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Published: Thursday, June 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Hatch...why are you voting with RINO McCain, Reid, and other left wing hacks, while the true conservatives are voting NO! There is no Border Security and nothing in this bill that stops another surge of 20 million illegals crossing the border in the next five yrs creating the same problem you are trying to solve today! If you vote with McCain....you are a true RINO!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

If 40,000 people broke into a stock holders meeting for Microsoft and sat there for 20 years in clear violation of the law, why would that company or any other company give them the right to vote?

Beyond ridiculous.

Democrats spy on the American people in the name of security and yet refuse to enforce the boarder. The only think they are concerned with is winning the next election.

This bill bars illegal aliens from Obama-Care but allows they to work here legally. Employers can save about $3,000 a year by hiring illegal aliens rather than our own high school dropouts. I guess the Democrats call this "Social Justice".

Hatch and McCain supposedly have not problem with that.

Vote Republicrat.

Hyrum, UT

Since the federal government has for decades failed so miserably at securing our southern border, it's hard to understand why this bill grants provisional legal status to undocumented illegals. With that sorry record, the government needs a strong incentive to make sure their intent of a secure border actually takes place before any illegal aliens are given any kind of legal status... provisional or otherwise.

And even at that, it's still hard to understand why we should be rewarding illegal immigrants with a pathway to citizenship... especially after finding out the net cost to American taxpayers will be in the trillions of dollars.
And since when should any illegal activity ever be rewarded with anything positive? I thought the governments job is to find and punish people who break the law.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Much ado about nothing...

This bill has absolutely NO CHANCE of EVER being brought before the House.

The Senate refuses to do the same thing on bills coming from the House...

The efficacy of a bill notwithstanding...

Until we elect people (not R's or D's or I's) but people who actually SERVE the voters instead of padding their net worth, we are stuck (I could have used a different word but the moderator would never have accepted it).

tucson, az

Senator Hatch did the same thing with his TARP vote five years ago. He was against it until he voted for it. He always supports his mainstream (almost liberal) GOP buddies like McCain and Graham instead of supporting principles. Conservative Utahns are easily fooled because he campaigns like he is a tea partier. I emailed him and said I wouldn't vote for him ever after his flip flop on TARP and nothing has changed.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Shame on Hatch (again). He voted for this 1200 page law without reading it! It reportedly is full of pork, special favors, perks, and non-immigration benefits sneaked into the Bill.....plus it does not secure the border! We the People continue to grow angry as politicians refuse to vote with the people and make deals with their cronies. Shameful. I saw him in our ward before the election....I hope he returns again because I am going to give him a piece of my mind.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm sure the House has enough votes to get it through... if Boehner brings it up. I have no idea what he'll do (he does have the option of trying to pass a much more conservative bill though he'd lose a ton of democratic votes and might not have enough of his own to get it through). In the end the conference committee would decide the final parameters of the bill.

Riverside, CA

Good for you Senator Hatch.

The status quo is bad for everyone and there will never be a perfect bill. I applaud those who have the courage to tackle this issue.

Lehi, UT

I applaud Senator Hatch. Though he doesn't feel the bill is perfect, it is enormous progress. Senator Lee, and other conservatives, sit in the wings wanting a perfect bill and as a result nothing gets done.

This country was built on compromise. Hatch is old enough and wise enough to realize it.

Cedar Hills, UT

this photo of McCain slapping hands with Schumer speaks thousands....This is the reason that Bob Bennett was thrown out of the Senate ...much too cozy with the good ole boys club of the far left demo-rats. Schumer is one of the worst. McCain might as well be a demo-rat since he loves to bash Rand Paul and Mike Lee and loves to put his arm around his good buddie chuckie Schumer. Hopefully the senate will have another wave of conservatives wash out the purple republicans like McCain in 2014. Unfortunately McCain has 4 more years I believe.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

Thanks to Senator Hatch for compromising and doing what's best for the country. As a staunch Republican, I worry about the lack of compassion and rational, realistic solutions espoused by the far right. While they have their place in balancing things out, I fear them almost as much as I fear the principles espoused by Democrats. The far right espouses fiscal conservity but turns around and proposes solutions that the country can ill afford. Not only can we not afford to hunt all illegal aliens down and export them, but it lacks compassion for those who have committed the equivalent of a minor misdemeanor in an effort to provide for their family.

The vast majority of problems caused by illegal alien activity would be solved with a more compassionate and realistic approach. I fear that the hysteria that many members of the far right exhibit is the result of racial prejudice against the hispanic, rather than a realistic look at the facts and feasibility of implementing solutions. I have come to realize that racism is far from dead in the United States and the Republican party has been overly-influenced by a minority of its members.

Orem, UT

If the bill is 1200 pages long, why are you all commenting on its passage...one way or the other? If Senator Hatch hasn't read it, I doubt whether any of us have read it.

If it truly provides a path to legal status for folks that have been living and working here with their families, I welcome it. If it ensures we secure the border, I would vote for it. The fact it angers folks on both sides of the aisle is probably a good thing.

Ogden, UT

Senator Hatch voted for the welfare of the United States. Lee didn't. Business as usual.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wanna know the difference between Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid?

NOTHING....they are both LIBERALS!

Ogden, UT

Dear Sen. Hatch, You are the man I always knew you were and today you have proved it. Do you remember these words? "We can no longer grant amnesty. I fought against the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill because they granted amnesty to 3 million people. They should have to get in line like anybody else if they want to come into this country and do it legally." If your memory is as bad as your word these are your words when you were begging us for our votes. Shame Shame to you! You make me embarrassed to admit I ever voted for you.

Saint George, UT

when are all you Democrats and Republicans going to stand on principle, rather than democratic 'compromise"? Love of country means standing up for the Constitution and liberty, rather than 'ideology'. If you know something is wrong and fail to correct it, you are thinking of yourself! If anybody here thinks that this bill is going to 'fix' the problem, it won't!

Provo, UT

A company has 100 employees, and decide they need 5 more. . If they choose to hire five U.S. citizens or if they choose to hire five legal permanent residents--five legal immigrants--they face a penalty of $25,000 for doing so--$5,000 apiece right off his bottom line to the IRS. In contrast, if they decide instead to hire five amnestied individuals, who came here illegally among those 11 million who are here illegally but granted RPI legalization under the Gang of 8 bill, the company pays a penalty of zero dollars.

In this instance, who is the company going to hire? This bill creates an enormous incentive to hire those here illegally, and at the same time it does it by creating a statutory penalty for hiring U.S. citizens or legal immigrants.

Clearfield, UT

Beaver Native. I concur with your comments. The far right is loosing political influence and they know it. Let's do the right thing and make sure Mike Lee is a one term Senator. I suspect there are already several prominent Republicans already preparing to challenge him. If the house refuses to pass comprehensive immigration reform they will live to regret it.


@NeilT and Brave Native - I find the charge of racism to be so totally intellectually vapid that I wonder if it's not simple intellectual dishonesty. Certainly it's intellectually shallow if you really believe it. Why do you think the same people had the same vehemence for Bill Clinton, and for Nancy Pelosi? Why do you think the far right faction loves Herman Cain, Mia Love, and Elbert Guillory, a black Louisiana state legislator who recently switched parties to become Republican?

Here's a clue - it has EVERYTHING to do with party and/or ideology, and NOTHING to do with race. Make some effort to understand passionate differences in governing philosophy, and you'll see the entire reason the far right dislikes President Obama. Do you really think they would like Nancy Pelosi one bit better as president? Oh yeah - then it would be because they're sexist. You know, because Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman probably aren't women, just like Herman Cain and Mia Love probably aren't really black since they're political darlings of the far right.

I don't understand why people like you can't fathom that others actually have honest philosophical differences.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT


I didn't say or imply that all or even most on the far right are racists; I only believe that too many are motivated by racism to one degree or another, even if they don't admit it, even to themselves. I believe that the majority of Republicans are acting out of honest philosophical differences, just as most Democrats are acting out of honest philosophical differences. I believe that the majority of both parties are acting on what they believe to be true. It is those who twist the facts on both sides of the line that are the ones to be feared. In my opinion, that clearly includes Reid, President Obama and Pelosi. I believe that Senator Lee and many in his class are acting out of honest philosophical differences. It's the few extremists who twist the facts and don't even try to look at reality, however, that seem to be getting the majority of the attention. As far as idealogy is concerned, idealogical differences are fine, so long as honesty and what realistically can be done are kept in perspective.

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