buy the book."

Really.... is that why FoxNews spends most of their criticizing the other side.... rather than just reporting the news. Do we really need to list all the anti-liberal opinion pieces here on the DN, or by its readers, or even you, to prove that conservatives hardly just move on?

It is the conservative movements constant negative messaging that finally made me go from being Republican to independent. Conservatives hardly resemble anything you describe here.

And there in lies the irony of the comment. Great government comes from great debate. Dialog pro and against is the basis of all good debate. To pretend that contending ideas could not, or should not be entertained I don't think is the question here. Disagreeing with someone isn't censoring them, not is it denying them freedom of speech.

Great people can disagree in opinion and policy, and yet high levels of respect for each other. Simple mindedness is the breading ground of extreme thought... when one is unwilling to entertain others ideas.


"I seem to notice the complete absence of any specific criticism of Mr Beck."

Because DN moderators aren't allowing my comments giving specific examples of where Mr. Beck was wrong or angered other groups.


Its not just the French Glenn Beck has angered. He has angered Jewish groups as well.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

Well, it's a good thing the French never say anything bad or hateful about America, or the French toast, French Fries, French bread, and French's Mustard industries might all suffer.

spring street

the best way to get rid of a parasite like Beck is stop feeding him. The more attention we give him the longer he sticks around. Let him have his fee speech but don't feed into it and his stage will slowly shrink into the oblivion he deserves.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

As an actual Glenn Beck listener I can't recall hearing Glenn have much to say about France, the French government or the French people since they opted not to send troops to Iraq. At that time they received a good drubbing from commentators all across the political spectrum.

Those of you who only know Beck through his detractors' reports may not realize that much of his radio show is presented in satire. Those who want to discredit the man tend to quote his satire as if it were serious commentary. Taken out of context he can be portrayed as evil. I believe that the opposite is true. Mr Beck and his team soften the sharp edge of current political and social events, which without their sometimes dark humor can be depressing to conservative listeners like me.

Beck's underlying message is that people of all religions and political leanings have a lot in common and that we need to come together to face the challenges of the future.

If you check out the online programs you will find a more serious presentation of views and events.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

By the rate of "denied" comments today --
It appears the DN monitor is clearly an avid Glenn Beck fan.

Be sure to add "anything negative - truthful or not - toward Glenn Beck" in your DN list of reasons a posting can be denied.

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