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Holmoe shares insight on future of Y athletics

Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 9:25 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT


"Your user name indicates how much BYU needs Utah on their schedule!"

Don't kid yourself.

A conference bottom-dwelling big boy wannabe will be easy to replace with a much better nationally respected opponent, especially in September.

Provo, UT

@Clark "What's with Y fans claiming BYU is the big brother? BYU can't even beat Utah anymore!"

Bro, it wasn't that long ago that BYU had taken 3 out of 4 from Utah and the shoe was on the other foot. Utah's got scoreboard over the last three years, but spare me with the "BYU can't even beat Utah anymore". Two of the last three wins were given to you on a silver platter by BYU.

Also, back in 2008, Boston College beat Notre Dame for the 6th time in a row. Are you trying to tell me that you would consider Notre Dame to be Boston College's little brother at that point?

Utah is the 'little' brother because their fans base is less than half the size of BYU's, their 'legacy' consists of 2 BCS wins...and they constantly use beating BYU as their metric of success.

That's about as 'little brotherish' as it gets.

Go Cougars!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Based on the comments by the AD at BYU, they are still trying to validate themselves as an independent program. Holmoe himself had said that there would be changes in the football program. So far, this has only been window dressing. A once successful athletic program at BYU on a national level is struggling to schedule teams to play in footbal and looking at low level bowl games. Holmoe talks about alot of games with other teams, yet there is nothing that has been confirmed on a long-term basis. My question would be whether or not there is a long-term plan for athletics at BYU. It seems that we have long since seen the best of BYU athletics.


Alpine, UT said:


""Your user name indicates how much BYU needs Utah on their schedule!""

Don't kid yourself.

A conference bottom-dwelling big boy wannabe will be easy to replace with a much better nationally respected opponent, especially in September."

Given BYUs record against nationally respected opponents the past few years, The Cougs are just Idaho and New Mexico State in blue and white uniforms. A payout, nothing else for BYU.

Provo, UT

As for religion being the biggest factor in keeping BYU (and Baylor) out of the PAC 10, I think that's pretty obvious to everybody besides Utah fans. Of course the PAC 10 isn't going to say that, but a lot of other people have referred to it:

Berry Trammel, The Oklahoman: "And no way is Baylor attractive to the Pac-10. The Pac-10 always has been allergic to Brigham Young, another church-based school. Baylor is the nation's largest Baptist university. A Baptist friend of mine says Baylor actually is quite liberal in Baptist eyes, but I don't think that's a concept Berkeley recognizes, liberal Baptist."

Matthew Smith, Scout: "BYU comes with its own set of issues. They won't play sports on Sundays, they're a very religious university (which is NOT a good cultural fit with the Pac-10)..."

George Schroeder, Sports Illustrated: "Ditto for BYU, even though the Cougars bring a larger fan base and TV market to the table. No one in the Pac-10 will say it aloud, but a religious school like BYU isn't getting an invitation."

River Falls, WI

RE: Two for Flinching

" Succeeding in the MWC was great, but when Utah succeeds in the PAC-12 it will be on a national level."

Great, I'm glad you feel that way. So this means you can stop talking about 2004 and 2008, three and a row and eight of eleven... after all, those things weren't national so they don't really matter. Indeed, now that you've moved on you don't even need to post on BYU articles anymore. Thanks in advance.

Orem, UT


"Given BYUs record against nationally respected opponents the past few years, The Cougs are just Idaho and New Mexico State in blue and white uniforms."

Since 2008:

BYU is 2-10 (17%) versus 12 ranked opponents with wins coming against #18/#18 Utah and #16/#17 Utah State.

Utah is 1-8 (13%) versus 9 ranked opponents with Utah's lone win coming against ur/#25 BYU.

If BYU's record against nationally ranked opponents the past few years makes the Cougars just Idaho and New Mexico State in blue and white uniforms, what does that make a conference bottom dweller and bowl game no show like U?

Face it, your flash-in-the-pan glory days have faded almost as quickly as they began.

Just like the 80's, BYU has once again become your bowl game.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

The Deuce

You obviously haven't been following BYU athletics very closely the last few years if your only take on the entire program is that it's more difficult to schedule 12 games, instead of 3, or that it's harder to negotiate bowl-game tie-ins as an Independent, than as a member of an entire conference.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

I hope that you all realize that Y fans can and did get onto that poll and skewed the results of the voting. I do that all the time when I happen to come across a Y poll. I make it look worse than it actually is. If it was all UTE fans voting on that poll and there was no way a non UTE fan could vote, than I may actually believe the results of that poll.

There are some UTE fans that would rather beat the Y and not make it to a bowl game. The majority though of true UTE fans these days would rahter see us lose to the Y and beat the teams in the PAC 12 and make a bowl game, and win that game. I want the rivalry to continue, as it has been fun for me to watch my UTES beat the Y most years since I was 9 years old back in 1988 when they won 57-28. I have been to every single rivalry game since that time. They are fun to go to, and a great atmosphere. Let's Keep the rivalry going. The UTES win more often than not.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice article that highlights the challenges of being in the world and not of the world in today's collegiate athletics. The only question is why the DN censors permit the off-topic, troll comments.

River Falls, WI

I agree with Papa SmurfUTE that the BYU/Utah rivalry is a great one. While the atmosphere in SLC and Provo doesn't quite reach that of Columbus, Madison, and South Bend the games are always intense and the fans are equally passionate about their teams.

I started watching "the holy war" a few years before Papa SmurfUTE so I've seen the Cougars come out on top more often than the Utes but this past decade has been a test of endurance. I'm hoping this year momentum can change direction.

I know fans have become sensitive about this whole rivalry vs. bowl game debate but I will unabashedly admit that I look forward more to the BYU/Utah game than any other game each season with few exceptions. Even living out here in Badger country and as a Big Ten alum I am more excited/anxious about the Ute game in Sept. than I am about the Cougars facing my Badgers. While I give the trolls a hard time because they are mostly blowing smoke I am glad there are passionate fans on both side of the rivalry. Go Cougs!

U 90
Corona, CA

"Utah barely beat us in 2010 and 2012"

Are Y fans really using this as an excuse? A win is a win. BYU won some very close games in 09, 07, 06, 01 etc. The Y fans using the close game excuse are missing the point.... Utah really does own you on the field. Three in a row, 8 of 11, 13 of 20, 56-34.

Harrisville, UT

I'll wager the number of calls Holmoe has taken this year from teams asking to schedule a football series with BYU numbers is more than Navel Vet's posts on this article, but barely.

Provo, UT


And BYU owns Utah in national prominence (National Championship, Heisman Trophy winner, perennial top-25 team, multiple conference championships, had one of the top 25 Dynasties in College Football according to Athlon).

"But...but...we OWN BYU head-to-head."

Congratulations. Your one major accomplishment in Utah's 'vaunted' legacy...that, and two BCS wins.

I can never tell which is more important to Ute fans.

Nobody cares about Utah outside of SLC. I don't, and I certainly don't care about them enough to go on their boards and make inane comments about them.

Utah is small-time. U are the equivalent of Washington St. There were two teams in the PAC 12 this last season that finished 9th or worse in football, basketball, AND baseball: Washington St and Utah.

It's pathetic that BYU has lost so many times to a team of that caliber.

It's even MORE pathetic that Utah IS a team of that caliber.

No wonder you're here on the BYU boards...there's not a whole lot to support over on the Utah ones.

But thanks for showing your support for all things BYU.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

What many fail to realize in the big picture of all this is the future mission of BYU, and its debate right now within the ranks of senior LDS Church leadership. North American LDS Church membership which is where BYU draws 95%+ of their studentbody from, is not internally growing as it was in the past half century and there will be fewer kids to attract a top-notch studentbody from in the years ahead (hence the mission age change policy). Where church leadership is at a concensus on is educating the best academically at the cost advantage an LDS Church school can provide over a state institution. There are those at the top who seriously question the need for BYU to carry such a large athletic department and brand, but what comes if BYU were to drop football? More than likely you'll see UVU pick up that baton and build a program as fast or faster than Boise State did, at least minus the 25 years in the Big Sky. So in rality such a move would NOT help Utah State in the end. Higher education demography, enrollemnt and alumni have changed too mcuh in 50 years.

Gilbert, AZ


The giant hole in your argument is that BYU's athletic department is self-sustaining (no tithing funds are spent on BYU athletics) and BYU athletics bring enormous exposure nationally and internationally to both BYU and the church.

Although U.S. church membership isn't growing as fast as other areas of the church, it is growing. Who cares whether the source of that growth is internal or external. Since when is that a criteria for a new member wanting to attend BYU?

Salt Lake City, UT

As I already explained to you..."byu is ranked #69 by USNWR, Utah #129. That is for undergrad and the cost of tuition (dirt cheap at byu) played an important part in that ranking. Now, look at the ranking in USNWR for graduate programs. Utah is in a class by itself in the state of Utah (medical school) and aligns well with Pac-12 schools. byu compares well (and lags in certain fields) to USU."

Please don't take my word for it, look it up in USNWR. byu is an inexpensive undergrad institution. Were the Pac-10 Presidents and Chancellors interested in that? No. Nor were they impressed with byu's paper thin portfolio of graduate and PhD fields of study and poor rankings in what they do have. Look it up in the publication you people like to quote. Be careful though, you might learn something you would rather not have to acknowledge.

Provo, UT


Wow...your spin is unbelievable.

This is from the USNWR site itself: "The rankings allow you to compare at a glance the relative quality of institutions based on such widely accepted indicators of excellence as freshman retention, graduation rates, and the strength of the faculty."

Yes, cost of tuition is part of it as well, but it's not a 'major' part of the ranking, as you stated. For that, you can go to the Best Value Colleges, where BYU find itself at #15 (I have no idea where Utah is).

Also, BYU is at #68 in the Best National Universities category, Utah at #125. Here is what the USNWR site says about what qualifies an institution as a "National" university: "Schools in the National Universities category offer a full range of undergraduate majors, plus master's and Ph.D. programs. These colleges also are committed to producing groundbreaking research."

Interesting...it's not just undergraduate programs taken into account, but Master's and Ph.D. programs along with research. And with all of that, BYU finds itself ranked ahead of Oregon, Utah, WSU, and Arizona.

So much for your "Utah got into the PAC 10 because of higher academics" spin.

Go Cougars!

Lincoln City, OR

I'm a huge Cougar fan but I have little respect for Holmoe... I think that he has done more to hurt BYU athletics than any other AD in BYU history.. He talks like he's everybodies best friend but never delivers...

We should be in the BIG 12 right now and I am convinced that if we had an AD with a backbone and with "trust" among other schools we would be ...Instead we are fighting and clawing and compromising our schedules away every year and it's starting to show in our recruiting...

When Holmoe tells you that he's working on a ontract with Bronco and that it will happen when it happens then you know it's time to worry... When he says positive things about Utah and scheduling for the future and then immediately talks about maneuvering USU into a November time slot then you know that those discussions aren't going very well...

I simply don't think you can trust a thing this guy says and I don't think that he can get us into a BCS Conference.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: PAC man Anaheim, CA - The key issues that I am outlining are not the difficulty in scheduling games but rather that lack of forsight when going independent thinking that teams would line up. In addition, over the past few years, the major athletic programs at BYU have been trying to gain credibility. The football program just happens to be at the top of the list given the dismal seasons we have experienced. I was attempting to shed light on the fact that there has been way too much talk with little results. I think its fine to schedule San Jose State along with Univ. of Idaho and others. Only problem is, you need to win a couple of these games. My issue has been the fact that this independent thing was not thought through completely and we are still paying for the decision to go this direction.

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