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Published: Sunday, June 30 2013 11:30 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

@My Perspective

The fact that a little over 1/3 of the comments on this board are from Ute trolls...also very telling.

The fact that 5 of the 8 most commented articles in the sports section are BYU-related...also very telling.

BYU drives the media and the ratings here in-state. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the D News has a series of articles covering BYU as an independent in a positive light.

I love being independent. It's a perfect fit for BYU and what BYU stands for. I also think it's great that Utah is in the PAC 12, not just for the university, but for the state as well. It's a great fit for the PAC and for Utah.

Both fan bases should be very happy! I love this time of the year, though. It's when all of the trash-talking comes out, since nothing is happening right now. I always enjoy it :)

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

@Howard S.

So there are two points that I'd like to make. First, recruiting is completely subjective...see worf's comment below. Databases differ in opinions, but also in size. No database has the scouts or the resources to go to evaluate every kid that's out there. So there are a lot of recruits that are evaluated, not on talent, but by how many offers they have, without any scout ever having seen them play.

That's why you get guys like Eric Weddle and Dennis Pitta who were 2-star athletes coming in to college, but both of whom flourished in college and in the pros.

Second, BYU is different. They have much higher standards, both academically and morally, than most every other university out there. That doesn't mean BYU is better than every other university, just different. As such, they have a much smaller pool of recruits to draw from. They will never have absurdly high class rankings, mostly because of the limited number of kids they can offer, and because they offer a lot of kids early, before they have a chance to be evaluated.

BYU will be just fine. But thanks for your concern :)

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ Naval Vet

A team from the PAC 11+U played in the Rose Bowl every year..... The fact that Utah played in a couple of BCS Bowls isn't all that impressive to them. Next time a PAC11+U team comes to RES to play Utah for an easy win why don't you show them a couple ticket stubs from when Utah played in a BCS bowl. I will hear the laughing all the way out here in Virginia. Keep believeing the PAC11+U wants Utah to represent the conference in the Rose Bowl....In about 20 years the truth will finally set in as you again sit at home alone during bowl season.... Utah might be a member the conference, however, the real teams, accolades, awards and achievemnts in the PAC11+U are always going to be way out of your league.

Provo, UT

@Naval Vet

To borrow a template from one of your fellow Ute "fans":

"D-II QB", "tied for 3rd", "4th best full-season record", "upset GA Tech", "one of only two postseason wins" "19 months ago."

"THAT's "something"."


Go Cougars!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ MacNasty

"I will forward your sage analysis on to Notre Dame to illuminate them as the futility of independence."

Please do; however don't delay. Next year they are a member of the ACC!

Side note: To me the best thing BYU could do is recognize you are NO Notre Dame. And we are no USC. How many time have I read BYU fans say they want scheduling games "the same as Notre Dame has" or Bowl arrangements or..... Or when the Y fans say USC can schedule out of conference games in November why can't the U. Because we are not USC. We agreed to the negotiated PAC-12 entrance where it would be 4 years before we gained 100% revenue sharing as the other PAC-12 teams because we held no disillusions. Were we equals to other members at the time of admission? No. But we are in the PAC-12.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


You have written several hundred words spin the decline in BYU recruiting since the Indy announcement.

The truth can be written in five words... Indy has hurt BYU recruiting...

Simple and true.

Cedar Hills, UT

It's not often that I agree with a Ute poster on a BYU article, but 'Who am I sir?' does strike a nerve when he mentions Cougar fans comparing BYU to Notre Dame. Makes me cringe. Also glad to see that some Utah fans recognize that they are not USC.

This time of year kills me...can't wait for the fall.
It's going to be an interesting year for sure for BYU, Utah, and USU. I'll be rooting for the boys in blue (both teams) in all their games except when they play each other.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

And yet BYU is still ranked higher than Utah and still goes to bowl games. I guess BYU coaches are far superior to the Utah coaches and do more with less.

Provo, UT

@Howard S. "Indy has hurt BYU recruiting"

How? How has Indy hurt BYU's recruiting? U already lost all credibility when U "frantically and emotionally" said that the three Indy recruiting classes are the worst in Bronco's tenure, when, as I showed, they aren't.

U lose credibility by saying "Indy has hurt BYU recruiting" when U have guys like Tim Duran, Trajan Pili, Fred Warner, Trent Trammell, etc all talk about how seeing BYU on ESPN helped them make their decision to commit.

I've also showed that 2 of BYU's 3 recruiting classes since going Indy were better than their average class ranking before going independent.

So how has independence hurt BYU recruiting? Please show me some empirical evidence that supports your position. Otherwise, I'll just be forced to conclude that you "frantically and emotionally" made that up.

But again, thanks for your love of all things BYU, Howard. It's always nice to see BYU picking up more and more fans.


Go Cougars!

Layton, UT

down under,

Seems that when it comes to vs the Utes on the field, byu does less with "more".

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Better recruits go in, more drafted by the NFL players come out, but what are they doing in there in the middle???

Going from mediocre to worse. Someone mentioned "carp in a stagnant pond." Nice illusion, but it just doesn't fit. @ ND, @ Texas, @ Wisconsin, @ USC (and yes, the article is talking about the recruiting advantages of playing in storied venues), these do not describe a stagnant pond.

But the other day I went out to my koi pond and saw a guppy belly up, and it sure reminded me of Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Actually, STuFOO...it's posts like yours telling those with opposing points of view to get lost that I'm referring to. Why are you people compelled to do that if not for wanting to ensure that you can elevate yourselves above others without objection?

I have no problem with byu fans cheering on their team until I see comments conveying the notion that every program in the country wants to be byu. That simply is not the case and I will (and do) step in. Contrived conspiracy theories about why byu was left out of the Pac-10 will also illicit a response.

Contrary to what you suggest, I don't think independence is not a bad idea for byu. However, I do think it's the only option they have. These feel good articles from the local media serve to keep the fan base energized but it's little more that a continual stream of selling ponies and rainbows to the fans. If it works for you, great. Refrain from getting caught up in talk that deep down, every program wants it. They don't.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV


Remind us all about the big venue that the Utes have!!! How they are fast tracking the expansion of RES to accommodate the people on the huge waiting list for season tickets!!! How the Utes have torn trough their competition, won their division and beat both foes in the Rose Bowl!!! I never get tired of seeing all the banners being raised in Utah's venues!!! I only wish I could contain my jealousy while seeing my lowly Cougars accept the commissioners cup for the lowly WCC conference!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!

Provo, UT

Does Utah still have a football program? I never see them on TV anymore. Why would that be?

pocatello, ID

Provo, UT
Does Utah still have a football program? I never see them on TV anymore. Why would that be?


Interesting, college football fans see BYU on TV, wonder why they have a football team, and flip the channel. Why would that be?
BYU fans are exited to see the Cougs on TV, nothing else. Even why continuing the tradition of losing to ranked teams.

Rexburg, ID

Re: Who am I sir @11:37 am

Nice try at deception, but if you follow sports at all you know that Notre Dame football remains independent.

Other sports will be with the ACC, but not football. OOOOPPPPS!

pocatello, ID

Sandy, UT

Many schools need a Conference-Crutch. They are unable to go it alone on their own name. 


Apparently BYU had to go it alone on its name. Was not enough to get them invited to a conference.

Korea, AE


"Why are you people compelled to do that if not for wanting to ensure that you can elevate yourselves above others without objection?"

Interesting. One need only look at who drew first blood to see if what you said is true.

You attack BYU fans on BYU articles. BYU fans defend themselves. Now you are going to play the victim?


It doesn't take a u bachelors of arts degree to see that your comments are disingenuous.

Korea, AE


This comment epitomizes u trolls faulty thinking

"Refrain from getting caught up in talk that deep down, every program wants it. They don't."

Who are you to decide that? Why are you lumping all BYU fans in the same group?

Have you ever read a single comment where I have said that BYU is what everyone wants to be?


Again, answer my original questions. what do you win if you convince BYU fans that they are second class to u?


But don't come to BYU articles, take a swing at BYU fans, have them swing back with a vengeance, and then play the victim.

Don't pretend to be sanctimonious and that your only there to correct mistrusts. You're the one coming to the comment boards looking for a fight.

It is laughable that vet, hegie, you, chris, and the lot come here to "justify" your place in the world. It is incredibly interesting that you would spend time arguing about something you can't win.

Navel lint: Mission accomplished? Who are you Bush?

Is football done?

Hyrum, UT

To Naval Vet, Howard S, etc.:

If Utah recruits are so much better than BYU and USU, exactly why is it that Utah finishes dead last of those 3 schools at end of the year national rankings? And if that is true, then why is it that Utah is the only one of those schools to be only watching instead of playing in end of season bowl games? It would seem your rationale concerning recruit quality doesn't carry much weight in the real world.

One more thing you should eventually start understanding. Being in a BCS conference doesn't mean jack squat to most quality recruits if you can't win those conference games. It makes so sense at all to feel great about being on a BCS conference team that consistently finishes in a contest for the conference cellar each year. None. You really need to find something else to start touting... something that makes more sense.

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