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Published: Monday, July 1 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, 00

"As you subscribe to select content, when new issues of the Ensign or other content comes out, it will appear automatically in your library."

I hadn't thought of it since my family purchases the subscription, but if you don't subscribe, can you not download the latest Ensign articles?

Just curiosity.

The Sensible Middle
Bountiful, UT

Hopefully now when searching all relevant scriptures will come up up not just the ones that are chosen by some individual or committee.

Woods Cross, UT

I would like to see this work offline, still giving me access to all my personal content.

Uncle Gadianton
Salt Lake City, Utah

What are the people who have wrong type of iPad (I just tried to download it). It will only work with the IOS of 6.0 or hgher.

Provo, UT

It's still not as intuitive as the iOS app ldsscriptures (.com). It takes too many taps to switch books, it's difficult to highlight, tag and bookmark. And, it doesn't sync as well across multiple devices. And, there isn't a desktop app, just a web interface to lds.org. My only association with ldsscriptures is as a customer. Yes, it costs like $15 but it's worth it, imho. My own study has been greatly enhanced.

Bob Lonsberry
Mt. Morris, NY

I love and appreciate this app on my Android phone, and can't wait for this new version to come out in Android. If I could offer a suggestion, I'd sure like it if there was a feature that would give me a daily reading assignment -- like a "read the book of mormon in a year" or "read the book of mormon in a month" or "read the standard works in two years." The YouVersion Bible app has some wonderful reading plans that take you through the Bible. I use that, and sure wish there was a similar LDS product. I think it would be good for individual or family scripture study. Again, really appreciate Gospel Library. Thank you.

Woods Cross, UT

I agree. LDSScriptures app is great. I do have problems with syncing between devices, it takes longer than I like, but it eventually gets there. Good app and I can work offline.

utah cornhusker

My ensign shows up every month, but general conference doesn't update.

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

Are these topics and scriptures editted, redacted or in any way compromised from the originals? If they are in their pure, originally-given forms, this will truly be helpful and expedite research and dialogue.

If the older historical versions are "editted" or removed, then white-washing serves no one. Since no church history references were made, I assume there's no Journal of Discourses, personal diary entries or 19th-century Conference talks stored. For instance, the Prophet Joseph's funerary "King Follette" discourse, etc. could be studied and discussed. Or Brigham's firey SLC Tab sermons...

I am not LDS, but my family is. This will be a valuable tool in our evangelistic discussions, if we have a commonly accepted "official church" reference as foundation. Looking forward to checking it out.

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

I would think that Gen. Conference should be of prime importance for this app. If that's where your prophetic inspiration is delivered from, and former/original scriptures and revelations are fluid and/or out-dated, why not keep everyone current?

Orem, UT

The app updated on my Ipad this week. I am excited about the new features, but disappointed that the things I had already marked in the old version didn't transfer across in the update, so I have to highlight again everything that I already had marked.

I also don't appreciate how the text is smaller - I don't see a way to increase the text size, but the size on the old version was nice and readable, this one (since it has columns on either side to accomodate the new features) is smaller.

dung beetle
Bountiful, UT

When will an Android version be released?

Utah Hiker
Utah, UT

cdsn - You can change the text size on the new app by choosing the settings button (looks like a mechanical gear) and then choose the appearance menu option which will bring up several appearance options with sliders. Choose the slider that has a small A on the left and a large A on the right. That will change your text size. Cheers and happy reading.

Sandy, Utah

I believe iPad should not take greater precedence than Android. They should come out with both at the same time.


When will this be ready for Android?

Arizona Border Dude

I love LDS Library. And I lie what I see for the Apple Dumpling gang. But, there is Android and Windows that comprise the other sets of phones.
I do expect the Windows phones will be left out for a long time. Many Utah folks have 'thing' with Microsoft and they take it out on those of us who have them. They won't develop things for the items we use.
Many of the members in my ward have Windows 8 tablets because they were inexpensive. I bought my Windows phone because I have some issues with Apple; and, Google's privacy policy allows worse data mining than the NSA spy thingy they built in Utah.
I'll patiently wait for it to catch up to the better things that are out there.

Huntington Beach, CA

I wish that the new app had a home page that it would open up to.Even if it was a picture of the Savior or a temple. It drives me crazy that it opens up to the last thing that I had open. That is usually is not what a person wants anyway.


To Arizona Border Dude: Now you know what it felt like when Microsoft delayed developing a Word and Excel application for the Macintosh platform. The Mac application is still years behind the Windows platform application. There is no justice in technology development, it is all about maximum profits and maximum users? :-)))

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

I like endless pages of black and white. No seriously. I'm much, much more interested in the text than any background images. When I update my Android tab and download the latest Ensign or say Teachings of the Presidents of the Church Wilford Woodruff, it uses very little space. Images take up much more space to download. I'd rather have more text using very little space than pictures of smiling posed models.

Falconer, NY

UtahVET1: I believe Windows should not take greater precedence than Mac OS. They should come out with both at the same time.

All companies/entities have limited resources. What do you suggest? Develop for one before the other and then not release it until both are done?

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