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Published: Monday, June 24 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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And the purpose of your lawsuit is what? Greed! It's too bad it happened at all, but to file a lawsuit where the only goal is to get money is wrong. Move on.

Layton, UT

I know of someone who fought legally to change things back in that era because she discovered this abuse going on. There are probably hundreds of additional victims who have not requested any sort of compensation for the abuse they suffered back in that era.

The LDS church takes every one of these cases VERY seriously now. When they first surfaced there was a lot of resistance to it, but things have changed in the past four decades. We talk openly about these topics, hoping that victims will come forward and will expose these heinous acts, so that the perpetrators and the victims can get the help they need.

I hope these people who are suing will be able to find some sort of solace, because money is not going to fix everything, and if this is all about punishing the LDS church, well, besides attacking the wrong target, it will never bring healing.

Brigham City, UT

wwookie: "...the man claims the church leadership called a previously known pedophile to be scout master." Please go back and re-read the article...


I am disturbed by this lawsuit. I know the church has zero tolerance for this type of behavior and is not accepted in any form.In saying that, I to believe that this is a money grab as well. Many individuals in our country and around the world know that the church is well funded. What they don't know is that the funds are scared. The Lord's church has no paid clergy and most members give a great deal of their time in serving in a pleasing manner or at least they strive to. And the BSA has always tried to keep a high standard when it comes to their leadership.

However, since these allegations have come forward now, perhaps it will open the eyes of many regarding the homosexual debate.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Clearly, known homosexuals should NEVER be allowed to serve a scout leaders.

After all these years, I think it's obvious that this is a money grab. These accusers and their lawyers are going after the deep pockets. If these men were victimized, I'm sorry for them, but a lawsuit like this is pointless and will do nothing to help anyone after all these years. I hope the case is summarily dismissed.

Sandy, UT

These are tough cases. On the one hand you feel for any victim of abuse. On the other, there has been a guilty until proven innocent approach to these cases. Every scout leader knows that they are one false accusation away from having their reputation destroyed. Proving the negative is always difficult, but 28 years later is next to impossible. The law should really put a statute of limitations at 3 years after the alleged victims turn 18. Additionally, there should be limits on the liability of organizations that have programs in place to prevent sich things. Every 2 years all scout leaders have to take courses on avoiding such things. It is a volunteer organization that helps millions of boys. It is too bad that these attorneys see it as the deep pocket. I hope they take the case all the way to trial

Lindon, UT

Can you say "money grab?"

Tooele, UT

Re: "Why didn't they bring this up until now? I hope the courts see it as the money grab it is."

This press release has but one motive -- the trial attorneys are seeking other victims to add to the plaintiff list, making it more likely BSA and the Church will settle, rather than defend this highly questionable action.

Follow the money.

South Jordan, UT

If it happened, it's very sad and the abusers need to be prosecuted.

Why wait til now? The accusers are in their 40's. I believe the jury will see it as many of us are seeing it.


@Chris --

"I can't figure why the BSA won't allow gay leaders."

I can't either, Chris!

Most likely, the abusers in these cases were married, "normal"-appearing members of their communities.

To compare, here's a few cases of abuse within the BSA from the last several years ("year" is of the article -- not the year of the crime):

2012 (conviction 1999), Philadelphia -- married, prominent LDS member
2011, Pueblo -- divorced (not a leader)
2009, Orem -- married scout leader
2005, New York -- married scout leader, prominent Baptist church member
2002, Denver/New York -- married scout leader

Statistics from the Child Advocacy Center show that 75% of all male child molesters are "married or have consenting sexual relationships (with women)" and that "only about 4 percent of same-sex abuse involves homosexual perpetrators".

A classic study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior demonstrated that "sexual orientation was not related to the sex of the victim targeted" and that "men who molested boys often had adult relationships with women".

In reality, there is more risk from scouts and scout leaders who appear to be "normal heterosexuals" than from people who are open and honest about their homosexuality.

Tampa, FL

For hese plaintiffs to go after the Church is a far stretch at best. In cases of abuse and sexual assault, usually the victims go after the individuals who did it, not an organization that can't be proved responsible. Despite the close relationship that's found between the Church and the BSA, the two are not synonymous or interchangeable. The plaintiffs are going to be very hard pressed to find evidence that the Church instigated the alleged abuse, as well as physical proof that the abuse happened. It was so long ago - if the information in the article is correct - that I highly doubt any physical proof will be found. "He said, she said" type cases tend to get thrown out very easily, because circumstantial evidence is so flimsy in the eye of the law

Saint George, UT

At age 16 I was abused by my senior home teaching companion. I only allowed it to happen one time and immediately reported him to my bishop. He fled and I never even thought of sueing the church for his individual actions. His sins never bothered me. That wsa 51 years ago. 27 to 41 years later is a little late for these men to be sueing for money when they should have resolved it many years ago.

Allen, TX

Why wasn't the Elk's Club named as a defendant? No Money.

"they happened between 28 and 41 years ago and the plaintiffs aren't named."

Hmmmmm.... 4 or 5 of my Scoutmasters exposed themselves to me 35 years ago. I guess it's time for my pay day!!! Or maybe they were just peeing on a tree.....

I WAS sexually abused as a child, though not by a Scout or Church leader, so I know whereof I speak when I say this case is not about healing, it is about money. Otherwise they would have named names and gone after the individuals.

Clearfield, UT

This is just another pathetic example of how selective outrage and hypocrisy of the free press and evil agendas are being selectively pushed in our faces.

If all the bleeding hearts, including the attorneys and accusers and media, were sincerely against pedophilia, child sexual molestation and slavery, they might gain credibility by going after the real plague rather than exposing their hateful, evil, anti-god, "freedom of religion" bogus agenda in the front pages.

Go ahead, make my day by exposing the tens of thousands of real cases of pedophilia in the sexual progressive’s world and horrific cases of child sexual torture and violence and human trafficking, then perhaps maybe what was to me bogus propaganda will actually turn into a proactive remedy to the evil sexual plagues of today.

Fruit Heights, Utah

First, abuse of any kind is wrong, as one of Americas most notorious criminals said I rob banks becasue that is where the money is, well Boy Scouts is where the boys are. Most people do not realize that a boy is 4 times safer from child abuse in a Scouting activity than in his own home. However it seems no amount of counseling or other help is adequate until the sleezy lawyers jump in with the "green salve" then miraculously everything seems to be ok. Sad bordering on disgusting.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

An organization or business can only know so much about the employee or volunteer, so until something actually happens, they don't know there is a problem. If they get rid of the individual after things are exposed then the victim needs to go after the individual who assaulted them, not the organization. I don't know why all of a sudden they all felt like they needed to bring this to trial at one time. Have these individuals been friends for all these years and talked about this or did the lawyers advertise a lawsuit? More info is needed.I do believe they were abused but it's strange that they all came forward together. I hope they can move on and get the help (mentally that they need)

Huntsville, u

OK, So I went to a Catholic school back in the '50's. If I needed or just wanted money, could I come up with a lie now and say I was molested? Good grief! I'll bet a lot more money grabbers and scumbag lawyers are drooling over this one.

Yes, these pedifiles need to be stopped, but not 40 years later. What is the point?

provo, UT

Please don't invalidate the awful, life changing experiences these men went through; let the courts pass judgement.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

We need to take precautions and protections seriously. We need to do all we can to prevent abuse of any kind.

When abuse does occur it should be reported to the police as quickly as possible.

Allen, TX

Amazondoc said, "only about 4 percent of same-sex abuse involves homosexual perpetrators".

and then said, "In reality, there is more risk from scouts and scout leaders who appear to be "normal heterosexuals" than from people who are open and honest about their homosexuality."

Way to spin statistics, Doc, but since the general populace is 2% gay, their share of same-sex abuse is twice what it should be per capita.

While it is true that there are more total numbers of sicko heterosexual men who commit same-sex child abuse, don't try to paint it as boys being safer with homosexual leaders. It is plainly untrue.

By your statistics, if volunteering in equal numbers, more boys would be molested by gay scout leaders than by straight ones.

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