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Published: Friday, June 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sugar City, ID

Would replacing the income tax with a national sales tax or a value added tax be a good idea? What are the drawbacks to a value added tax. It seems to me that it would be nowhere as complicated as the current income tax and would be fair.

Far East USA, SC

"only 27 percent of Americans would rate the job being done by the IRS as "excellent" or "good." "

Yes, the IRS is not popular with Americans. Big surprise there. Now, if only we could get Congress approval ratings to those levels.

There is waste, fraud and abuse (WFA) at all levels of government. Both sides tout that they can save the taxpayers BILLIONS by just combating WFA.

Yet, they never do. These guys are so focused on the things that the disagree on that they never even attempt to do things that EVERYONE agrees need to be done.

Hayden, ID

The root of IRS corruption (and all the other government scandals) is in the White House. Arrogance, narcissism, hubris and perceived unaccountability always filters down from the top or visa versa.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The I.R.S. is a problem, but the problem is not the I.R.S. The problem is government. Read the Constitution. Read it carefully. Read it without preconceptions of what you think the government should do. Read it in an effort to find out what authority the government was given by the people. Read it with a desire to fix the problem. If you do that, you'll find that most of the programs currently handled by the federal government are not authorized. You'll find that most of those programs should have been left to the States or to the people.

If we demand that the federal government strip itself of all self-imposed duties and if we demand that the federal government limit itself to the duties that we authorized it to have, then we will have a small federal government that is easy to oversee and easy to control.

The problem is that we, the people, are too lazy to do our duty as citizens. We are too lazy to find and elect Representatives, Senators, and Presidents who actually believe in the Constitution.

salt lake city, utah

Mike, if each state were responsible for overseeing the quality of the food it produced do you believe that there would be in total fewer bureaucrats and less corruption, and at the same better quality food?

Far East USA, SC


I have to believe that you have been an ardent Ron Paul supporter. The Libertarian movement and Ron Paul specifically have been much bigger supporters of the constitution than either the R or D.

However, keep in mind that with that comes lots of things that you probably don't want or like.


"The root of IRS corruption (and all the other government scandals) is in the White House. "

You may well be right, but it should not be stated as fact. Personally, I want the truth and accountability. Regardless of where that lies.

Maybe it is in the White House and maybe not. You do not know that.

Do you really want the truth, or do you just want partisan investigations that are unacceptable unless the conclusion implicates Obama?

Ogden, UT

This Government is the one the Founding Fathers warned us about. If we as a Country do not demand real change by shrinking this bloated animal we have what we deserve. Do you trust this Government?

Pleasant Grove, UT

What a bright idea!
An abusive agency
Enforcing health care.

Hayden, ID

@ Joe Blow. This much I know:
#1: Our federal government has become corrupt and has forgotten its place as we have suffered one scandal and abuse of government power after another with denial, irresponsibility and feigned ignorance emanating from the White House.
#2: Leaders always define and guide the culture of any organization, good or bad.
#3: Barrack Obama is the leader of our government.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The root of the problem at the IRS is... "Human Nature".

To understand government, you have to understand human nature. Some people bestow SUPER-human traits to those in Government. That's why they are constantly shocked when stuff like this happens. Others understand that people in government are no different than you and I. That they have the same motivations, the same weaknesses, the same petty grudges, the same tendency to let loyalty to their group/party or their idols in government overshadow their own innate morality and propriety... and lower themselves to abusing the power being in government gives them... and try to side_track groups protesting the government (ie Tea_Party), and intimidate and put a chill over the people who may investigate the government (used to be those in the media), and gather information on the population that can be used for good, but could also be used by a future unscrupulous and power_hungry administration to target specific people to control the population.

That's why the founding fathers were so right on and so timeless. Huge leaps in understanding government and human nature were coming out about the time America was formed.

Salt Lake City, UT


Ignoring the elephant in the living room will not make it go away. Would Douglas Shulman, a Democrat that Bush appointed in an ill advised attempt at bipartisanship, visiting the Obama WH 153 times raise any questions? Does the IRS Cincinnati offices statement that the directive to inappropriately target conservatives came from Washington trouble you? Is giving information to the George Soros financed Propublica your idea of proper IRS function? The left's criteria seems to be, do all the investigating you want as long as it does not implicate Obama.

salt lake city, utah

Here's a little connection for you MOHOCAT. Bloated government is nothing more than a logical response to a bloated population. Population of US has gone up nearly 130% since WWII. Population of US has gone up nearly 40% since 1980. You all in this culture keep having kids like there are no consequences and then when there are you scream foul..evil.

Hemlock. The head of the IRS visited the White House 11 times in 4 years of Obamas first administration. He was cleared to visit 157 times only made it 11. BTW the head of the IRS visited Bush 18 times in 4 years. Just keep searching. Like I said before this is as close to the White House as you're going to get.

Far East USA, SC

Luckily it has taken over 200 years for our federal government to become corrupt.

Up until Obama, there was never abuse of power, corruption or scandals.

I agree the IRS thing is very troubling. The AP issue to a lesser extent but still troubling and Benghazi, while highlighting the many problems that existed, is not a scandal.

Unfortunately, partisans only carp about the other sides "scandals" while giving their side a pass.

I want to get to the bottom of these and find the truth. Let blame and consequences fall where they may. Personally, I don't care if that is Obama or not. But, I want the truth.

Many would not be satisfied if the truth did not implicate Obama.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

This government seems 10 times more corrupt than under Bush. Until the public unions are cancelled we will have this problem. Government workers should not be allowed to vote as it is a conflict of interest. Same for lawyers.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Many people have traded freedom for comfort and convenience. That want to "feel good", thinking that the federal government is protecting them from abuse by those evil corporations that might sell them tainted food. They trade their freedom to use their responsibility as citizens to care for themselves and for their families for "feeling good".

For those people who insist that we need inspectors, there is no reason that the State cannot inspect food and water. It's not that difficult. Washington does not have a lock on the protocols and procedures that inspectors use.

Have you tried to cross the border into California? Were you able to take any produce into that State? They have laws prohibiting uninspected produce from entering California. They do not rely on the Federal Government.

We do not have federal police giving us traffic tickets.

Regulation of Interstate Commerce does not require Federal inspectors. It simply requires laws to keep States from imposing import fees from other States.

The Federal Government should be a model of simplicity and efficiency. It is the opposite. It has grown into a monstrosity that no one can control.

Far East USA, SC

"Government workers should not be allowed to vote as it is a conflict of interest. Same for lawyers."

Let me guess. Just another Freedom Loving, Constitution supporting patriot.

Those who work for the government cant vote (has to include the military) because it is a conflict of interest, while our congress can accept hundreds of $$millions$$ in lobbying and campaign donations from corporations but that is NOT a conflict of interest.

Pretty selective logic, dont you think?

salt lake city, utah

"For those people who insist that we need inspectors, there is no reason that the State cannot inspect food and water. It's not that difficult. Washington does not have a lock on the protocols and procedures that inspectors use." That wasn't the question Mike. If every state had a bureaucracy to govern the quality of food would you have fewer bureaucrats in total? Then secondly would you have better quality food? A large federal bureaucracy may be hard to control but fifty independent bureaucracies would be impossible. Now you would have to have a bureaucracy to control your own production and a bureaucracy to control the food coming in from other states..times fifity. California doesn't allow uninspected food to come into their state because they don't trust the other states, and neither do I trust 50 states to make up their own rules.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


The State already has inspectors. A brother-in-law, who just retired, worked as an inspector. He and all in that office worked for the State, not for the Federal Government.

When we pay taxes, why not have those taxes spent for workers in Utah, instead of sending that money to Washington? Why not pay people who live among us to do those things that WE want them to do, not the things that some office in Washington decides that they want us to have?

There is a reason that Article 1, Section 8 enumerated the duties of the Federal Government that Congress could tax us for. That is a very short list. ALL other duties are to be left to the State and to the people.

It's right there in black and white for every citizen to see. It is not hidden in some vault accessible only to the government.

No citizen, who respects the Constitution, would ever ask the Federal Government to do anything outside the authorized duties listed in the Constitution. Doing that would show a great disrespect for the Constitution.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree. The States can do almost everything the Federal Government has taken over. The States can govern themselves for the most part. They just can't regulate interstate relations/travel/commerce, national military, and nation-wide stuff like that. But if it's an intrastate issue... they can govern it.

As for Government employees not having a vote (under the pretense that it's a conflict of interest)... bogus. They are citizens and ALL citizens get a vote (conflict or not). If we were going to disqualify all people who benefit from the government from voting... not one citizen would be able to vote.

But we should never turn a blind eye to our Government. We must remain vigilant and watchful over our government and not act blind because OUR party is in power. Because the laws passed now can and will be used by any future possibly less-good person.

We need to keep using our right to vote to keep the government in check. The answer to everything is VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. If you DON'T like what the current administration is doing... vote them out next chance you get. Never quit watching them.

salt lake city, utah

Mike, well we disagree on what the constitution allows as do most Americans and the SCOTUS, however the point still is yes the States do have inspectors of all kinds but the minimum standards for food, drugs, or air are standards set by the Federal Government. Some and I would guess most states also have state specific regulations but peaches grown in Alabama have to meet the same minimum standards as peaches grown in Georgia, or California, and no I don't trust each state to have it's own quality standards.

Local control sounds appealing until I have to rely on the control of an area over which I have no influence. It might have worked when everyone grew their own food, but I want to know that everything I consume meets minimum standards regardless of where it originates.

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