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Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

The majority of Republicans in Utah did not vote, for any office. You could say that by the time the vote got to us, that President Obama had been elected. However, the majority of Republicans haven't voted forever, the mayor, governor, State and U.S. Representatives and Senators, even the Attorney General. They are not involved with politics, whether the caucus or primary system. The caucus system at least, some people are involved. Primaries for offices will cost millions of dollars more and will bring in outside money for our elected officers. We are a state and don't want to become like California, New York, Illinois or even Texas. We have our foibles but those are better than corruption at every level. We may questions the land developers intentions whether governor or legislator, but that is for their personal gain and not the normal corruption. Are we accepting normal corruption? It starts as a benign kind of corruption and then grows beyond the ability to stop it, even with chemotherapy or radiation. Tooele county has both chemical and radioactive waste and they are short of money as the federals contracts have dried up. Utah is setting itself up.

chattanooga, tn

What is the use of discussing the things that did not happen? America deserves what she has voted for and what she has sown... whether that be a fruitful harvest or the whirlwind. It remains to be seen which one will be the result.

New to Utah

Nov 6,2012 election night I had the feeling that something was very wrong. The pundits including Dick Morris and others felt Romney would win. Having lived in liberal blue states and helping in governor and senate campaigns I knew from my contacts that something was up that would give Obama an unfair advantage. The targeting that took place on conservative organizations and contributors had a chilling effect on voter turnout on the Romney side in places like Virginia, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire. The opposite happened when liberal and union organizations were given the green light and tax exempt status helped immeasurably in getting their people out in critical swing states. As the lawsuits are pursued and what really happened between 2010 and the election we may actually see if this election was stolen. Democrats were certainly helped by the IRS and Republicans and tea party groups were hurt. The executive orders giving favorable treatment to classes of people may eventually be proven as totally political motivation on Obama's part. We now know the depths the Obama campaign went to win or steal the election.

The Skeptical Chymist

There are a lot of Chicken Littles in these comments, claiming that Obama is the worst president in history, that America will not survive his presidency, etc. I disagree with that assessment. Obama certainly has many faults, and I disagree vehemently with his continuation of many of Bush's policies. He should have prosecuted those who authorized torture of enemy combatants, and helped to re-establish the rule of law in our country, for example.

Regardless, to claim that Obama is the worst president in US history is certainly a stretch. We've had some pretty terrible ones, from James Buchanan to George W. Bush. And to be so fearful that Obama will destroy America is to have far too little confidence in the ability of America to survive. These times are far less trying than those we endured during the Civil War, but we emerged a greater nation after that. Have faith, America is too great for a single president or even a string of bad presidents to destroy.

We did survive George W. Bush, didn't we? Some of us feared we wouldn't, and we were wrong.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Wow. So many deluded conservatives posting delusional conservative posts.



If Romney did his church callings as bad as he ran for president he would need to be disfellowshipped

Salt Lake City, UT

Great...this is like salt in the wounds.

Hype and Pain...I mean Hope and Change. Yes we can!!!

Obama is a bigger joke by the day.


The past is exactly that—the past. Mr. Romney lost and it doesn’t make much sense to speculate about “what if” using tired campaign rhetoric.

Sadly, Mr. Obama’s leadership has given us nothing but charisma. I just want somebody I can trust. The conservatives are mean; the liberals are sneaky; and the electorate is gullible.

Far East USA, SC

"I knew from my contacts that something was up that would give Obama an unfair advantage. The targeting that took place on conservative organizations and contributors had a chilling effect on voter turnout on the Romney side in places like Virginia, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire"

This has to be the most far fetched attempt to explain Romney's loss to date.


Sanpete, UT


Hate to break it to ya, but you don't get disfellowshipped for doing a poor job on your church calling.

Good effort, though.

Pleasanton, CA

Maybe they should reveal who would have held positions in the cabinet, etc., so that voters would know in advance what they were getting. Maybe we could even have "shadow" cabinet secretaries like they have in Britain.

Bakersfield, CA

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. He gave it 100%, but at the end of the day, America has moved on. Unfortunately for them, but they don't care about nice, patriotic, ethical, responsible.

They will rue the day, but our descendants will pay, pay, pay...

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"This has to be the most far fetched attempt to explain Romney's loss to date."


I'll attempt to summarize his "far fetched attempt":

As he said, people were predicting Romney would win. This isn't two-week-old polls, this is same-day stuff.

In addition, the IRS scandal had already started, as he mentioned, which was targeting conservative groups.

There were reports of poll stations in battleground states where GOP poll inspectors were harassed by democrats.

Some military voted were not counted.

Several democrats were arrested for voting several times in the election (were they all caught?).

Many Republican votes were not accounted for.

59 precincts in Philadelphia voted 100% Obama; not a single vote for Romney (if you have taken statistics, you know that's not possible; how many wards in Utah do you think voted 100% Romney?).

There were reports of more than 100% voter turnout (Obama was really popular, I guess).

Are you more aware now?

Salt Lake City, UT

Riverton Couger, you believe everything you read on the Internet I see. Every chain e mail you get you believe. Every utterance by Glenn Beck you believe.

Well, yeah, there are people like that.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


I never got a chain email about the voter fraud. In fact, the stuff I said was true. There were 59 precincts in Philadelphia that voted 100% Obama, and that is statistically impossible. There were people arrested for voting more than once. Of course, Obama worshipers don't like facts getting in the way, so I don't blame you for accusing me of being a low-information voter. Most low-information voters voted for Obama, by the way.

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