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Holmoe shares insight on future of Y athletics

Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 9:25 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl?? Are you serious Tom?? Geez - gone are the good ole days when the Y at least played in the Vegas Bowl. Crappy home schedule. Crappy bowl prospects. Gee, independence has worked out so well. Maybe add the Dixie Rotary Bowl to the list. BYU football is headed for the cellar.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

When it comes to sports, Utah is still the armpit of the PAC12. They don't win at anything. Of course they have to troll BYU articles as they have nothing else to talk about. Pick a sport and the UofU is vying for last place. BYU has a well rounded competitive sports program and we get to regularly watch games. And, we can expect that often BYU will win. What is not to like?

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

@ midWACmajor

"Funny how that worked out, since BYU also scheduled Michigan in 2015"

The funny thing is: Utah got a home and home with Michigan in 2014 and 2015 while little brother BYU can only muster up a one and done with Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Could it be Utah's Pac-12 conference affiliation that got them a home and home with Michigan? Why didn't mighty BYU of the Independent conference get a home and home with Michigan? hmmm.......

metamora, IL

Wiscougarfan: well said in your posts of 3:29 & 3:31. Hope to bump into you in Madison in November!

arrogant chickens
Sandy, UT

Clark W. Griswold

Utah got a home and home with Michigan and used that as a convenient excuse for wimping out on playing their big brothers.

For all of their talk about being "one of the big boys", the truth is, the Utes are nothing more than a scared little bottom dweller that has to schedule at least two OOC gimmes every year just to keep their slim bowl hopes alive.

Despite all of their brave talk on these blogs, the kids on the hill know that BYU is far from a gimme; 2 of your last 3 wins could have very easily gone in BYU's favor.

River Falls, WI

RE: metamoracoug

Cheers. Shocking that NV never responded back, eh? The truth is hard to face, which is why trolls never respond but instead change the subject.

I am looking forward to trekking over to Camp Randall, should be a great game. Might make it down to South Bend as well.

Fresno, CA

I don't know if you are reading this, Tom Holmoe, but in case you are:

I think you are doing an amazing job managing independence. I'm continually impressed by the rabbits you keep pulling out of your hat.

Also, I love having Bronco Mendenhall as our head coach. As an alum and a fan, I hope you extend his contract soon.

CO Ute

Frankly I'm tired of the posts the repeat (and then repeat again) the same comments about red vs blue so here is an objective post from a Utah fan about this article.
Holmoe has done a good job of improving the football schedule each year and this year will be a challenge for the Y to win 7 or 8 games. BYU has historically made a living beating up on a number of weak teams and having mixed results when playing the better teams. It will be interesting to see if he will continue to try and schedule 8-10 games against BCS caliber teams if the winning percentage drops to around .500. Will also be interesting to see if ND and Wisc actually play in Provo in the next 5 years.

Centerville, UT

I have to laugh at the Ute fans who have 'mentally moved on.' Was that before or after you guys rushed the field THREE TIMES in last year's win against BYU??

I really like that Holmoe is talking about trying to move the BYU/USU game to November. That seems like a natural fit.

The way things are looking right now, Utah is not going to be any more relevant that either BYU OR USU. While it is impressive that Utah got themselves into the PAC 12 (after 4 Big 12 teams declined), wins will be required to stay relevant in the state of Utah, let alone the nation.

Finally, it's very easy to see the day coming when the PAC 12 needs to expand again. It is also very easy to see BYU becoming a member of that conference with Utah.

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

@ arrogant chickens

"Utah got a home and home with Michigan and used that as a convenient excuse for wimping out on playing their big brothers"

What's with Y fans claiming BYU is the big brother? BYU can't even beat Utah anymore!

Wimping out to play Michigan? I believe Michigan will put up a better fight than BYU ever could! I see it as Utah going to capitalize on a golden opportunity at the expense of dumping BYU for two years!

"For all of their talk about being "one of the big boys", the truth is, the Utes are nothing more than a scared little bottom dweller that has to schedule at least two OOC gimmes every year just to keep their slim bowl hopes alive"

Scared little cowards? 8 of 11 and 3 in a row! That's called consistency! Utah is just modeling their schedule after the SEC! How many non-conference cupcakes does SEC teams play? Your argument holds no water!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Tajemnica

"Learn the facts. The poll clearly and explicitly stated that more utah fans would prefer beating BYU than to go to a bowl game. Small sample size? Maybe. However, there is no way to dispute the results of the poll."

Yes there is. The poll was unscientific, therefore the results mean nothing. The DNews also conducted the same unscientific poll, and it came back with the opposite numbers. Consider the results of BOTH polls disputed/invalid.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Balan

Don't pretend to be a victim. BYU simply does not meet PAC-12 standards academically. You can't whine about discrimination if you don't meet the requirements at the most basic level.

Any school can go independent. Utah St. did it twice. Currently Idaho and New Mexico St. are moving into independence. I don't understand why that is such a source of pride for BYU fans. But congrats anyway, I guess.

I think it's funny you call Utah's fans, coaches, and administration (is that you, Max?) arrogant when you dedicated the first half of your post to talking about how much better BYU is at everything.

I, for one, am prouder than ever to be a Utah fan and alum. I'm also proud that Utah decided to step up and compete in the conference of champions. Succeeding in the MWC was great, but when Utah succeeds in the PAC-12 it will be on a national level.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ wildcoug

"Your goal is to win the pac south. Wooopty dooooo! What will that do for your program? Hey recruit come to our school we won the pac south. Sounds Exciting....Sarcasm. "\

You don't understand what competing for PAC-12 titles will do for a program? Look at USC, Oregon, and Stanford for your answer...

@ Arrogant Chickens

"that has to schedule at least two OOC gimmes every year just to keep their slim bowl hopes alive."

Yes, joining the PAC-12 and scheduling Michigan and Fresno was done because Utah is scared to play tough teams. Remind us again who played 5 teams ranked 100+ (4 ranked over 150) last year? And also who plays MTSU, Idaho St., Houston, and Virginia next season.

During Utah's time in the PAC the Utes have only played two FCS teams (UNCO, and Montana St.) The other non-conference games were BYU (twice), Pitt, and Utah St. I'm not sure who the second "gimme" is, unless of course you were referring to BYU....

Baltimore, MD


Here's a little reminder of who only played TWO Top 25 teams last year and who played FIVE. It really doesn't matter how good/bad the teams at the bottom of your schedule are if the top of your schedule is mediocre.

Average SOS can be misleading. Which schedule would likely yield the best results? Schedule Y, playing #1 and #121? Or schedule U, playing #60 and #62? Average SOS for both two-game schedules is #61.

The top five teams on BYU's schedule were all ranked and had a combined 54-11 record.
Only two of the top 5 teams on Utah's schedule were ranked and had a combined 44-24 record.

at #4/#3 Notre Dame(12-1)
#16/#17 Utah State(11-2)
at #18/#14 Boise State(11-2)
#20/#19 Oregon State(9-4)
at #21/#21 San Jose State(11-2)

at #16/#17 Utah State(11-2)
at #20/#19 Oregon State(9-4)
unranked BYU(8-5)
at unranked ASU(8-5)
at unranked UCLA(8-5)

Baltimore, MD


Since the Utes don't appear to be capable of finishing with a winning conference record, the Utes need to win at least 2 of 3 OOC games to keep their slim bowl hopes alive.

Playing Michigan, BYU and a Big Sky team could very easily result in a 1-2 OOC record, and no bowl, whereas, playing Michigan, Fresno St and a Big Sky team would likely result in at least a 2-1 OOC record, and a likely bowl.

This was Chris Hill's reasoning when he stated that he didn't think Utah could handle playing Michigan and BYU in the same season.

That's reality, whether U want to accept it or not.

The Ute narrative that this was done "for recruiting purposes" is laughable!

Lyman, WY

Men's Volleyball only gets 3 scholarships, so it is as close to a club sport as you can get without being a club sport.

Park City, UT

In announcing his decision to drop BYU from Utah's schedule, Dr. Hill did mention how difficult it would be for Utah to play both BYU and Michigan in the same season. What he didn't mention, was that Utah needed to add Fresno State for recruiting purposes. Utah fans simply made that up to save face.

Doesn't really matter how the kids on the hill spin it. It's obvious which team is running away from the other because they're scared of getting beat.

Gilbert, AZ


Per NCAA regulations, BYU Men's Volleyball gets 4.5 full-ride scholarships just like every other NCAA Men's Volleyball team. BYU divides these scholarships amongst the team. In addition, BYU spends in excess of $1 million to support men's volleyball every year, so it's not even close to being like a club sport.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

My daddy can beat up on your daddy!

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

@ arrogant chickens

"Despite all of their brave talk on these blogs, the kids on the hill know that BYU is far from a gimme; 2 of your last 3 wins could have very easily gone in BYU's favor"

And your wins in 2006, 2007, and 2009 could easily have gone in Utah's favor!

By the way! Your user name indicates how much BYU needs Utah on their schedule!

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