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Published: Wednesday, May 29 2013 3:45 p.m. MDT

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Aurora, CO

Great to see that the games will be televised this year. Hope to be able to see them here in Colorado. This schedule is set up for a winning season and maybe a Rose Bowl visit. Look for great things from Kyle and the boys.

Aurora, CO

Did people really say that they would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game? Must have been a misprint!


ESPN's PAC-12 blog reports the season opener against Utah State as being on the PAC-12 Networks. The Fox Sports 1 channel sounds nice, though, but too bad for auto racing enthusiasts on losing the Speed Network.

Highland, UT

Uh....I have comcast and I don't think I even have the speed channel. Maybe, but if I do I couldn't tell you where or what it is. Also having the vast majority of the games on the pac12 network and this speed/fox1 basically means they aren't on for most of the tv's in the country.

Nice job trying to smear lipstick on a pig though.


Area 52
Tooele, UT

That’s Laughable! BYU has a better chance of reaching the BCS Title game than Utah reaching the Rose Bowl.

Utes-Best Lil Brothers
Anaheim, CA

"This schedule is set up for a winning season and maybe a Rose Bowl visit."

More like another losing, bowl-less season.

Utah State - loss
Weber State - win
Oregon State - loss
at Brigham Young - loss
UCLA - loss
Stanford - loss
at Arizona - loss
at USC - loss
Arizona State - loss
at Oregon - loss
at Washington State - toss up
Colorado - toss up

If U win your two toss ups, a 3-win season is possible.


Looked up SPEED Channel on Comcast/Xfinity which says channel 294 and 'Fox Sports 1' will be launched on August 17, 2013.

But then looked up local listings (by zip code) and I don't have access to it!

West Jordan, UT

Can someone tell me when BYU fans will have something ON FIELD to smack talk about. It is tiring to see these articles comment section where BYU fans tell Utah fans they can't fill their stadium, that their TV games start too late, that the TV stations they play on are obscure. Pick your typical BYU smack and I'm tired of it.

It's nice to be a Utah fan where we actually sell out our season ticket and our stadium, where all the games are on TV station that may be harder to find but are actually sports stations (not byuTV). Best of all, it is nice to win games against your rival. So while BYU fans continue to smack the rivals about non-football items, we can just say 8 out of 11, 3 out of 3...we own you on the field.

Compare records, compare strength of schedule, or whatever you want. In head to head competition, Utah owns BYU.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Look BestLilBrothers, I can make up stuff too…

At Virginia: Toss-up
Texas: Loss
Utah: Loss (the y has to keep with tradition here)
Middle Tennessee: Win
At Utah State: Loss
Georgia Tech: Loss
Houston: Toss-up
Boise State: Loss
Wisconsin: Loss
Idaho State: Win
At Notre Dame: Loss
At Nevada: Loss

Best case scenario is a 3 win season for the boys in blue. Kinda throwing rocks at a glass house with our meaningless predictions, aren’t we?

Why don’t you and Ducky go troll somewhere else? Oh, that’s right, because it would mean you two would be cured of your Utes inferiority complex.

Palmdale, CA

Ducky, I know you passionately hate Utah, but you can say all the crap you want about TV exposure. When ESPN is not televising BYU games, they will be televising Utah games on ESPN, ABC, Fox, amongst other networks I need not mention...why? Don't need to brag. If ESPN doesn't televise BYU football on ESPN 1,2,3 and U, you can forget it. Utah games don't always have to be televised nationally. There is more than enough networks to go around. While BYU may have ESPN and BYUTv. And unless you are more, or just like BYU, how many other people are going to go searching for BYUTv??? Not many.

Area 52, as for BYU getting to a BCS Title Game before Utah plays in the Rose Bowl...the odds of that happening are 1/1,000,000 odds. Your chances are greater getting hit by a car or struck by lightning than BYU going to a BCS Title Game. I would say, your chances of winning the lottery are better than BYU winning it all.

Lindon, UT

That's a prestigious network, man all BYU fans should be so jealous! We have to settle for ESPN and ESPN2!

Mesa, AZ

"The television arrangement with ESPN and FOX calls for Pac-12 football to receive full national distribution of each game. ESPN will televise on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or ABC, while FOX will air its games on FOX or FOX Sports 1."

Mesa, AZ

Meanwhile, byu already has 1 game on ESPNU and 2 on CBS Sports Network. 3 Friday night games scheduled. Large # of starters lost, injury-prone QB, no hope along o-line, 1 WR, incoming J.C. corner already gone for season. Although filled with breathers throughout, toughest schedule ever. Expect a seriously long season in utah county.

It'll be interesting to see the wreckage following UT's visit with byu's lack-of-depth and abundance of 2-Star recruits getting battered, physically beat-up and, ultimately, fully-exposed for the 2nd-Rate team they are.

Anybody already listing UVA as a certain-win might just end up quite disappointed. I'm not guaranteeing a win, either way, but byu rarely ever beats a good team and should never, ever presume a win against any opponent, whatsoever.

Mesa, AZ

Interesting take from Kevin Gemmell--

"I think you have to give Utah at least four seasons in the Pac-12 -- a full class cycle -- before you can start passing judgment on Whittingham. Remember, not only are they adjusting to a higher level of play every week, but they need a grace period to re-work how they operate their program. Utah is seeing television money never thought possible in the Mountain West, and part of the learning curve is figuring out the proper way to appropriate that funding. Hiring Dennis Erickson is a great start -- a move they never would have been able to make financially in a non-AQ conference. Nor would a non-AQ team be able to attract a big-name coach like Erickson to be a coordinator. Let the money sink in, let the new facilities work their magic on recruits and if Utah has a four- or five-year bowl drought, then you can open up discussions. But Whittingham -- who I believe to be an outstanding coach -- should be sitting on ice for now."

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nothing better than the jealous rantings from Cougar "fans" on Utah articles. Their interest in everything Utah, and their obsessive need to comment, says it all.
It's great to be a Ute fan!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know why games aired by the Fox networks is a laughing matter. Fox is by far the best network when it comes to NFL and MLB. Plus the on screen graphics, especially the "FoxBox", have been great innovations.

It's not like Fox is a light weight when it comes to broadcasting sports. I'm sure their exclusive sports network will be excellent.

Idaho Falls, ID

According to the Blue and Red smack, my Aggies are 2 - 0. The opening game between the true blue and red should give the state a good idea of what both teams might do. Last years game gave the Aggies a great springboard into the rest of the season. I am hoping the Aggies special teams are upgraded this year. I believe they will be the deciding factor in at least 3 games this year. One factor for sure, Chuckie will make the difference in every game.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Mesa, AZ

Actually, I think that is a very fair assessment. Think you could say pretty much the same thing for BYU and independence.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I am excited to see Fox sports 1 in action. Cannot wait for the season to start.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I'm with Duck. Since when does scoreboard and overall wins matter? byu is better because I feel it in my heart so it's true!

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