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Holmoe shares insight on future of Y athletics

Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 9:25 p.m. MDT

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Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

A new basketball practice facility? What? Te future requires new practice faciltities to attract 10 or 12 guys willing to come play basketball at BYU on scholarships?


The article points out, in Holmoe's own words, the desperate desire for byu to play Utah. It's very important for byu to play the U in order to validate their (byu's) schedule. It is, in essence, byu's bowl game. Yet, from Utah's perspective, it's now just another non-conference game.

My, how times have changed.

South Jordan, UT

Wow go red, you haven't been reading the paper lately have you. Your own fans on your own blog said that they would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game. My o my how things are still the same. BYU game is Utahs bowl game each year

Harrisville, UT

BYU's bowl game each year is their bowl game in December. Utah's however.....

Mcallen, TX


Let's finish the sentence!

BYU's bowl game each year is their bowl game in December. Utah's however.....is their spring game.

Now that was easy. Wasn't it?



What article on what blog are talking about? The only article close to this topic is the one that included both Utah and byu respondents, in which 60% said that they would rather go to a bowl. Get your facts straight. As far as the rivalry game is concerned, there has been downright begging on the part of byu's athletic director and fans to make Utah play them. It is byu's bowl game.

For the U, they have more important conference games to prepare for, including 3 potential top 10 teams with Oregon, Stanford, and UCLA. byu, on the other hand, has made sure they have a bye the week before the Utah game. An act of desperation? Perhaps. Either way, it shows how important the Utah game is to byu.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU's bowl game each year is their bowl game in December. Utah's however.....


Is in January.

Salt Lake City, UT

Looks like another Comment thread that's going to decline into another junior high level "We're better than you are!!!" Whine fest. I think I'll go watch the grass grow.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Actual statement:

As for the series with Utah, which will take a two-year hiatus after the two teams meet on Sept. 21, Holmoe said that he and Utah athletic director Chris Hill "are in discussions" and he's optimistic that the series will resume on a long-term basis.

Usual frantic and emotion interpretation from the hill:

The article points out, in Holmoe's [deliberately misquoted] own words, the desperate desire for BYU to play Utah.


Sorry to burst your delusional crimson bubble Gored, but why would BYU need a conference bottom dwelling team like Utah with ZERO national accomplishments to validate BYU's future schedules, when the Cougars have already scheduled several truly elite teams.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Playing a game overseas would be a pretty neat opportunity. It's too bad the military academies weren't receptive.

Salt Lake City, UT

My word, both teams need to play each other. Nothing to do about bowl games. It is about rivalry, money, packed facilities, unbelievable media interest. I could go on and on. So children please quit beating your chest

To informed about a practice facility. BYU needs one just like Utah does. It is getting harder and harder to get time for practice and Huntsman or Marriott. Funny how every school does need students who want to play sports. Take BYU out of your comment and put Utah there. Very same. But this time you are slurring a different school. BTW, you could also insert Utah State, Weber State and 300 plus schools all over the country.

Washington, DC

BYU is ill-served by the bowl system, in which pretty much every non-BCS school and every school participating in a low-level bowl loses money. In fact, even teams going to higher paying bowls lose money.

It makes much more sense to kill the lower-level bowls and go to a NIT-like 16 team playoff where games are played in home stadiums. It would be much more exciting, much more interesting, and the money would be much, much better.

BYU needs to take an independent path to the football post-season. The recent NIT run in basketball shows what a superior path it is without considering the financial drain of bowl games.

Frisco, TX

@gored - "desperate"? Come on. Most BYU fans and most Utah fans want the rivalry game to continue. It's a great game for the fans. Would you really rather watch your Utes beat up on a team like Northern Colorado or watch a game that's gone down to the final play in 3 of the last 4 years?

The only Utes that want the rivalry to end are the ones with huge egos who like to think they have moved beyond BYU, but continue to post a comment on most BYU articles, showing U really are still obsessed with all things blue.

The only thing surprising in the article is that the next game with Notre Dame may not be for "years". Hopefully years means two.

I'd love to see our last game of the season be against either Utah State or Boise State every year.

I'd also like to see Holmoe negotiate a tiered bowl contract - meaning 6 to 9 wins gets us to a Poinsettia type bowl, 10 or 11 wins gets us to a Holiday type bowl. We all know where 12 wins gets us.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"As for the series with Utah, which will take a two-year hiatus after the two teams meet on Sept. 21, Holmoe said that he and Utah athletic director Chris Hill 'are in discussions'..." -- Jay Drew

Why is it everytime I hear a report that Hill and Holmoe are "in discussions" with each other about continuing the series, it's coming from Holmoe's camp? I can't recall the last time I heard Dr. Hill talking about manuevering to play our irrelevant little brother. Could it be that those "discussions" are in the same variety as the Y's 30+ year "discussions" with the Pac-10, or 20+ year "discussions" with the Big 12?

If Holmoe wants Utah to take those nebulous "discussions" seriously, he should finally bite the bullet, swallow his pride, and accept a 2-for-1 with their big brother on the Hill. THEN I'm confident we'll find little bro back on our seasonal lineup. We're going to need an incentive to continue to play them, since the game means a LOT more to them than it does for us. Our #1 goal is winning the Pac-12 South. Theirs is beating Utah

Harrisville, UT

Utah doesn't go to bowl games anymore.

South Jordan, UT

Naval, BYU only wants to continue because it is a local game, big money, they don't have to spend much to travel. Get over yourself. Obviously BYU's goal is not to beat utah, it is going to a bowl game. Don't think the PAC wanted you, they were desperate and needed someone quick to go with Colorado. We all know they have rejected BYU because of religion, that's been going on for years.

Go red.

According to the blog post, 64 percent of Utah fans would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game, according the poll. The self-proclaimed unscientific poll sheds an interesting light on the passion and importance that fans place on the game each year.

This is on the same online site that this article is on. No where does it say anything about the BYU fans. Get your facts straight before you comment. This just proves you only read BYU articles and not utah's.

Springville, UT

Building football, and somewhat less for basketball. But the minor sports? Not so much. Golf, baseball and track are much weaker in recent years than they used to be. Volleyball and rugby are essentially club sports. What is the real vision (as opposed to platitudes) for sports other than football and basketball (about which I am not criticizing)?

Salt Lake City, UT

"According to the blog post, 64 percent of Utah fans would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game, according the poll."

I don't know what poll this is referring to but poll taken on a Utah Internet site has the byu game as #3 most important. This poll has a very large sample size and obviously does not the same results.

That said, I have to hand it byu...their game was considered #4 most important for each of the last two years. Congratulations on the meteoric leap forward on the importance scale. I expect it has a lot to with the fact that Utah fans do not want to listen to byu fans for two full years if the outcome belongs to byu. In my mind, Utah has already won that game. 1) Regardless of the final score, the Utes will still be in an elite conference, 2) When the game is over, Utah gets to leave Provo.

Orem, UT


Since when is Volleyball a club sport? BYU competes against UCLA, USC, Stanford, Ohio St, and Penn St in Men's Volleyball and has won THREE NCAA National Championships since 1999.

Obviously, you don't follow volleyball or you wouldn't be so ill informed.



More frantic and emotional escapes from reality. Utah fans may claim, for the sake of saving face and getting another dig in at BYU fans, that the BYU-Utah game ranks somewhat lower than #1, but the truth is, there's not a team on the planet that Utah fans HATE losing to more than BYU, or a team that Utah fans obsess more about beating.

The fact that you're here desperately trying to downplay the significance of the game is proof of just how much you really care about the game, otherwise you wouldn't even bother reading or commenting about this and every other article even remotely connected to BYU.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We have to teach utah how to win bowl games. Are bowl record is way better.

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