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Published: Wednesday, June 26 2013 11:15 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

I love the nervous nellies up north.
Worrying about every BYU move.

I'm sure the trade off for November games with S.C. was a two for one.
That's well worth it.
A BYU game in L.A. is home away from home anyway.

BYU can negotiate their own deals, their way.
Utah is clearly at the bottom of their league's pecking order.


@Papasmurf, "Today is media day. Hill stated he was the best QB in the nation, Van Noy will win the Heisman as the best LB in the history of college football, and the Y is off yet to another BCS game, and possibly the NC. It is the same thing, different day, and year with media day."

I have listened to the media day all day long and not once have I heard anybody mention what you posted earlier. I have heard the coaches and players talk about the excitement they have for the upcoming season, that the schedule is demanding, and they are looking forward to playing great teams.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


I am not delusional to think that the Utes are one of the top teams in the Pac 12, and don't think that they will be anytime soon, if ever.

You say that 3 of the biggest fan bases visited Provo. Ok, that may be partially true. 2 of the 4 best programs over the last decade have visited SLC before they were in the Pac 12. Oregon came into SLC ranked, after knocking off a ranked Michigan team, and the Utes beat them. Same with UCLA in 2007. They came in ranked 11th, just beat the little kitty's from Provo, and the Utes stomped them 44-6.

We can play this game, and go back and forth over and over again until we are both blue in the face. Each program has their strengths and weaknesses. The Y's is they have not beat the big named teams since Bronco took over, and their recruiting has suffered more and more since they became an Indy Wac team.

The Utes is they are having a very hard time playing with the big boys week in & out without the quality depth on their side. That will hopefully come with time.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


If you cannot detect the dripping sarcasm in my post, then I feel really bad for you as a Y fan. Most years we do hear the coaches or players down south talk about the BCS and NC. Even as soon as 2 years ago, Jake Heaps was proclaiming glory & greatness for the Y, when they had not done a single thing in the college football world since 1984 that was on a national scale.

I do think that the Y's schedule this year is more demanding than the past few. They only have 6-7 built in wins this year instead of 9-10. So while the national pundits say that the Y may play as many as 4 ranked teams this year, the same pundits state that the Utes in the middle of their season may play 8 weeks in a row with 7 of those 8 teams being ranked. The lone non ranked team on the list was Byu. So if this is the toughest Y schedule in their history, I wonder what that makes the Utes in comparison. We won't know if each team is that good until the season starts. I cant wait.

pocatello, ID

River Falls, WI
RE: WACPaddingOurSchedule

"More conformation that BYU is a low level afterthought, doing as they are told by signing yet another disadvantaged contract. More confirmation that BYU is considered a mid-major. USC also announced games against Idaho and New Mexico.
Kinda pathetic really."

Does that mean we have to start calling USC "Indy-WACers" now? And I wouldn't call SC "pathetic" if I were you... I'm pretty sure they own the U in football (and every other sport but gymnastics).


Nope. USC is just scheduling a blue & white cupcake.

Salt Lake City, UT

Michigan... USC... it's like BYU wants to have Utah's schedule.

pocatello, ID

West Point , UT
USC isn't traveling to Idaho or New Mexico...not the same really. And honesty who cares for Utah. Whether U play the Trojans at home or in the Colisseum the outcome will always be the same...yet another loss to a winning PAC12 team.


You mean like BYU losing to Utah?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

BYU v. utah

Which of the above games draws the most media, and national attention?? Nuff said.
What do both BYU and USC have in common? National Champions & Heisman Winners. Nuff said.
What do utah and USC have in common - both wear red jerseys. Nuff said.

South Jordan, UT

Isn't SLC closer than cougartown because of proximity to the airport? Love the chest thumping by my cougar friends. So what you have a PAC12 team coming to town in 6 years. In that same time frame we'll have 36 games in SLC, including 3 against USC. Not sure why this is even news really? I guess the cougs need something to celebrate these days.

Mesa, AZ

2-Star byu is now 2-3 against The PAC-12, although not in a back-to-back, week-in, week-out grind mind you, which makes it even worse!

2 wins against teams finishing at the bottom of the conference standings, getting brutalized at home by the only 2 teams which finished the season with a winning record, to the tune of 96-34, and they're 0-2 against UTAH!

Because of how utterly weak they are, 2-Star byu is forced to accept a 2 for 1 with USC, in order to lose 3 more games to The PAC-12!

BTW, DE Isaiah Nacua has de-committed from 2-Star byu and is squarely eying Big Brother up there on The Hill, instead! I absolutely love it!

Las Vegas, NV

Good pickup by BYU! If 2 for 1 is the best BYU can come up with to play GOOD teams in November than I'm good with that. Some Ute comments are directed towards why BYU would accept the 2 for 1 format (some asking with a hint of sarcasm) so here's your answer. BYU wants to reach out to its fanbase which is a national fanbase (Yes, it's true) not Notre Dame "national" but "national" nevertheless. You'll find a good number of BYU fans anywhere in the country, so that requires BYU to play road games to reach out to them. It's a combination of the ESPN, BYUtv, and road appearances that will outreach BYU to their fans nationwide. Another plus side is a win against good teams on the road look better on a resume for postseason than a win at home. This is not the main reason but a side note.

Hampton, VA

Why is USC trying to be like an SEC team, scheduling a gimme game at the end of the year? BYU has been getting man-handled by a "low-tier" PAC-12 team the past few years!

West Point , UT

Papa Smurf:
Very reasonable assessment and post. You're right I could argue with Oregon etc (because Oregon and UCLA both did home homes with BYU as well). The biggest names/programs in CFB haven't visited SLC. Penn State, ND, Texas, USC, Washington, etc have all visited Provo but not SLC.

I also realize recruiting has suffered a little, but seems to be rebounding with some of the 2014 prospects/commitments. BYU knew independence wouldn't be easy, buts it's definitely proven to be better financially and in terms of exposure than the MW. As far as losing to big time ranked teams there isn't much difference between Bronco and Whitt...neither one has a stellar record against BCS ranked teams, with Kyle's only big victory coming against Bama. And Kyle seems to struggle against ranked teams regardless of BCS affiliation...47-7 loss to TCU, 26-3 loss to Boise. Bronco actually has a better record against ranked opponents.

I agree, I hope Utah can be more competitive over time. Their challenge will be consistently out recruiting and out coaching the elite programs in the PAC12...a daunting task.

West Point , UT

"Why is USC trying to be like an SEC team, scheduling a gimme game at the end of the year? BYU has been getting man-handled by a "low-tier" PAC-12 team the past few years!"

Maybe they saw what the Cougs did to a GT team that "man-handled" them in their bowl game. They see BYU as a competitive program to help their resume. They couldn't care less about Utah or what BYU has done against them, considering Utah has been mediocre since joining their league...btw Utah's recent success isn't indicative of how close and tough the rivalry has been. Ute fans are quick to forget that from 2006-09 BYU won 3/4. USC already has their gimme win in the state against Utah every year. This was about scheduling a competitive, perennial top 25 team...not a 2 hit wonder.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Laughable that USC will play BYU but Utah will not

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

The new Utah 2-1... one game at LES, two years off.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We're gonna pound these guys just like we always pound Utah.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Seriously? 2019, 2021, 2023?

These games are scheduled so far in the future, there is a better chance these games will get bought out and not played than they will be played.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Too bad they have to go 2 for 1, but getting USC on the schedule is worth it. Playing teams like this helps gain exposure and increases revenue. Games are scheduled so far out though; a lot could happen and change between now and then.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

CougFaninTX: So the Trojans can play who they want, when they want; but the Utes have no control over their schedule. One more affirmation that the Utes made it to the big boy table, but are still sitting in a high chair.


That's hilarious considering we controlled the schedule enough to cancel the BYU game. Utah decided to cancel it because we can. As far as playing in November, besides Stanford and Oregon I can't imagine any other team be allowed to play non-conference games.

@Wiscougarfan: Does that mean we have to start calling USC "Indy-WACers" now?

No, they didn't bail the PAC-10 to join the WACC or become Indy and look for 1-for-2 deals.

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