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Published: Thursday, June 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Atlanta, GA

DN Subscriber 2:

I am doing graduate work in Engineering and Economics from a top-3 university. I stay very plugged in to current events by reading the Economist, Politico, the New York Times, and the DNews, and listening to the BBC and NPR regularly. I am hardly a low-information voter. I voted for Obama, because he convinced me that he would most closely follow my ideals of good governance.

I would say there are also plenty of low-information voters whose pastors told them, "Vote for Romney because Obama will destroy America!" Whether you agree that statement is true or not, you can't say there aren't uninformed people on both sides. And you can't say that Romney wasn't also promising to give anything away (tax breaks, anyone?).

Salt Lake City, UT

I thought Romney governed in Massachusetts well. He seemed to know who he was and where he was headed. But, the Romney I saw during the campaign was not that man. Campaigner Romney seemed to be a chameleon who said whatever the crowd in front of him at the time wanted to hear. He changed position on so many of his policies that I no longer understood exactly what he stood for. I could not vote for him when I felt I had no idea how he would govern as president.

Falconer, NY

DN #2 first point is correct. But another way to look at it is Romney did not get the anti-Mormons out. Obama got less voters out this time than last so we can't say Obama ran a good campaign (of course he did because he won) at least not compared to his last. Analyze the numbers. Evangelicals and their ilk stayed home. Could not vote for a Mormon and they did not vote for Obama (but they did). They and others got what they deserved. An America in decline. The worse is yet to come. Republicans and Conservatives are being destroyed in front of our eyes as I write this.


JUSTMYTOUGHTS Romney offered lots of people stuff--venture capitalist, angry anti immigration foes and the angry anti abortion crowd were going to have Christmas in november. The problem for you and Romney is there are more people like me than qngry folks like you. And now we are going to overturn Amendment 3. Fasten your seatbelt. Your gonna have a bumpy ride.

H. Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

Is one of the two things that Romney trusted Rove and his polling numbers?

Arlington, VA

At least the article got it right, even if the headline didn't: these were tactical failures, not "fails." Basic grammar.

Sugar City, ID

Karl Rove is another crowing rooster trying to take credit for the rising sun. He did not win the election for George Bush and was just a media creation. But kowtowing to Norquest hurt Mitt Romney more than anything else. Go ahead Republicans with your "lower the tax rates for the wealthy" and you hurt America as much as the Democrats. We need to do away with the Party system and let individuals with the best ideas be elected. Too many Americans can see through this puppet scenario.

Owasso, OK

It was Mr. Romney who gave the reason rather than Karl Rover. He said that it was the gifts that Mr. Obama passed out that made the difference. This president has never been a leader, shows by his disdain of the people that he doesn't care and has no respect for or received from world leaders. Now he is going to "show us" by using his powers via the EPA that he can punish us even more with his war on the environment - something that is political science rather than physical. This country will continue to suffer until we get smart enough to elect someone who promotes programs that make us responsible citizens rather than takers only. The next 3 years are going to be tough...

Marlborough, MA

Another of Mr. Romney's tactical errors was running in the 1st place.

Carson City, NV

I think the reason Romney lost was because he never related to the poor and middle class in this country. And we know that group is becoming larger and larger. I think the reason Romney lost was because he never related to minorities, any of them. Not women, not senior citizens, not Hispanics, not Blacks. I think Rove is looking at this exactly like Romney was, from the extremely wealthy viewpoint. I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican. I have voted for both in my lifetime. But I have never voted for someone who I did not think their main concern was what's best for the American people. Unfortunately, with very very rare exceptions, wealthy is not the best for the American people.


So I walked outside yesterday and it was 95 degrees. You know why? Because it is the end of June.

In five years the Deseret News will be complaining that the only reason Santorum lost the presidency is because he wasn't enough like Romney.

Draper, UT

@mcclark: I think Romney lost because the average citizen is totally out of touch with reality and engages in political activity with a team-sport mentality. The facts are that Obama has continued and expanded upon nearly everything that people hated so much about Bush, yet those who spent 8 years mocking and deriding Bush voted for Obama . . . twice.

@Bob K: From a factual standpoint, Romney did exceptionally well in all three debates. What Obama stepped-up on in the last two debates was the 8th grade put-downs and bald faced lies (e.g. Benghazi and the Rose Garden speech). Of course, that's what most voters connect with rather than facts...

Roosevelt, UT

Perhaps Romney lost the election because people actually did see what he really was. Someone who is a very nice guy but who would say whatever it took to sway his audiences. The Pinocchio board went ballistic whenever Romney made a speech.

He was head and shoulders above Pres Obama when it comes to business experience and he he has shown he can run companies. Some he kept alive and some he did not based upon what their economical expectancies were. However when he got the chance to stand in front of audiences and say what he thought people wanted to hear he would come up with lines about how his wife drove Cadillacs, and this as the country was coming out of a huge economic downturn.

Continually he showed how out of touch he was with the common American. Collin Powell expressed concern that Romney would have the country at war and Alan Greenspan a GOP fed reserve chairman said Romneys economic plan would create more debt than Pres Obama's plan. Those two men saying that should turn most voters away.

However Romneys own inability to communicate caused his downfall on election day.

Cache county, USA

Does it really matter? This whole thing is biblical. Read the bible folks.

Salt Lake City, UT

I loved Romney's attacks on Obama.

Obama is clearly a lying Chicago politician with no real experience and he is wrecking America by allowing the enormous debt to continue to grow. We are all toast and at this point there is not a lot we can do about it.

But, Romney would have been better off ignoring Obama altogether. Everyone knew he wasn't the right guy and couldn't get the job done, but by attacking the obvious only made Romney look like a silly politician.

If he would have just started laying out a logical plan with real details and said, "This is the plan. It will work. Please steal my ideas Obama. I care about America, and if we are going to save it the sooner this plan is started the better"

Then he would have won.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

Romney lost because he was not the best candidate.

'Nuff said.

Move on.

Get over it.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Cats said: Whatever you think of Karl Rove, he is a brilliant campaign strategist. They don't call him "The Architect" for nothing.

Actually Bush called him "Turd Blossom" a more accurate nickname.

Enough with the "free stuff" baloney, I don't know a single person who voted for Obama, that thought they were getting "free stuff." I only hear about it from right wing posters, whom I can only assume, are angry at not getting their imaginary gift bag. Where are the angry low information masses that didn't get their "free stuff," why aren't they posting about being lied to? They don't exist, because Nobody thought they were getting free stuff.

Virginia Beach, VA

Coming from a man who predicted Romney would win all the way into election night. All Rove is doing is defending himself, and taking the heat off with his party.

Boise, ID

When I read the comments here I shake my head. It is as though these folks actually believed what they read in the media. Our nation is made up of low information voters - as Rush Limbaugh puts it. Logic suggests Romney lost because there are too many people supping at the public trough and he would have cut that back. Romney would have shifted focus from welfare to creating a more robust economy. Someone said the best welfare program is a job, something the Democrats have so far failed to create in any meaningful numbers. But with millions welded to the government, no one espousing serious changes can be elected. As an aside to my fellow commenters, never believe the media. Their job is not to inform but rather to collect readers and viewers and thus advertisers.

Eugene, OR

Sometimes I think that DN should have just pretended that Romney won last November so they could spend the next eight years running stories about his triumphant "presidency." Nearly eight months later and they'll still look for any excuse to run a story about him...

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