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Published: Sunday, June 30 2013 11:30 p.m. MDT

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St. George, UT

Let's look at the next 20 years for BYU and Utah. Most sports writers and coaches would say that Utah will have a DIFFICULT, if not impossible, chance of winning a championship in the PAC12 in football or basketball. They'll be lucky to have a winning record.

That's the hard facts. So how will that help Utah get into BCS bowls? It won't!

So Utah will brag about playing in the PAC12 and probably get either no bowl games or some really horrible ones.

And, they will not ever have the tv coverage that BYU will have, just based on reality. Plus, they don't have BYUtv.

BYU will play some good opponents, have great tv coverage, and play in bowl games every year. That has been demonstrable and it looks like BYU will be getting better.

How does that sound to Utah fans?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Y's Guy

The article is about how Indy helps recruiting...

The truth is that BYU recruiting has declined since the announcement of Indy.

I'm not hanging my hat on anything other than the truth... no spin or elaboration needed.

Sounds right..
Cedar city, UT

Why is it that ute fans are always on BYU articles to comment. It's because they are not really ute fans just BYU haters. I never read a Utah article, and that's because i could care less about their program. They finish at the bottom of the conference in every sport and everybody knows if it was not for BYU being a Mormon school they would be in that conf rather than Utah, because they bring so much more to the table.


"Feeling the sting of rejection, Mendenhall chose to play at Oregon State."

Chris, this can't be?

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice work Bronco; come for the football, stay for the education.

Provo, UT

@Howard S. "The truth is that BYU's three recruiting classes since the Indy announcement have been the lowest ranked in Bronco's tenure."

The truth is that that statement is completely false.

Per Rivals (every Ute fan's favorite recruiting website), we find the following information"
Bronco Mendenhall Era Recruiting Class Rankings
2005: #63
2006: #67
2007: #56
2008: #83
2009: #50
2010: #40
2011: #62
2012: #61
2013: #70

2008 was the worst ranked class in the Bronco Mendenhall era at #83. The 2013 class would be next at #70, while both 2011 and 2012 would rank 5th and 4th respectively in Bronco's classes.

So definitely NOT the lowest in Bronco's tenure.

Mcallen, TX

Howard S.;

Recruit ranking is not very reliable.

If it was, Notre Dame, and Texas would be playing for the national championship almost every year.

BYU would never be a top twenty five team, or be winning ten games most years.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"Recruits that sign with BYU, particularly from outside of Utah, often say one reason is the Cougars regularly appear on ESPN networks...Offensive lineman Tim Duran, a junior college transfer from Puyallup, Wash., who signed with the Cougars last February, is not a member of the LDS Church and didn't know much about BYU before he became a target of the Cougars' recruiting efforts...But he had seen the Cougars on television." -- Jeff Call

I wonder if recruits that signed with the Indy-WACers often say one reason for their ultimate decision was that they were otherwise a 2-star recruit with zero other offers...like the aforementioned offensive lineman, Tim Duran?

Richmond, VA

To CB, Vet, Howie, Hedgie, ETB, Ms. Mildred, and others like you,

So great you won the last recruiting battles. That was quite an achievement! Even more impressive was the results of winning those recruiting battles...a prime spot on your couches during the post season bowls and the prestigious honor of being bottom feeders in your college of champions ever since you joined. May I politely ask you guys to please stop the nonsense until you've actually accomplish something in your conference, will ya? I'll be the first to rise and acknowledge that if and when it happens, and I absolutely want to see you guys do it. But until then, can you please put a lid to it! Thanks!

Go Cougars, USU, and the Utes too!!!

Omaha, NE

I truly enjoy seeing the schedule of the Y getting stronger and stronger with each indepedent year. I think that this was the right decision for BYU for so many reasons. I think it would be fun to be a player for the Y going to all of the different destinations they travel to, including Idaho. I think it would be a challenge for coaching and players to learn all of the different schemes each program brings. This will only make the Y players and coaches better overall. Not taking anything away from the U, as it stands now, it is arguably more challenging to be the U and having top-notch teams week in and week out.

Great article.


Korea, AE

"And the BYU spin continues..."

The only spin I see is utah fans obsessed with BYU, making excuses for the lousy showing in the PAC 11+u, and fans who think they have moved on, but have to prove their self worth on BYU articles every day.

I find it hilarious that u fans get all worked over by a newspaper being positive about the local team, and looking forward to this year.

The question isn't why is DN so positive and "spinning" news that get the fans ready...

The question is why ute trolls take exception to it and waste some much time trying to put BYU fans in their place?

It is a strange little world you live in when your daily goal is try try to convince your rival fans that you are better than they are.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Y's Guy:

"That's it? That's all you've got? BYU's three recruiting classes? That's what you're hanging your hat on? Talk about spin. LOL"

Well, considering that the title of this particular article is "BYU football: Scheduling as independent helps recruiting", Howard S's comment seemed extremely "relevant". Howard pointed out that the Indy-WACers recruiting has NOT been helped, and provided proof that was in direct contrast to what the article claims.

I'm not sure your YOUR point was. You're LOL-ing that your last 3 recruiting classes were the worst in menden2star's coaching tenure at the Y? That's not "spin". That's the cold hard truth. Do you even know what "spin" means, or is that just a word you keep seeing popping up on these threads, and thought you'd use it too?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Sounds right:

"Why is it that ute fans are always on BYU articles to comment. It's because they are not really ute fans just BYU haters."

Can't we be BOTH? What makes you think we're compelled to choose one path or the other? Are you THAT narrow minded?

"...if it was not for BYU being a Mormon school they would be in that conf rather than Utah, because they bring so much more to the table."

Does it bring a Medical School to the table? Does it bring "Tier-1 Research" status? Does it bring any BCS bowl history?

No, no, and no.

All it'd bring would be a whiney persecution complex. Utah brought the Med School, Tier-1 Research, and 2 BCS bowl trophies.

Edge: Utah.

Provo, UT

@Howard S. "The truth is that BYU recruiting has declined since the announcement of Indy."

Again, that statement is inaccurate.

From 2002-2010 (the year before BYU went independent), BYU's average class ranking per Rivals was a 63.

Since going independent, BYU's average class ranking has been a 64 (uh oh, we're going down!). But two of the classes that BYU has had since going independent both were ranked slightly higher than the average class ranking before going independent (62 in 2011 and 61 in 2012 compared to the average of 63). The only reason for the slight discrepancy in the average classes is the smaller sample size of recruiting classes that we have to draw from since BYU went independent, causing last year's class ranking of #70 to bring the average up to a 64.

Because these two samples aren't balanced, it's impossible to draw an accurate comparison between the two. Why don't we wait another six years, and then compare the two again to see if BYU's recruiting classes really are "declining"?

Thanks for your interest though, Howard. Nice to see another jump on to the BYU train :)

Go Cougars!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Six year average per Indy is 60th...

Three year average post Indy is 64th...

Indy recruiting not really headed in the right direction as the BYU spin machine would have you believe.

Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting read...fun comments.

The local press is still trying to sell the byu faithful on independence which is very telling in it's own right.

byu fans still don't want an opposing point of view because it detracts from the harmony of a one sided conversation. Also very telling.

byu fans still trying to explain on these boards why byu wasn't selected by the Pac-10 in fulfillment of their 30 year dream. Also very telling.

No mention of the 2 for 1 arrangements byu has to settle for. Also very telling.

No mention of the dearth of bowl opportunities. Also very telling.

Talk of great recruits with no mention of the mediocre rankings of recruiting classes. Also very telling.

No mention of ND moving to a quasi-conference arrangement while byu is completely invested in independence. Also very telling.

Yep...all is well in independence land.

South Jordan, UT

Its comical how people put some much emphasis on conference affiliation. Really, it boils down to Coaching staffs and what the school presents and offers, not just the conference. I will say though, that the conference affiliation is like the cherry on top or in BYU's case, just plain vanilla.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"It is a strange little world you live in when your daily goal is try try to convince your rival fans that you are better than they are."

That's not a "daily goal". That's "mission accomplished". We convinced you all that 8 times over the past 11 seasons, including the last 3-yrs in a row.

Korea, AE


more interesting is that you still care.

What does it matter if BYU fans want to root for their team and read positive articles about them?

Why do you care if BYU like independence even though you feel it is a bad idea?

Why do you come here to tell BYU fans that they are wrong and you are right?

Who is more delusional?

the BYU fan who is hoping that they will have a great year, is rooting for the team no matter the situation they are currently in, and is hoping for the best...

or a fan from a rival team whose bent on putting them in their place and showing everyone that they are somehow superior?

My bet...

Your delusion is much more telling. One is normal and every team has the same normal fans (look at the Detroit Lions fans)

One is not normal.

Provo, UT

@Howard S.

See my last post. A 6 year period and a 3 year period are unbalanced, meaning any statistical comparison between the two is going to flawed.

What should be REALLY disconcerting for U is the following:
Since 2008, Utah's recruiting has been the best it has ever been (according to most Ute fans) while its subsequent record, and/or ranking, has decreased:
2009: Class Ranking: #44. '09-'10 Record/Sagarin Ranking: 10-3, 24
2010: Class Ranking: #32. '10-'11 Record/Sagarin Ranking: 10-3, 26
2011: Class Ranking: #37. '11-'12 Record/Sagarin Ranking: 8-5, 39
2012: Class Ranking: #28. '12-'13 Record/Sagarin Ranking: 5-7, 61
2013: Class Ranking: #44 '13-'14 Record/Sagarin Ranking: ???, ??

Not a very good trend. I'll be interested to see what happens this year.

Go Cougars!

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