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Published: Tuesday, May 28 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Very smart.

Let Holder investigate Holder.

Mcallen, TX

With standardized testing, we hold school children, and teachers more accountable then our political leaders.

Mcallen, TX

Shameful, when a lie can't be determined with clear evidence.

Far East USA, SC

"Attorney General Eric Holder is under fire from Congress again as the House Judiciary Committee looks into whether or not he lied under oath"

So, Holder is part of the House Judiciary Committee?

I did not know that

Kaysville, UT

The intent of deceiving is what he did. He knew what the Congress was asking and since it wasn't the topic of discussion he was caught off guard on the answer he should give. It is sort of like Nixon's AG John Mitchell. If the Attorney General lied, whether he was under direct oath, he took an oath already to defend our country in the legal sense. He has skirted every request by Congress in the past. If you can't trust the Attorney General, the top law enforcer official in the country, then that is a real shame. It came from his mouth. Sort of like when Hillary has a tirade before Congress asking what difference does it may. They try to avoid and evade everything with patting themselves on their back. Eric Holder didn't go to Jeremiah Wrights church so he doesn't have the skill and cunning and sleight of tongue the President learned after 20 years. If the AG chooses to depart, then Valerie will have her say again. With John Mitchell and the other top advisors leaving one way or another, even the Vice-President, they all ended up in trouble.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

But wait, I thought holder was part of the most transparent adminsitration in history.


yeah, transparent, but not in the way they wanted us to believe

Cedar Hills, UT

People of all stripes have been coming into Congressional hearings and lying to Congress for many years. Who is ever prosecuted for perjury? Very, very few. I don't think Congress has the kahoonas to prosecute leaders for perjury, and therefore Holder, IRS officials, State Department officials, and probably anyone else who gets dragged into the current scandals feels there is very little risk in providing deceptive testimony.

As long as they couch their deception in legalese, they feel confident in their ability to protect the highest culpable levels and suffer no legal consequences. Several of them are even receiving promotions. There's no fear of lying to Congress, and that needs to be restored in order for the public to have any trust in these or any other future hearings.

There needs to be a sizable pile of high-profile perjury prosecutions to strike fear of dishonesty in those testifying before Congress.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Did he lie? I guess that depends on what your definition of "is" is.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Eric Holder said that he is not lying. Obama said that Eric Holder is not lying. If you can't trust the top law enforcement official in the administratin and the President, who can you trust?

It's time to fire them all.

Kaysville, UT

The reason why this appears to be evident is he wasn't ready for that question to be asked and act benevolent toward the person asking the question. The President can always have his minion going to Congress to fend of the attack on his questionable integrity. Ambassador Rice, and others from the White House Staff who were prepped to answer in a way that would be non-relevant to the question.

How many decisions are made behind the close doors of those administrative executive offices that don't make it to the top of the news? Many and most of the days events are not covered by the Obama friendly press and media.

However, with the press process being subpoenaed by this President and AG, the plot thickens against the Press who were just convenient for the Chicago group to use. Now, some of the Press knows what it is like to be under the thumb of the President and his staffers.

clearfield, UT

Like Watergate and Iran Contra, Clinton impeachment, if the press wants a scandle, they get one. If they don't, it probably won't go beyond Capital Hill. Cynical I know, but how else am I supposed to see this?

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