Comments about ‘Snowden's fate unclear despite asylum offers from Venezuela and Nicaragua’

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Published: Saturday, July 6 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Oh yes, let Snowden go live in Venezuela or Nicaragua. That would be a just punishment. Waste no more money on trying to capture or extradite him. Exile should do the job.

Bountiful, UT

I don't understand why Snowden doesn't just come back and face trial. He's not going to get the death penalty, and if his viewpoints have sympathy he could get a reduced sentence or maybe even a pardon, at some point. That would require principled bravery.

What the right balance is between security and freedom is a valid question, but it seems like Snowden has fall into the net of people who simply want to do damage to the US, by whatever means necessary.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Living in Venezuela or Nicaragua would have been an appropriate sentence if he had been found guilty in a US court.

St.George, Utah

Does Snowden speak Spanish?
Neither of those countries will be as comfy as his last digs in Hawaii.

Tampa, FL

Snowden's not trying to "damage" the United States; the government is doing enough of that on its own. If anything, what Snowden did should be a sign to the American people that our liberty is in danger... I'm fairly sure that, while Snowden technically broke the law, the government itself is violating SEVERAL of the principles/laws laid out in the Constitution. If one man's breaking the law in an attempt to warn us of the rise of governmental tyranny is a crime, then what are the SEVERELY unconstitutional actions of the government?

Austin, TX

cassadove nailed it.

Our outrage should be entirely focused on the Big Brother programs Uncle Sam is implementing right now...not on one man trapped in an airport terminal in Russia.

hamilton, ontario, 00

Richard Snowden should NOT be punished! He is a whistleblower, and a hero..Why is it that most people don't see this? There are things going on in Government, that we need to know, in order to make the necessary changes towards truth. Calling him treasonous is just another lie. People are dying, to bring the truth to you. Don't let these people die in vain..Please watch Thrive The Movie, free on their webpage. This is the eye-opener, that will start you on a path of awakening. No more heads in the sand! This is a luxury, that we can not afford, anymore. Just open your minds...and join the growing movement of change for truth. Heavenly Father, bless this man with protection, and the help he needs to get to a safe destination. I stand for truth, and freedom.

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