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Published: Saturday, June 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"The cost of the missing items totaled $465,142.97, or an average of $11,344 per item, ABC reported."

A reported valuation **many times** any reasonable retail price. And, remember folks, all of these "stolen" items were **used**. In any normal court, the only recovery value would be either the actual price paid (requiring receipt documentation) or, more likely, a depreciated value. It would **never** be more than what the things cost new!

Ya'know, I would **love** to know what the IRS would allow as a value for "reasonable deduction" on these things!? Particularly if the claim were made by someone associated with the conservative groups the IRS has been targeting for the last few years.

This is just one more on a growing list of glaring examples of how utterly corrupt this group of people are. They should **never** have been put in control of our lives!

I can only hope and pray voters will remember when it counts during the next election.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Looks like the "have-not"s are a lot more wealthy than we are led to believe.

samhill also brings up an excellent point about honesty. I've never heard of a #75k laptop, but then again I'm not an super-wealthy democrat.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would like to report a lost sense of what it means to be middle class........estimated worth priceless.
Who knows. I guess that that will teach 'em to not take valuables to a gathering of politicians. It's amazing that half the people didn't come out wearing a different suit than they came in with.

DN Subscriber 2

A police report is needed to file an insurance claim.

An inflated value in the police report may result in a higher payoff.

In this case, I see nearly every one of these as a blatant attempt to commit fraud on any insurance company involved.

But, given the attitude of most Democrats towards insurance companies, they probably think it is perfectly okay to steal from them. I hope the insurance companies fight back and go after any attempts to commit fraud, and file charges, and name names!


You have a ring your grandmother gave you - is the value of that ring the $150 to buy a new ring, or is the value higher because a new ring doesn't really replace that ring?

What about the value of family photos? Is a painting worth only the cost of the paint and the canvas?

My guess is that much of the value placed on these items is not just the cost to replace the physical item, but the cost in time and manpower to replace the data.

A new dressage mare costs about $6,500 - but that doesn't stop Rafalca from being valued at $500,000.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


So each item had about $11,000 worth of data on it? Wow. To think that these "poor" Democrats have so much money to buy these things, but can't afford to back any of the data up.

I do understand why someone would inflate the prices a little, but what the Democrats are doing here is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way all these items are more than $10k.


@ Riverton Cougar: The Utah Legislature wanted to charge Democrats $16,500 for 17,000 pages of data related to redistricting - including fees for 500 hours of manpower to gather the data.

So, yes - according to the Utah Legislature - which is majority Republican - data and the manpower to gather it can very easily have a value over $11,000.

Milwaukee, WI

The idea of pricing work done as well is intriguing. But it doesn't explain things like:

$2,760 for an Apple Magic mouse, $1,242.00 for an Apple wireless keyboard, $435 for Apple earphones with mic, 22 inch HP LCD monitor for $2,730.00, Apple TV Speciality Item (whatever that is) for $891, and an iPhone for $30,503.00

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