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Published: Tuesday, June 18 2013 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Allen, TX


Aunt Sue

Now that is a good mom. She is not worried about her child 'liking' her or being her 'friend'. She is concerned about the skills her child will need as he grows to manhood. She knows that overcoming 'hard things' helps us all to grow, to become confident, to build real self-esteem. Drops of Awesome, Mom.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Very wise Mother and woman. We want to be popular with our children, grandchildren, etc. but it doesn't help those children grow into strong, kind and forgiving adults. Tough things make us strong, force us to reflect on what is the most important. She is a good example.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID


My wife and I often say, "if it's not hard (parenting), we're not doing it right."

orem, UT

A high school graduate child of ours procrastinated getting a summer job and ended up not having their share of money for college tuition previously agreed upon (well before summer started). This child missed the first semester of their college experience, lost their dorm contract, missed rooming with a good friend, stayed home and worked that first semester, very unhappily, while their peers began college.

Like this wise mom, we could not give our child the easy way out. This child has since thanked us for being a wall they could not get around and now takes responsibility for the successful management of their own lives.

I loved this article. What a beautiful comparison to how our Heavenly Father works with us and what a strong mom to be willing to break her own heart so her child could learn. Excellent.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

Please stop teaching trashy language to children. Don't push children to do things when they are really sick, it could damage their health.


This is actually a really good metaphor to explain why The Lord allows us to go through trials and opposition in this life, instead of shielding us from all pain, as a parent instinctively would want to do. Without opposition and trials, it is impossible for us to grow and progress. It also shows us how by becoming and serving as earthly parents, we are preparing ourselves for becoming spiritual parents ourselves at some point in the future after our exaltation. Everything in this life is part of being in a preparatory state, in one way or another.

G L W8

Long Lost, your criticism is lost on me! Didn't you get the point that the asthma attack was grossly overplayed by the son; that the Mom knew he wasn't in imminent danger? In reality, he was delaying making a fearsome choice and difficult activity.

And while I don't personally use the single colloquial word the mom used, I can appreciate that often we need to simplify terms to levels children will understand. I'd say overall, she used a rational understandable approach in her conversation with her child.

You might consider that this was in many ways a more hard thing to do for the mother than it was for the child. But both will be better off in the long run if the child learns to overcome fears and face difficult challenges.

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