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Published: Thursday, June 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

"The other key moment and issue Rove said hurt the Romney campaign was failing to show who the former Massachusetts governor is as a person."

No, we clearly saw which type of person Romney was. He felt he was entitled to the presidency ("it's our turn"). He was an out-of-touch millionaire who felt the rest of Americans were bottom feeders beneath his notice. He was calculating, untruthful and showed his contempt for the Constitution of the United States by signing pledges to adhere to right wing dogmas and disenfranchise American citizens he didn't approve of.

That's why he lost. Oh, and because he was "Mitt" Romney (a mitt is a glove).

Central Texan
Buda, TX

Again, Romney was in part a victim of bad polling data that portrayed him as doing better than actual. That plays into the strategy one takes.

"The Scientist" thinks the Obama campaign showed us the "REAL" Romney. This is obviously incorrect, as for example the Joe Soptic ad that claimed Romney had some responsibility for Soptic's wife's death and DIDN'T CARE ABOUT IT. This was and is an obvious falsehood.

Also, the 47% comment was misunderstood because it was taken out of context. Remember he was simply answering a question to a potential donor about his appeal to voters. He answered that there were some to whom he would not likely appeal. Romney did jumble and lump together different constituencies in a way that was not precisely correct, but he was not writing an editorial for the NYTimes. The potential donors understood his strategy even though he didn't clear up the difference between the 47% not paying taxes and the smaller percentage who were government-dependent, etc. He was not saying he didn't care about any of those voters as citizens -- another aspect of the comment portrayed falsely. He was referring to his own voting appeal.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The 2 reasons Romney lost?:

1. Flip.
2. Flop.

Sad, me [and the other vast majority 90% of the middle, centered, independent moderates] could have voted for the Blue Dog, NorthEastern Rockefeller Republican, Big Tent Reagan "Governor" Romney.

You know -- the;
Gay marriage,
Restricted assault weapon -- Romney.

Not that 2 bit fake puppet the Tea Party nominated.


Why are we still talking about this, but have ignored Benghazi? Get off of it Mr. Rove and move on.

New to Utah

Karl Roves points are accurate. Failure to fight back effectively to the lies and distortions of a $500 million Obama's swing state strategy hurt. It suppressed the vote. It is interesting how liberals to this day consider W an illegitimate president but no one is considering that Obama's IRS targeting of conservatives which may have affected the election is not illegitimate.The other point is failure of the news media to honestly report on the election. It should have actually covered the Benghazi coverup and hit the inconsistencies. The other point is Romney campaign should have done more to positively portray Romney as a caring,compassionate leader. The media was so completely in the tank for Obama that the fourth estate really sealed the election for Obama. Jonathan Alter the liberal newsweek editor has a book out called I think "The Center Held" chronicling why Obama won and Romney lost. Brent Bozell a conservative has a book called "Collusion" basically how the mainstream media covered for Obama and was the deciding factor in the election. I plan to read both books.

Clearfield, UT

I was disappointed in Romney's campaign, still voted for him. Can someone please cite a specific example of where Obama promised free stuff. It is time to for the Republicans to change course. A change in party leadership would be a great start. The other day the ACA was the topic of discussion at work. Despite the overall disdain for the ACA everyone person present cited examples of the ACA they supported and agreed with. Republicans don't understand that concept. Healthcare and immigration reform are important issues to voters. I believe they main reason Romney lost was he insulted so many voter blocks.

Los Gatos, CA

Romney lost because there was nothing that he didn't change his position on. In addition he failed to explain the reasons for these changes, but insisted that he was the most consistent man on earth. This, along with his lack of vision as to where he wanted to take the country, made him seem extremely disengenuous.

Eugene, OR

Rove is out of touch. He blew this cycle big time.
Romney lost because:
He is just too rich for the taste of the overwhelming majority of Americans.
His 47% comment echoed what many thought from the get go. It was proof positive that Mitt just didn't get the lives of many people. His tax returns were additional proof. If he wanted to be president, he should have planned on releasing them - or stayed out of the race. If he wanted to be president he should have kept his investments here in this country - at least in the last four years. Having a blind trust that has no political vision was just dumb. He wanted to have his cake and eat it, too. It made him look like he had so much money he didn't need to keep track of it.
In the primaries, he veered too far to the right(?) on immigration to have ever won the general election. Rove and many others warned of this problem four year ago. Mitt wanted the nomination so bad he said things that made it worthless.
Every other mistake his team made pales by comparison to his own errors.

Lancaster, CA

Romney lost because the radical right were vehemately opposed to supporting a Mormon. Plain and simple. There are statistics on this that I heard quoted on Rush Limbaugh show a while back although I can't recall the specifics. The Radical right just didn't get out and vote. If they had, he would have won.

Bellingham, wa

Romney lost so that the average American citizen would get this disgusting government we now have. In this country we get the government we deserve!

Kaysville, UT

Romney lost because he was caught in LIES and he was totally OUT OF TOUCH with the average voter...
Romney had few, if any, people on the ground... he lots of signs and advertising but not workers.

New to Utah

Mitt Romney had a great plan to increase jobs,energy independence and help people start businesses by getting government out of the way. He lost because the left including universities,labor unions, large non profits and the mainsteam news media had at least triple the money and influences. It is interesting to read the posts from the liberal states of Washingto,Oregon and California. Politics in those states are a blood sport. I have lived there and I know it. The powerful labor unions, universities and so called charitable trusts spew non stop liberal dogma. The Democrat party believes totally in the end justifies the means and Republicans are homophobic, racists and hate schools and children. It is pretty tough to win even if you get the most votes because the judges are all liberals and will keep counting until the D is the victor.Ask Dino Rossi in his first contest with Christine Gregoire how elections are decided or see how Meg Whitman was destroyed by being for Prop8.Money matters and liberals have by far the most. Mitt Romney was a compassionate decent man whom the left vilified.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney lost because he didn't promise lots of free stuff to people and didn't lie enough about how great the next four years were going to be.

Debt has grown, gas prices up, health care premiums up, umemployment unchanged, unabated inflation to come....Hope and Change!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's really quite simple why Romney lost. We still remembered George W Bush. A much as Rove tried to hide him, let people forget, we remembered the disaster of war and debt that was his presidency. I don't want to see another Republican in the White House for a good long time. Preferably not until the 30 year old "starve the beast" idea has faded into history, and we get some Republicans that aren't committed to sabotaging the country.

Pheonix, AZ

Carl Rove is totally wrong. Romney lost because:

He didn't get the Hispanic vote. He should never have mentioned '47 percent' and 'let them deport themselves'... Someone will always have a camera on it. Obama got the Hispanic vote because he was perceived as an immigrant himself... from Kenya. Immigrants, legal and otherwise, favor other immigrants.

He didn't handle the tax return issue very well. Harry Reid kept spouting that Romney didn't pay any income taxes and since the tax returns were not released the voters assumed the worst. Romney should have grilled Harry about how he knew about Romney's returns. As we now know, folks at the IRS very likely leaked the info on the say-so of either Obama himself or some of his hired czars.

Romney didn't handle the Bain Capital issue well. He should have emphasized the companies that he saved from bankruptcy and the resultant jobs that were saved.

The US is full of low information voters as dumb as a bag of hammers. A candidate must appeal to them since their vote counts as much as the informed voter. And so it goes.

Pheonix, AZ

"And you can't say that Romney wasn't also promising to give anything away (tax breaks, anyone?)."

Tax breaks?? Low information voters (and unfortunately there are millions out there) are generally non tax payers. In fact, they usually can qualify for the EIC (Earned Income Credit), which is a 'refund' of taxes never paid.

@UTAH Bill:
"Campaigner Romney seemed to be a chameleon who said whatever the crowd in front of him at the time wanted to hear. He changed position on so many of his policies that I no longer understood exactly what he stood for. I could not vote for him when I felt I had no idea how he would govern as president."

You want a chameleon? How about Obama... Gitmo closure; troops out of the mid east conflicts; Gay marriage; abortion; and several others. If you voted for the true chameleon you made a mistake.

If Romney made a mistake it was not promising massive handouts to low information voters. Instead, he wanted to cut the size of government, stop the massive outflow of goverment largesse, and get the lazy and indolent American back to work.

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