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Holmoe shares insight on future of Y athletics

Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 9:25 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Smart, rational thinking about rivalries, from Steve Spurrier

"Anything can happen when television starts telling you what to do," Steve Spurrier of South Carolina said. "But my thought is this: Would television people rather televise Texas-Texas A&M or Texas A&M-Kentucky? The conference games are supposed to be bigger. They're not necessarily bigger than some rivalry games. It's important to play your conference opponents. It's important to play other people out of conference, too."

Salt Lake City, UT

"...the truth is, there's not a team on the planet that Utah fans HATE losing to more than BYU, or a team that Utah fans obsess more about beating."

Well, your assertion is absolutely wrong. The results of over 700 responses is available on the Block U site. You will see that the Stanford game is by far the most important followed by Oregon and close behind is byu. Personally, I have byu at #7 or 8 but that's me.

byu fans love to think they are more than they really are and your blatant denial is proof of that.

"otherwise you wouldn't even bother reading or commenting about this and every other article even remotely connected to BYU." Are you kidding? Every byu article seems to involve Utah. If the article itself doesn't byu fans, without fail, find a reason to bring Utah into the discussion. So, yeah...here I am.

South Jordan, UT

This is the poll. Would Utah football fans rather beat rival BYU and finish with a losing season or lose the rivalry game and finish the season with a bowl game? The blog Ute Football Central posed that question to Twitter followers earlier this month.

Again, one of your OWN blogs...

Harrisville, UT

I honestly believed after 2000...whenever, that Utah had established a legacy of going to a BCS bowl every January....

Utah, you have left me bitterly disappointed. Yes you read correct, "bitterly". I'm bitter and its all on you.

Palo Alto, CA


Sorry, despite your spin, TrueBlue is absolutely correct:

"...there's not a team on the planet that Utah fans HATE losing to more than BYU, or a team that Utah fans obsess more about beating."

Guaranteed, there won't be half-a-dozen comments from Utah fans on any Stanford blog between now and the 2nd week of October when the Utes play Stanford.

Guaranteed, there will be THOUSANDS of comments from Utah fans on multiple BYU blogs between now and the first game of the season.

Your actions defy your words.

Springville, UT


Which is it today? It seems obvious that as a Ute fan you can't decide what's best for the Utes.

One day you don't want to play BYU because they are too easy to beat then on the other hand your team can't beat enough teams in your 'uber' SOS conference to make it to any bowl game.

On another day you want to play in the Rose Bowl but in the next breath you have a hard SOS that prevents that as well or maybe its the team, not the SOS.

Then on another day you'd rather play BYU than the PAC10.2 bowl game tie ins of the Kraft Fight Hunger and New Mexico Bowls made especially for the bottom dweller sixth and seventh place caliber team that the Utes are... if they could qualify.

Oh, I'm sorry, your difficult SOS prevents you from getting there as well.

The only 'desperate desire' I find around here is a Ute fan aspiring to .500 from this year's .250 perspective. #utesovertheirheads

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Lets get back to Holmoe topic. I don't like the idea traveling over seas to play a game which is too expensive. I rather see BYU play U than U play Buffs - pretty simple. And nothing about money against U guys. You heard Urban Meyers and Alex Smith, "why stop the rivalry which make no sense."

Now, I am ready to go fishing for the summer and there are some 100 days to go for the kickoff against Virginia.

Provo, UT

Jealously is thy name BYU Fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ernest, here are some numbers for you.



One belongs to BYU, the other to Utah. They are the winning percentages of each team in bowl games, all-time.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Jealously is thy name BYU Fans."

Jealous of what?

Becoming a punching bag for the big boys of the PAC to pad their conference records?

Or were you referring to being able to watch bowl week from the comfort of your couch without the distraction of your team actually playing in a bowl?

West Valley, Utah

Everyone should give up on this rivalry. Read the USC-UCLA rivalry comments or even Notre Dame-Stanford. At least USC-UCLA is a decent rivalry between two good football schools that actually belong in the PAC 10 rather than a 3 win wannabee(that's a prediction for the upcoming season) and an independent.(8-9 wins) And as for the comments from perspective and others regarding the recent article of utah going to a bowl game vs. beating BYU. Learn the facts. The poll clearly and explicitly stated that more utah fans would prefer beating BYU than to go to a bowl game. Small sample size? Maybe. However, there is no way to dispute the results of the poll. I wonder myself why I frequent these boards. I think it's just pure entertainment for me to see the ignorance on both sides of the ball here in such a useless rivalry for anyone without relations to the state of Utah. Last thought.. If you want to win an argument don't look dumb with incorrect facts, asumptions, spelling, and grammer. You have time to do simple research about spelling before posting. You lose your credibility right there.

Payson, UT

East Salt Lake City, Utah
I sorry I miss the bowl game Utah played in January would you please tell me the name of that bowl.

Please give me the exact quote where it says " Holmoe's own words, the desperate desire for byu to play Utah" I can't find it.
"The only article close to this topic is the one that included both Utah and byu respondents, in which 60%" and because this is mostly a BYU paper according to most Utes they would say most BYU fans would rather go to a bowl.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA
Maybe Chris Hill is still trying to figure out what to do about a coach who beat and abused his swimmers to comment on football right now. BYU doesn't need to play Utah in Sept bad enough to give a 2 for 1. BYU can get several good games in September.

River Falls, WI

RE: Trolls

I couldn't agree more with TrueBlue. If you truly believed that BYU was #4 or lower on importance to Utah fans than we wouldn't see comments like "last three, 8 of 11", etc. on every BYU article (for any sport) ever printed printed. Indeed, if you really believed it you wouldn't be posting at all. But BYU is the most important game U play, which is fine... it's a great rivalry game that rarely disappoints, even when the U comes out on top.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm sorry..."...there's not a team on the planet that Utah fans HATE losing to more than BYU, or a team that Utah fans obsess more about beating" is completely false if the byu game is ranked #3-#4 by Utah fans every year. No spin here. Go look at the results yourself. 723 responses. The same poll is taken by the site every year byu moved up a notch this year.

Now to the article..."Holmoe said that he and Utah athletic director Chris Hill "are in discussions" and he's optimistic that the series will resume on a long-term basis." I agree with Naval Vet above. Holmoe is the only one who talks about this. If there is another game with the Utes after 2016 Utah will dictate the terms of the deal, not byu.

Regarding USU..."Holmoe said that he would "love to play that game in November" and would entertain the possibility of a home-and-home deal with the Aggies in the future." That's just swell of Holmoe but he won't have a choice. It will be a home and home, the Aggies won't settle for less.

Salt Lake City, UT

From the article...
"Holmoe said it was Mendenhall's idea to re-hire offensive coordinator Robert Anae, and to overhaul the offensive coaching staff. "He has a lot of faith in Robert," Holmoe said, adding, "Bronco runs the program."

Really? Why then did Holmoe, not Mendenhall, announce at mid-season in 2012 that there will be changes for the offense in 2013? I'm just wondering because Mendenhall claimed to not know what the reference was and it was news to Doman.

Baltimore, MD


With the proliferation of the bowls making it possible for every team with a winning record to play in a bowl, one mediocre team beating another mediocre team doesn't mean much just because it happened "in a bowl".

How many of Utah's bowl winning teams were good enough to finish in the AP Top 25?

AP Top 25 Finishes

Utah - FIVE

Number of BYU's 31 bowl opponents that have been ranked in both final polls - 16 (52%)
Number of Utah's 17 bowl opponents that have been ranked in both final polls - 4 (24%)

River Falls, WI

RE: Stanfunky

"Ernest, here are some numbers for you. .764 .433 One belongs to BYU, the other to Utah. They are the winning percentages of each team in bowl games, all-time."

Seriously? First, Ernest is an anti-BYU troll, but a great one in my opinion. Second, let me give you a couple of numbers:


One belongs to BYU, the other to Utah. They are the number of bowl games each school has participated in all-time.

Or how about this


These are the bowl game winning percentages of several other powerhouses: Eastern Michigan, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana-Lafayette, UNLV, New Mexico State. Percentage smack doesn't work as well if you don't have a history of playing in bowl games. Now what Utah has done in the last decade (Bowl game-wise) is super-impressive, but not so impressive when you consider most of those wins were at lesser bowls than than the ones BYU played in (with two big exceptions).

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Ute fan: The BYU game isn't that important to us Ute fans. We put it at anywhere between #5 and #8 in importance. We would much rather play and beat Oregon, Stanford, and USC (and even ASU).

Please link us all to your posts/discussion with these rivals on their websites. Your desire to beat these teams is similar to what you had for BYU in the 70s and 80s - once a decade, if that.

BYU vs UofU is THE game your heads won't allow you to admit. Funny to see you creating all these emotional excuses for not caring about it.

56-6 BYU
Afton, WY

Playing Utah is not a "bowl game" to BYU. BYU played a bowl game in December last year, unlike Utah who sat home and watched the rest of the PAC 12 teams play. The game between BYU and Utah is just as important to both schools, just like Florida and Florida State and Michigan and Michigan State and so forth. It's bragging rights in the state for the year. Utah may have a great year, BYU may have a great year, Utah State may have a great year; but it doesn't mean as much if the schools don't play each other. So Utah is in the PAC 12, USU in MWC, and BYU Independent. So what? Conference doesn't matter. It didn't matter when Utah beat Pitt and Alabama in the BCS, nor does it matter now.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"If there is another game with the Utes after 2016 Utah will dictate the terms of the deal, not BYU."

The ONLY term Utah will dictate is whether to play BYU or not, which is the exact same term that BYU will dictate.

Frankly, BYU fans would get over not playing Utah much more quickly than our BYU-obsessed little brothers who judge everything Utah accomplishes through the prism of how it compares to their big brother's accomplishments.

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