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Published: Friday, May 24 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

Go Aggies!! USU will tear it up this year in their first year in the Mountain West. The U and Y are going down this year against the Aggies, but (like Las Vegas Aggie said) I hope BYU and Utah have good seasons so that USU looks that much better for beating them.

@ Las Vegas Aggie

Hey! It's nice to see Vegas Aggie fans represent!

Lindon, UT

Since Edward's first year at the helm at BYU, only four other schools have more wins than the Cougars: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Michigan.


Utah by FAR has the hardest schedule. They have to play BYU after all. :)

I hope each team wins all their games (except when they play BYU of course)

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

BYU football is the Mormon Golden Calf.

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

Re: LindonMan

Your statement is absolutely true. However could you make the same statement if BYU had played the same schedule as Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Michigan? Hmm? Lavell had a great run and elevated BYU football to some great moments, but please don't compare BYU's results with the 4 teams you mention, its apples and oranges.

Salt Lake City, UT


Yes, and byu may as well have been the only team in the WAC because they sure didn't have any competition. Edwards can certainly be credited with changing the game of college football from a run only type of strategy to a passing attack. However, once everyone started using the passing game, byu languished. At this point, the games has passed byu by except for the strategy they still employ as an independent of finding the weakest competition.

"Facing a tough schedule that includes trips to Wisconsin and Notre Dame and home games against Texas and Boise State, in addition to Utah..." I will even throw in Utah St and give the six tough games. There is no argument to be made that 2013 is byu's toughest schedule but from an historical perspective, that isn't saying much.

What I don't understand is the continual drum beat from byu land that their schedule is BCS caliber. It isn't. There are only six BCS teams on the schedule and only Texas could be considered an upper eschelon team from a BCS conference. The make up simply does not translate to a BCS schedule.

Lindon, UT

And yet, no mention of the Utes still fellas!

West Point , UT

What I don't understand is the continual drum beat from byu land that their schedule is BCS caliber. It isn't. There are only six BCS teams on the schedule and only Texas could be considered an upper eschelon team from a BCS conference. The make up simply does not translate to a BCS schedule.

Um, I'm pretty sure Wisconsin is upper eschlon B1G and ND was only in the NCG last year after beating the PAC 12 champion, but whatever. I'm sure you forgot that GT played in the ACC championship game and throttled USC in their bowl game. As far as BCS quality schedule I think using the BCS rankings is the most accurate way to evaluate that. BYU played FIVE teams that finished in the BCS top 25 while Utah played TWO. BYUs opponents had an average BCS ranking of 55.16 to Utah's 47.63...not that big a difference. We could certainly include Colorado and Wash St on our schedule because they are BCS teams, but that would only bring our SOS down. I think we'll just stick to playing teams that are actually ranked in the BCS like Boise St.

Salt Lake City, UT

Black&Blue says "Ending the regular season 9-3 and Nationally Ranked."
Nice stab at a prediction. As you say, any attempt is speculation. Hate to pick on yours, but note the only "signature" win in your list is against Wisconsin. If it were some random Big 10 coach, maybe, but coach Anderson knows BYU very well. Let's say they do get that win...
To finish in the Top 25, BYU would have to be in the top 25 already when they get that win, because you have BYU losing the next week against ND. With the polls, its better to lose early than to lose late. In your list, BYU loses 2 of their last 5. That isn't poll-climbing material. 9-3 is possible, but I wouldn't worry about national ranking. BYU's bowl game is set by Texas.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


With as much as you know about BCS caliber schedules you certainly must know Utah's SOS was ranked higher than BYU's, right?


BYU's schedule will be much tougher in its third year as an independent, but Utah's will be tougher.

BYU plays five BCS programs, and two BCS equivalents (Notre Dame and Boise State).

Utah plays nine BCS programs, and one BCS equivalent - BYU.

No football team from the state of Utah has seen a tougher stretch of games than what Utah will see this year win they face Oregon State, BYU, UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, USC, ASU, Oregon.

According to Bleacher Report, BYU plays the 47th toughest schedule, and Utah's is the 6th most difficult schedule in 2013.

BYU will win 7-8 games, but unless the Utes are much improved, they may not make it to a bowl for the second consecutive year.

Go Utes!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Based on the above, I'll go with 6-6 for Utah which will see them back in a bowl game, albeit a lower tier BYU-type of bowl game."

Nice dig! Ironically, that lower tier BYU type of bowl game probably WOULD be BYU. My personal pick? BYU avoids the 4 game blues and a double-header with Utah by beating them the first time, in Provo.

Enjoy the pre-season!

Orem, UT

My predictions for BYU, Utah and Utah St. are:

BYU's schedule

@UVA-? This to me is a 50/50 game.
UT- ?( BYU has a better D than they did in the last meeting. 50/50)
Utah- W (Utah is missing Star & the 2 Kruger brothers and D and Christopher on O 50/50)
Middle Tenn.- W (duh)
@USU- W (USU will be as tough as they were the last 2 years, 50/50)
GT- W (Bronco's defense always does well vs. the option)
@Houston- W (UH has fallen a long way since Kevin Sumlin left)
BSU- L (I don't dare bet against Chris Peterson)
@UW- L (Have to play against the USU Coach that gave them fits, with a more athletic team)
ISU- W (duh)
@ ND- W (Irish will still be as porous on D as they were last year)
@ UNR-L (BYU still has yet to show that they can slow down the pistol or team with a running QB)

I believe that BYU will finish around 7-5 or 8-4 depending on what happens with the UVA and Texas games. If Anae's offense is as predictable as it was before then BYU might have more losses.

Orem, UT

Utah's Schedule

USU-L (Utah State will be better than last year and Utah has big hole on D to fill with Star and both Krugers gone and O will be without Christopher 50/50)
Weber State- W (duh)
OSU- L (Beavs return 15 starters from a great 2012 team that dominated U)
@ BYU- L (BYU will have 2 weeks to prepare, and have home field advantage 50/50)
UCLA- L (Despite the bye week, Utah doesn't have the horses to slow down Hundley and Co.)
Stanford- L (no need to say more)
@ UA- L (Returning PAC-12 high 17 starters, Rich Rod will have his team rolling)
@ USC- L (Still USC)
ASU- L (ASU has dominated Utah since joining the PAC-12, I don't see it changing)
@Oregon- L (No way Utah stops Mariota & DAT)
@WSU- W (Playing in Pullman will keep it close, but I give Utah the edge)
Colorado- W ( Maybe? if they ball to a Utah kick returner like last year)

Utah will finish with a 3-9 and be lucky to win 2 PAC 12 games in what is Utah's toughest PAC 12 schedule so far.

Orem, UT

Utah State will again have the best record of the schools in Utah and be in the running for the MWC championship even though they will lose to Boise ST. with a 9-3 record.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


So now you're pretending to be a UGa. fan who also follows SJSU football? Haha! It's been a miserable past 11 yrs, hasn't it? No wonder you're frantically searching for another team to cheer for. Being a cougar fan must be SO embarrassing!

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

How quickly people forget.

Bronco is good at beating no name teams, but he doesn't rise to the occasion against decent teams.

The cougars have lost 3 in a row to Utah, and Utah hasn't even been that good during these years, but still somehow cougar fans think that Bronco will somehow coach them to victory this year.

Bronco is too busy planning his next fireside, or dreaming about Riley.

Maybe BYU should think about replacing their head coach, all of the other coaches have been fired since Bronco came along (he forces blame on all of them, but doesn't take any blame himself).

How about hiring a football coach, and not a fireside speaker.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad

You're right, that certainly was a bit of a dig at the Cougars on my part. The truth is, I wouldn't be surprised if you end up being right with the Cougs getting the W this year, especially being that the game's in Provo. I'd give the two teams equal odds considering what any of us know at this current date (which will likely be far different come game day).

Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah plays nine BCS programs, and one BCS equivalent - BYU."

Seriously? byu is NOT a BCS equivalent.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

As Coach Biff said:

You think that schtick is still funny, Ernest?

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