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Published: Thursday, June 20 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Poplar Grove, UT

No, it wasn't because of the R at all. It's because I met Mr. Swallow when he was running for Jim Matheson's seat in the House (2002?) I didn't like him then, I didn't like him when he was running for AG. So maybe I did have a bias, but not because of his political affiliation.

Poplar Grove, UT

However, when it comes to impeachment I think you might not understand the procedure correctly. If he is brought up on articles of impeachment it doesn't mean that he is automatically removed from office, far from it. The way it works is a House committee investigates(like what is happening now) if they decide to proceed it goes to the full body. If the full body votes yes to impeach in a simple up/down vote it goes to the Senate for trial. If the senate votes yes in a 2/3 majority to impeach then the official is removed from office. PBS NewsHour has a good article on it. It's speaking about the US constitution, but Utah's rules are identical so you can use any info on the federal rules and apply it to the state as well.

Kearns, UT


You need to listen to the Google+ Hangout recording of Speaker of the House Lockhart and Rep. Cox. They specifically stated that impeachment is a process, and IS "the investigative tool of the House of Representatives." As they clearly stated, after having extensively studied the impeachment process, if there is a vote for impeachment in the House, then a committee is formed which INVESTIGATES the allegations and uses that investigative process to write up the articles of impeachment- the actual charges.

Currently, they have chosen to convene a special investigative committee, rather than formally start the investigative process with impeachment. That is their choice. But, an actual vote for impeachment would start the formal investigative process, culminating in the House with article of impeachment, if they found there to be reason to write them.

They Speaker Lockhart and Rep. Cox have been looking at this a lot harder than you or me and I'm inclined to take their word on how the process works over yours.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

Fourth way to return trust to the state AG office? Elect or appoint a Democrat.

Kearns, UT

Wrong Wasatch A1.

It is to elect a Democrat, or Republican, or Libertarian, or Independent (or whomever) who has shown their integrity and is above reproach. It's not about parties. It's about individual.

George Washington watched as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison battled it out, creating the first parties in our country, then warned us in his farewell address:

[I] "warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party, generally."

No one person, no one party has all the right answers. In this case, simply trading a Republican for a Democrat, is not the answer and that attitude is what has gotten this state and country into the mess it's in.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe we should have a attorney general promote alleged felons projects?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


There are two completely different things going on.

1. The voters looked at John Swallow, evaluated him and selected him as the person whom they wanted in the office of attorney general.

2. Impeachment is for "high crimes and misdemeanors" after taking office (at least on the Federal Level).

What has John Swallow done since taking office that is worthy of impeachment?

What right does any party or any part of any party have to remove a person from office whom the people have selected? What right does any person in government have to infer that we are stupid for electing John Swallow?

Many of the "allegations" were front page news before the general election. The people made their choice. It's time to get over the witch hunt and let Mr. Swallow do his job. If he has committed a felony, then let the court convict him and we'll deal with that after the trial.

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